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    NVIDIA 3000-series Resizable BAR support is out.

    Resizable BAR support is out today for FE cards and a number of other vendors. FE card firmware update tool is here: VBIOS Update by Vendors: NVIDIA Founders Edition ASUS: Select GeForce RTX 30 Series --> Model --> Support --> Driver &...
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    EKWB 3090 FE Special Edition waterblock

    Anyone see this 3090 FE waterblock from EKWB? Pricy, but wow. Looks amazing. I went ahead and pre-ordered one since all of the other waterblocks that fit the 3090 FE are sold out, and this will fit with...
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    Watch Dogs Legion - Xbox Series X/S Ray Tracing vs PC RTX

    Looks like the first real comparison between PC level hardware and the RNDA2 raytracing cores in the consoles. Obviously not a true apples to apples comparison with the upcoming RX6000 GPUs, as the console hardware is missing Infinity Cache. Reddit poster summarized it: So initial...
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    Finished my new monster watercooling setup.

    I feel like this is [H] worthy and wanted to share as I am quite excited to finally finish this project. I was piecing this together on and off for about 6 months. I've had the CaseLabs case for about 2 years (bought it used off the forum here) waiting for the right time. It's both incredibly...
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    WTB/WTT CaseLabs TH10 panel with window

    Hello all, I have a CaseLabs TH10 and I am looking for a left side panel with a window. I am willing to buy it from you or trade for my side panel with the standard mesh grille. Shoot me a message if you have one, thank you.
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    MSI X470 boards now support voltage offsets

    I built my girlfriend a high end PC last year using a 2700X and an MSI X470 Gaming Pro board. At the time, MSI did not offer voltage offset configurations or tweaks in the BIOS. So I just enabled PBO and left it as-is with everything on auto. Researching the Ryzen 3000 stuff today, I found...
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    Put together my first Ryzen build

    My girlfriend had been playing on an older Acer laptop for a while, and I was watching it struggle with FFXIV lately. With the tariffs on PC components about to kick in, and her birthday coming up, I put together an early present for her last night. I built the PC, she picked up the monitor to...
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game-Ready Drivers 382.33 Posted

    Grab them here: Downloading them now myself.
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    This is how I feel right now.

    Holy crap hurry up already AMD and NVIDIA, the news cycle is so boring without any leaks or new parts.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 361.91 Posted Looks like it provides optimizations for ARMA 3, Street Fighter V, Monster Hunter Online, and HITMAN (Beta).
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    Jim Keller leaves AMD Ooof. This isn't good in my opinion. I know this is the GPU forum but the AMD CPU forum is dead. I think this doesn't bode well for the future.
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    Fury X voltage control coming soon

    Looks like W1zzard has cracked the voltage control on Fury and tools to control voltage will be available soon. Unfortunately, performance gains don't look that good and the power increase is huge.
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    FS: (2) Sapphire reference 290X video cards

    Hello [H], I have for sale two reference Sapphire 290X video cards. These cards were purchased new in December 2013 and have been in my main system until I upgraded this past week. These cards have been in a well cleaned system, not abused / mined on, and are in excellent condition. I ran a...
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    Witcher 3 Performance Discussion

    Sorry if a new thread bothers anyone but I wanted to fork this away from the GameWorks controversy and just focus on player experiences. I'm playing on a 4770K at 4.4GHz, single AMD 290X (I have two but CrossFire is not working yet) and 16GB of RAM. The game is running at around 50-60 fps, on...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition benchmarks.

    Game is unlocked in South Korea as of 10AM EST. If you are in SK, or Origin thinks you are (hint), you can play now. I just benchmarked the game using the built in benchmark under "Extras". It is very demanding on max. There is a texture setting above Ultra: "Fade Touched". Here are my...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.11.1 Beta Drivers posted

    Just saw that these went live today: I'm downloading these now. Will report back.
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    NVIDIA GameWorks + code optimization

    So, I thought this was interesting and wanted to share here for some discussion. Extremetech posted an article in December about the NVIDIA GameWorks program. Here's a clip for...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.2 Beta 1.3 is now live

    Get em here:
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    Any tips for overclocking Haswell?

    Hi guys, I finally upgraded from my old 930 system and I am working on my Haswell overclock right now. System is in signature. Cooling is a Black Ice Extreme 360 radiator with three 1800rpm Scythe Typhoons, an EK Supremacy Clean CSQ full nickel block, the chip is delidded and I am direct-die...
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    FS: 2x EVGA GTX 680 2GB with backplate, hi-flow bracket

    Hi there, I am selling my EVGA GTX 680s. I picked these up on release in March 2012 and have been using them in my main gaming system since then. The cards have never been abused, and were stored in a case that was cleaned regularly. Each card comes with EVGA's backplate and hi-flow...
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    290X CF setup not working - please help (X58 users?)

    Hi there, I just installed my 290X CF setup today into my system in my signature. When I have both cards installed, using the latest AMD beta drivers and Windows 8.1, my system slows down dramatically. Windows takes much longer to boot, the whole system feels laggy and games are unplayable...
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    This is new. Ordered from FrozenCPU and received these.

    Branded gummy fruit snacks. They're actually good too :D
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    WTB: Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme IIIs

    Hello there, Title says it all. WTB Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme IIIs. PM if you have any. Thanks.
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    Time table on X99?

    When is the next Intel chipset coming? I assume this is set to be released with Haswell-E? I'm really ready to build another monster system, as my i7 930 is starting to become a bit of a bottleneck without SATA 3, PCI-E 3.0, and limited memory speeds. But I really don't want to upgrade to a X79...
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    High GPU usage in Windows 8.1

    I just upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro and whenever I have Chrome open I am seeing unusually high GPU usage. See here: Is this normal? It wasn't like this under Windows 7. Not a huge deal but it's heating up my computer more than normal and my room is already hot. Normally my cards idle in...
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    Porting GPU Boost 2.0 to 600 series?

    Now that the 770 is officially released, has anyone made any legitimate attempts at porting the 770 BIOS back to the 680? I am curious if the 680 could be made to work with GPU Boost 2.0. Being able to raise the temperature throttling threshold would be great. I know there were fake reports of...
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    Frostbite 3 Technology Video

    All the technology is from Battlefield 4, but this is the engine powering the next Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mirror's Edge 2, and most likely Battlefront 3, among others. Some of this should be absolutely incredible in an RPG.
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    How Microsoft's Creative Director feels about consumers and always-on consoles.

    I don't understand how it's possible to be this out of touch with consumers. Seeing the direction Sony is going with the PS4 versus MS with the next-gen Xbox, I hope they crush them.
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    Torment: Tides of Numenera

    Got this in my update for Project Eternity from Obsidian today. inXile Entertainment, founded by some of the original Interplay people, is working on what amounts to a successor to Planescape: Torment. Figured some of you might be interested! Their crowdfunding campaign starts tomorrow...
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    Any 4K benchmarks with Titan cards?

    This is what I am really interested in - with 4K monitors and TVs coming out, I'd like to see some benchmarks. I'm curious as to how Titan holds up.
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    Just got the Corsair K90 keyboard

    Just received a Corsair K90 keyboard for Christmas this year. I just got home from my parents house, so I just installed the Corsair mechanical keyboard. The K90 is really nice. It's quieter than my last mechanical keyboard (ABS M1 mechanical, cheaper $60 mechanical), and though the switches...
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    Working BIOS/Voltage unlocker for Kepler cards

    I don't want this to get buried in the GTX680 overclocking thread. User CrazyNutz on XtremeSystems has posted a BIOS unlocker that works for Kepler-based GPUs and allows greater than stock voltage. By...
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    Computer powers off under Prime95/heavy gaming.. already replaced PSU.

    Hello, Recently I noticed that under certain high load situations, like playing BF3 or running Prime95, my computer would hard reboot - no BSOD, no errors, just shut off and then turn back on. I understand this is typically a power supply issue. I was using a BFG EX-Series 1000w PSU, which...
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    AMD Cutting Prices of 7x00 series GPUs Saw this linked to by the ATI Radeon page on Facebook. Midrange prices this generation are still pretty high. I'll be curious to see what the GTX660 launches at.
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    Cleaning dust from your case... ?

    Hello, Just curious what you guys use to clean components and cases out? I have a ton of compressed air cans and those work great to start, but they don't really remove the tiny coating of dust that lingers on PCBs and other parts. Paper towels don't work because they snag on everything, and I...
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    Why is linking to GeForce dotcom blacked out?

    Why can't we link to GeForce dotcom? It makes it kind of hard to link other users to the place to download drivers.
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    FS: (2) BNIB Accelero Twin Turbo II GPU Coolers (fits GTX680)

    Hello fellow [H] members, I am selling two brand new, in box Accelero Twin Turbo II GPU Coolers. I originally bought these for my GTX 680s but I am unlikely to get any more mhz out of mine regardless of the cooling, so I decided to just leave the stock coolers in place. These coolers are...
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    EVGA Motherboard reviews?

    Hello, Any chance HardOCP will be reviewing any newer EVGA motherboards? I haven't seen a review since the Classified days, so I am curious what the quality of their newer boards is like since their whole motherboard team went to Sapphire a couple of years ago. Just wondering.
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    Why haven't we seen dual-chip cards that share memory?

    So we've had dual GPU video cards for quite some time now - why don't we have video cards that can share the memory between both GPUs? This seems like it would be a win/win for both manufacturers and for consumers. You wouldn't need to needlessly double RAM on a video card just to duplicate the...
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    Don't buy Lexmark printers.

    So here is why you should never buy a Lexmark printer. I purchased a Prevail 705 for my home office about a year and a half ago. I rarely print, but for some reason my black ink cartridge decided to go bad with about 35% capacity remaining. So I needed to replace the cartridge. Lexmark...