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    Feb 2011 Apple MBP 15" i7 Quad High Res

    Like-new no box, comes with a speck clear covers and incase neoprene sleeve, and charger. Apple-Care warranty (ends Sept 22, 2014). Specs: - 15-inch (non-glossy screen) 1680x1050 - 2.3ghz i7 (Quad) - 128 GB Crucial M4 SSD - 500 GB Secondary Drive - External CD/DVD drive - 8GB RAM - AMD...
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    FS: AT&T iphone 3gs 16gb, Canon g9

    Will post pics in a few AT&T iphone 3gs 16gb, clean ESN, small 1/2 inch crack by the charging connector, no box, no charger, the phone will be reset and ready for you to take to AT&T to activate $165 shipped OBO Canon g9 -carry case -original box -2 batteries -battery charger...
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    FS: Razer Mamba,Senn 650,Fiio,Dinova Mini,apple

    Cleaning out some items as I don't really use them anymore Logitech Dinova Mini, no box, fully functional but the items does have some marks on the black plastic top and bottom casing from day to day use $65.00 shipped Corsair 600T ver.1 no window: $75 local pick up in Atlanta paypal...
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    FS: Corsair 600T,Intel X25M G2 80, Gskill DDR3, Watercool

    3x4gb G Skill DDR 3 PC 1600 Newegg Link $55 shipped Complete Watercooling for socket 1366 Pump:MCP 655 w. EK top Radiator: Black Ice Stealth Fans: 2x120mm Kaze 110cfm Res: EK w. 4 different tops All fittings included, hoses, hose clamps etc *SPF* to wolfofsin CPU:Heatkiller...
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    1st Mac got a lot of questions

    I bought a feb 2011 15" Mbp I want upgrade the ram from 4gb to 8gb Any rexommendations? I have a intel x25 80gb g2 but it is the bare own drive, can I use this as my boot drive? Do I need an adapter plate? I may just spend the extra coin on a 256gb crucial m4 and sell the g2 I don't...
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    FS: Logitech G27, Dell 3007 wfp-hc & misc.

    Dell 3007 wfp-hc: used, no cosmetic defects, no dead pixels, no warranty $725 shipped DLink DGL 4500 "gaming router" $45 shipped 2x1gb Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 mhz $15 shipped Denon AVR 1705 No Remote: $100 OBO local pick up only EVGA Classified Mobo 759 Limited Edition w...
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    FS: LNIB DLink DGL 4500 $65 shipped

    My new ISP doesn't like my DLink DGL 4500 =( It is like new w/ all included accessories, cd etc. I even have the original receipt from 01-01-2008, not sure about DLink warranty but the receipt will be included for any unforeseen future issues. $65 shipped paypal preferred ...
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    FS: New Corsair H80 $85 shipped

    paypal: heatware: yang88she ebay: yang88she187 it's brand new $85 shipped
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    FS 3x palit 580 gtx 3gb

    Asking 525 shipped each or $1425 for all 3. Will have pictures up tonight. Paypal= Heatware yang88she Ebay yang88she187 Selling bc im down sizing since I don't have the luxury to put them to proper use
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    wtb: cpu&chipset watercooling loop

    My h70 crapped out. So going to go for a full cpu loop. Wtb Heatkiller 3.0 or ek. Cpu block. 3 row radiator l, pump, reservoir, ek 759 chipset block It has been over 6 years since I've I have no idea as far as fittings, compression etc or what other misc items that I may...
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    Need Confirmation: SLi 2 cards different memory sizes

    So if you SLi w/ cards with 2 different memory sizes, then it defaults to the lower memory card correct? ie. 580 gtx 3gb + 580 gtx w/ 1.5gb, then available memory would be 1.5? tried doing some searches, but didn't come up w/ anything TIA
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    FS: 5.25 Card reader, 500 watt PSU, Thermalright Silver Arrow, TRUE 90, laptop DDR2

    All items are in like new condition (unless specified in description), comes w/ full retail packaging: -Items will be shipped via fedex or usps -all prices include shipping 1. Laptop DDR 2 -2x256mb $6 shipped (pulled from an old Alienware laptop) -2x512mb (pc5300) $12 shipped -2x1gb (pc...
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    FS: 2xSapphire 6970, Corsair 620HX, 8gb DDR2

    Since I am running 3x30's, I am making some room for more POWER! All items are in like new condition. 1. 2x Sapphire 6970 2gb. Will include original invoice for any future RMA needs *SPF* 2. Sapphire Single link display port to DVI adapter (1920x1200 or BELOW) *SOLD*
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    [NH]GTX 590 In February With dual GF110 *fap fap* Vega's new card? I think so
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    Audio Newbie

    I sold my z5500's b/c I inherited a 5.1 Home theater system plus a couple of receivers... but I am absolutely clueless as to how to get everything connected and how to get them to work w/ my Asus Essence STX. I'm not if what I got for free from my brother's mother-in-law is any good...
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    WTB Dell 3007 wfp-hc ASAP

    Well my deal fell through w/ another member on here, going to keep it civil but I want to purchase a Dell 3007 wfp-hc in perfect working order, no dead pixels, no blemishes etc. can do local pick up around metro ATL, GA paypal ready yang88she is my heatware TIA [H]
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    WTS /WTT 3xDell 2007FP's $450 shipped

    ALL GONE So up for sale are my 3 x Dell 2007fp IPS panels (I believe all Mexico made panels are IPS from my google research) *2 are sold* only 1 left selling b/c I'm going 3x30's I believe 2x Dell 2007's may still have some warranty, but can't say if the other monitor does as I...
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    FS: 3xDell 2007FP and 1 Dell 3007 wfp-hc

    Well pending on if I can sell everything, I have tentatively decided that I want to go w/ 3 Dell U2410's So up for sale are my 3 x Dell 2007fp IPS panels (I believe all Mexico made panels are IPS from my google research) and Dell 3007 wfp-hc looking for $155 shipped each for the Dell...
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    Photo Newb, bought a Canon G9 for wife...

    Bought a nice used Canon G9 for my wife as her xmas present. Overall everything looks to be in great shape, looking for some suggestions as far cleaning and maintenance. Also my wife isn't the most careful person, she destroyed my Sony Point n Shoot, by always leaving in her purse, so it...
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    FS: Corsair 620HX, XFX 5850 non ref + lifetime warranty

    Corsair 620HX: comes w/ all cables, also corsair sent me 2x 6+2 gpu cables so this includes 2x6 pin gpu cables + 2x6+2 gpu cables $70 shipped XFX 5850 non-reference, original owner w/ all retail packaging, transferable warranty This One *SOLD* to magoo paypal
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    Catalyst 10.12 Leaked via Guru here
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    wtb corsair hx1000

    Found! thanks [H]!
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    FS: Dell 2007wfp, 620HX, 775 HSF, P5Q Delux

    1. Refurbished Dell 2007wfp: no dead pixels (that I can see), not sure if there is any warranty left, but it's in perfect working order, includes: power cable, vga, and dvi SOLD!! to johnny* 2. OCZ Vanquisher HSF NIB: fits 775 , AM2, 939, and 754 $25 shipped OBO 3. Coolmaster HSF: 775...
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    FS/T Intel E4500 C2D OEM

    Never overclocked, just have it sitting around. $37 shipped paypal: (pm for info) heatware: yang88she Shipping to continental US only, that's the lower 48 and no international shipping Trades...amuse me, don't really have anything in mind SOLD to esturk!
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    Don't need raid, need more internal SATA...

    So what do I need, I have quite a few miss matched 1TB and 1.5 TB drives my mobo only has 7 sata connections and I want to use a "card" for additional sata connections... cheaper the better, just want to add more hdd's to my system... TIA
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    Will this work? techinically?

    Current setup: 3 x Dell 2007 FP in Eyefinity w/ a single ATi 5850 w/ my Asus P5Q Delux Can I add a cheap nvidia card ie. 9500 GT and power my Dell 3007? or Can I add a 5650 or lower end ATi 5 Series GPU to power the 3007 w/ out disrupting my eyefinity... ie. still have the 3007 on...
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    ACID *by invitation only*

    PM or post w/ e-mail this is for a limited time only... *CLOSED*
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    Which would you choose?

    I don't plan on watercooling or do any extreme overclocking. But I have a local deal to get either a q6600 or a qx9650 for my current p35 rig. I'm out of the getting the latest and greatest...just need some more processing power for my video compressing and multi-tasking q6600 for $70 or...
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    FS: Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 $250

    Clean ESN Like New w/ Box 3 x Wall Chargers 1 x Adapter for 3 different Audio Adapters 1 x Car Charger 1 x 1gb microsd 1x HTC wired headphones w/ mouth piece 1x Composite cable wire for TV connect-ability Will post pictures of everything in a few, got a new EVO Local pick up 30097 Atlanta or...
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    FS: 2x Dell 3007 WFP-HC

    Located in Atlanta, GA Both are in original boxes, no dead pixels, no cosmetic blemishes. Asking $850 shipped each. 4-28-10 price drop 700 local pick up 750 shipped payment preferred: certified check, personal check, money order (payment must clear prior to shipment) paypal...
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    FS: Complete Rig, 920, Classified, 5970, Corsair HX1000/GT Dominator, Intel SSD

    Not parting out @ the moment: Everything will come w/ complete retail packaging and boxes, I pretty much have all my boxes (yes I will send you all the boxes in another large box, receipts if I have them, and will help w/ any RMA issues) Case: Corsair 800D CPU: 920 D0 CPU Cooling: Corsair H50...
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    10.3 Official is out!

    Go get em!
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    FS: Dell 24", 20" LCD, UD5R, OCZ DDR3

    1.Selling 1x Dell 2001FP IPS panel They are rated "A" condition, no dead pixels, blemishes on the screen, but they there are some scratches from on the bezel and stand, where I will do my best to take pictures of them. Although they do not affect the screen per se, I do want to disclose this...
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    FS: Dell 2001FP x 2 (IPS), TRUE "Black" Lapped

    Selling 2x Dell 2001FP (assuming they are IPS as they look great w/ my 3007 wfp HC) They are rated "A" condition, no dead pixels, blemishes on the screen, but they there are some scratches from on the bezel and stand, where I will do my best to take pictures of them. Although they do not...
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    20x30x20...5970 only option for eyefinity?

    So I wasn't going to upgrade for a while, but I wouldn't mind having the room and reduce noise level by going from 3 gpu's to 1 gpu is the 5970 the only option I have for eyefinity to work w/ my 2x 2001's and 1 x 3007? I must say that adding 2 more 3007's have come to mind, but that won't...
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    FS: 3x4890 Sapphire Toxic's, TRUE Black, will update

    No trades @ this time. 2 Like New Sapphire 4890 Toxic's, comes in full retail box w/ everything ALL SOLD! THANKS [H]! Sold to Fast Eddie & persibro 1 Like New, but I had to bend one of the "teeth" of the PCI back plate to fit the GPU into my Antec 1200, but bent it back to fit in...
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    HOT! Cosmos S Microcenter $115.19 just bought one and gave my son the Antec 1200, where I got it for 129.99 from microcenter several months ago sorry if this has already been posted...
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    FS: Going i7: q9650, gigabyte p45, g. skill, antec 850

    Going i7 so getting rid of my old rig: Everything is LNIB, w/ all documentation. purchased from (receipts can be given to buying party for any RMA issues, all items guaranteed non-doa) Intel Q9650 purchased 3/10 Retail Comes w/ retail HSF SOLD -$250.00 shipped (cheapest on the net...
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    WTS: Antec Quattro 850 & Acer One Netbook

    Antec Quattro 850 modular PSU only a month old as I upgraded to the Corsair HX1000 $125.00 shipped all documents, wires etc will be included in the original box Acer One Netbook: Black, 1.6 atom, 1gb ram, 160 gb hdd, 6 cell battery (it's the extended battery)....battery life is around 5-6...
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    WTB: Corsair HX1000

    Prefer in new/like new condition. Heatware is in Sig, payment can be made w/ Non-C/C Paypal Will have a Antec 850 Quattro FT or FS also Acer One Netbook w/ 6 cell battery, 160gb hdd, XP home, 1gb memory in black Thanks, Bumps are appreciated it bought via newegg