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    Fortinet FortiMail

    Anybody have the pleasure of working with these appliances? We are looking at other options to replace an over priced existing solution. FortiMail and Barracuda seem to be the front runners at the moment Also, anybody have a comparison of FortiMail vs Barracuda they would like to share?
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    Proxy Settings For Laptop Users

    So we had to setup our barracuda as a proxy today (not thrilled trust me and inline is also not an option), and am going to be forcing on settings via GPO. What I'm trying to figure out is how to get users that go inside and outside of the network to not have to use the proxy server while...
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    AV Benchmarks

    Hey Guys... We are looking to get rid of our current Antivirus (Macafee SaaS) for something different. A while ago there was a thread with business benchmarks for AV. Does anybody have that handy? Also does anybody have any sites comparing Trend Micro Enterprise Security, Kaspersky Business...
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    Barracuda Web Filter & WCCP

    Anybody here have a barracuda web filter and has it setup use WCCP? I know there are some limitations on how it works, but the one thing I'm curious about is using the SSO agent to apply content filtering policies to users while still using WCCP. I have not found documentation clearing stating...
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    PC / Laptop BIOS Update

    Do you just regularly go through and update your BIOS on the laptops and pc's? Do it when needed? Am in the process of redoing my laptop and noticed that I was on a a fairly old version.. About 7 behind what is currently available.
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    DC From Remote Site Can't Authenticate to DC at Main Site

    Anybody ran into this before? Remote DC: Local DC: I've seen this with computers that can't talk to the DC. You just disjoin then and rejoin them to the domain all is happy. But beings this is a DC, not sure what else to do with it. I've tried to disjoin it, but it will not release a DNS...
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    Aerial Fiber Installs?

    I don't know how many of you guys deal with your own Fiber installations or have had some 3rd party come in and install fiber for you, but we are looking at another potential building next year. If the deal goes through we will need to connect it up to our main building with the core switches...
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    iSCSI Users. How Did you Setup Your Switches?

    I'm looking to see how people who are using iSCSI setup their switches. 2012 is fast approaching and I need to turn in what I need for the budget and I'm torn between a couple of options. Add 2 more switches to my core switch stack for iscsi (vlan the networks off from the everyday vlans)...
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    iSCSI Switch Setup

    I'm curious to what you guys are using for your iscsi switches and if your stacking them, not stacking them, all that good stuff. We have the VNXe 3100 and have them plugged into two Dell PowerConnect 5424s. While this works great we have a little extra to spend and thought it would be nice...
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    Backup Exec 2010 Vmwawre Agent

    Does anybody have the backup exec vmware agent? We currently have backup exec now, but are also looking over backup solutions like Unitrends and EMC. Wondering what you guys think of it and how well it works. I would also be interested in knowing what other might be using.. We do have some...
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    XenDesktop Users

    Any XenDesktop Users here? We are in process of looking over VDI. We've plugged in the numbers for View and it just doesn't make any sense for us. We are looking over XenDesktop now. I would be interested in knowing what you think of it, thin clients your using, hardware maybe. We would like...
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    View Users?

    So I've been poking around the VMWare view information again and remember from back in the day remember VMWare recommending you have separate hardware for all of the virtual desktops. Well fast forward we have 3 new hosts in our headquarters. They are dual 6 core intel procs with 48 gbs of ram...
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    Zenoss Users

    Any Zenoss Core (free version) users around here? I'm trying to setup a remote collector in one of our remote locations and am having a hell of a time getting it to work. I've tried the ZenPack that they have out there along with all of the little hacks they suggest to. I'm at a loss. Is...
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    EMC NS120 For ESX

    I might be working with an NS120 here soon and wondering if anybody else has one and using it with ESXI? Everything is pretty straight forward right now. 3 hosts, redundant fiber switches / hbas, ns120 with 79x 146gb sas disks. What I'm wondering is what would be an optimum raid config...
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    MPLS & Internet

    So were starting to dabble in MPLS through our ISP. Currently we have two locations and the only reason why were looking is the fact our voice quality is in the shitter. We are working with them to get a private mpls (no internet across this). Should be straight forward setup. Couple things I...
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    DFS To Remote Location

    I'm hoping all you DFS guys might be able to help me out or point me into the right direction. The problem that I'm facing right now is that between our HQ and one of our Branch offices has a slower than slow internet connection. We have probably around 60 gigs worth of data to replicate out...
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    TrippLite PDUs

    I have 4 managed PDUs. I was looking over them tonight and 2 of the 4 of them have lost network connectivity. Does anybody have any of these PDUs and do they randomly lose network connectivity? Doesn't appear that they have lost actual power to them.
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    Backup Exec 2010 Replication

    been looking into replication for backup exec. Looks like Replication Exec was around for a while, but looks like that hasn't been around for some time now. Anybody have any thing on backup exec 2010 and replicating to a DR site?
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    Shipping Servers / Racks

    So maybe this isn't the best place to put this, but there is a lot of guys here that might have some great input. We are shipping a 25u rack from our head quarters location to one of our remote location with the intention of putting in a small vmware setup consisting of 2 servers, a san...
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    The Android Revolution has happend at work...

    Well it's happened. More and more of our Users are getting Android Devices on the company plan. As the exchange administrator I'm thinking it's probably time to write up some policies around the use of the company devices. We arent' strict by any means, if you need to make a personal call make a...
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    EMC VNX / VNXe

    I know this is a new product that hasn't shipped yet, but has anybody else sat through and looked over this product? We had a call with a vendor that we go through & an EMC rep today and it looks to be a promising product. We currently have a md3000i that we are looking to relocate and will be...
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    Charter Communications Business

    Wondering if anybody had an experience with Charter Communications Business specifically in the Riverside CA area? We currently have AT&T out there and just not impressed by the lack of communication with our "account rep" (if that's what you want to call him). I understand it's a sales...
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    Public Folders Available in OWA Not Outlook

    I'm in the process of moving to a newer exchange 2007 server. I've got the public folders replicated from the old server to the new server, but for whatever reason the users that I've already moved their mailbox to the new server can not see the public folders. I can see them in OWA and they are...
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    WSUS Master / Replica Setup

    I'm trying to setup a WSUS server in our new location in California. I have the server setup and have it configuerd to pull updates, polices, and etc from my main site in Iowa. From the error I'm getting it would appear that it's because of the 2 hour time difference between Iowa and California...
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    Microsoft Licensing Questions

    Not sure I remember how this works, but we are in the process of taking over a company. They currently have a hand full of Server OS licensing and some Terminal Service licensing as well. What I'm wondering is can I take their existing license keys (ones that are today in use), build the new...
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    Phones Can't View Certian Sites While Connected to BES Express

    I have a BES Express setup going for about a month now. Just testing the waters to see how far we want to get into this whole Black Berry thing. What I'm running into is that the phones that are currently connected to my bes server can't view certain web sites. One for example It...
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    Sonicwall DMZ to LAN and LAN to DMZ

    I've been arguing with Sonicwall for a couple of days now and nobody can seem to figure this out. Here is what I have: NSA 2400 with a port dedicated to Lan, and a port dedicated to a WAN, and the DMZ as a l2 bridge to my WAN. Everything works as expected except when I got to have traffic...
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    AD Sites and Services

    Ok Stupid question.. Planning up a new office we are planning and want to setup sites and services. All I want to know is the basics at this point. If one site fails (Multiple DC Fails), but there is still connectivity to the other sites will everyone still be able to function (IE...
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    tightvnc Network Install

    Guess this is a 2 part thread really. I've always liked using tightvnc for remote assistance. Would like to keep within VNC, but having a tough time figuring out how not to go around to 75+ machines to install it and configure it. I have a pretty decent batch file that will do a silent install...
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    Dell PowerConnect 6248 L3

    So I'm going to take a wild stab here and see if anybody is using a PowerConnect 6248 L3 switch in their line of work. I have one and have vlans setup and t hey all work nicely however I have 2 vlans that need dhcp and those 2 can not get dhcp. I have the Ip Helper address setup correctly, but...
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    Sonicwall stops natting devices or firewalling.. AKA No idea

    OK so.. this is hard to explain.. We just got in our new NSA 2400. It's all configured and works well up until a certian point. I don't know what happens and being new to Sonicwall I honestly have no clue where to start. Everything will work fine for a while and then all of a sudden it either...
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    AP Brand Recomendation

    Hey Guys. I'm sure there are posts about AP recommendations, but figured I might start a fresh one for my own benefit. Currently we have 3com POE based APs. They are BG, but not the greatest. We are looking for APs that are capable of multiple VLANs and multiple SSIDs. Besides grabbing...
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    Removing All Printers Reguardless of name

    We are going to be renaming some printers at the office where I'm at. The intention is to take a vb script and run it each time the user logs in and it will map the most appropriate printer for their location. here is the question. I know you can do a net use * /delete, but can i do the same...
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    dell power connect 3024

    who has one and has taken the fans out. It has 2 fans on the side and one of them has the bearings going on. Don't really care to replace it if I don't have to. Thoughts?
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    Thin Clients

    Who is using them? In what fashion? Brand, Model, Specs? Currently using WYSE V50L 128mb flash and had worlds of trouble with them. Looking at WYSE C90L (1gb / 1gb) for use with Citrix first then next year Server 2008 Terminal Services. Looking to utilize the xp embedded, but need to figure...
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    Whats the difference in these WICS

    HWIC-4ESW WIC-4ESW Besides the price whats the difference? Looking at them going in a 3725 for some extra nics for my inside network.
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    Building an untangle Content Filter for Guest Access

    Currently we have no filtering on our guest access so anybody could be doing anything once we give them the we key to the wireless. I have convinced the boss man to allow me to try untangle for web filter, but because it's on it's own vlan segmented away from the regular network we would have to...
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    New Juniper Router Install

    Guys, I have a customer that is looking to install a J2350 and currently has the thoughts of removing their old cisco firewalls they are currently using. Never touched one I usually work on Cisco stuff. Any tips or tricks or good places to start reading up on this thing?
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    Who Here has a 2948g-l3?

    I'm looking to buy one to have layer 3 switching at home, but am confused with how I go about setting up the routable vlans? I'm use to cisco 3550, foundry layer 3 routing with the virtual interfaces. If someone has one and they have done routable vlans can they possible send me a sample...
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    Need Help Splitting Bandwidth

    Ok. Cisco Guys / Gals / Gods... I'm wondering if this is even possible, but I have a client that is joing in on a new fiber circuit in their area that will allow them better internet than that current isp (30down / 30 up is what they will end up with). Also with the internet is a couple of...