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    Cooling Solutions of the Past Gallery

    Post up some pictures of your old cooling solutions. Air, water, extreme -- CPU, chipset, GPU coolers -- doesn't matter. I'll get us started with some pictures from my collection.
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    [Microcenter In-Store Deal] $99 Creality Ender 3 Pro

    $100 off coupon for new customers, requires valid text-capable (non-voip) phone number. Creality Ender 3 Pro ($199 on sale) Coupon stacks to make it...
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    $23 - Tyan Thunder K8SD Pro Dual AMD Opteron Server Motherboard

    Came across these when doing a random search. $23 shipped, new open box. Good for a semi-retro server build. Tyan Thunder K8SD Pro Dual AMD Opteron Server Motherboard...
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    Gigabyte 3D1 (Dual Nvidia 6800GT) These don't come up very often. Stupid price, but it looks like offers are accepted.
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    PC Audio NewQ Gold 5.25 Bay Equalizer Not mine, but I always have people asking where I got mine when I post pictures of my retro pc's. Saw this one pop up on Ebay the other day..
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    eMachines eOne - iMac G3 look-a-like

    Tarded price, but looks like a pretty mint example, probably the best one I've seen. This is the PC that got them sued by Apple.
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    Sony Vaio MX (PCV-MXS-10) with Minidisc Drive

    I have the MSX-20, but I know a lot of people were interested in buying it from me.. here's one that just popped up on Mercari. I have no idea the condition of all the parts, but they are pretty rare and I only see maybe one come up for sale per year online. The minidisc drive is usually the...
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    Unicomp Tenkeyless (IBM SSK) Preorder Ok, it looks like it is coming in March 2020. Available for pre-order. $105 Who's ordering? I'm hoping for a beige/grey model.
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    Huge Amiga Lot

    Not mine, and an excessive price with local pickup. I'm guessing a best offer is what he's looking for. There's some epic stuff there..
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    XT2AT Keyboard Converter

    Just designed a 3D printed enclosure today for the XT2AT keyboard converter.. if anyone needs it for their retro rigs, here's the links: Enclosure: PCB: BOM: 2x CP-2350-ND (5-pin DIN Female PCB Mount) 1x...
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    Alaris Cougar II Motherboard

    If you want to build the fastest 386 with VLB, here's your chance.. These boards don't come up very often...
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    Quantum 3D Mercury / AAlchemy Systems

    AAlchemy: Mercury...
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    WTB: Virtual IO I-Glasses (Retro DOS/95 Virtual Reality)

    EDIT: found a set with the head tracker. Thanks! WTB: Virtual IO I-Glasses for my retro gaming rigs. I've been trying to track down a set, but so far have only managed to acquire the VGA/Composite boxes and power supply. I only need the glasses, but if you have the whole set that is great as...
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    Voodoo 5 6000 AGP

    Not mine..
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    FS/FT: Toughbook, AM2 Combo, Ceton, FLIR, Mini PC's and more!

    -------------------------------------------------------------- Wiretap's Spring Cleaning -------------------------------------------------------------- BUY ONE ITEM, GET A 2ND ITEM AT 15% OFF (equal or lesser value) All used components have been tested and re-boxed. Items stated as Brand New...
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    SOLD: Dual Xeon 2011v3 Combo (E5-2667v3 ES, 32GB DDR4 ECC, ASRock Rack)

    COMBO KIT - $1350 - ASRock Rack EP2C612-WS + 2x Xeon E5-2667v3 ES + 32GB Samsung DDR4-2133 Reg ECC UP FRONT DISCLAIMER: Basic functionaly tested working by booting to Ubuntu 17.10 via USB. Due to the nature of this combo having engineering sample processors, I cannot guarantee 100% stability...
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    ASRock Rack EP2C612 WS (Dual 2011v3)

    Test booted motherboard to BIOS after replacing a failed BIOS chip. (previous owner said it didn't boot to BIOS) Selling as-is, motherboard only, no returns. <removed>
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    Taxes on Cryptocurrency 1. So, how will everyone be handling this? For one, I don't have records of all my transactions, since some were done on exchanges that are long gone, or wallets that are long gone. Maybe those are exempt since the rule kicks in...
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    [EXPIRED] 15% off Microcenter Gift Card (Specific Categories)

    *** DEAD DEAL *** In-store only. Applicable Categories: Speakers & Speaker Systems (Desktop, Portable, Home Theater, Stands & Accessories, Refurbished) Gaming Headsets & Headphones, Earbuds (Bluetooth & Refurbished) Camera...
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    Target - Buy 2 Get 1 Free -- Including Select Computers Direct link to computers: Came across this.. it appears they're doing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on a lot of stuff, and it happens to include some full gaming computer systems. A lot of the...
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    Microcenter CPU/Mobo Policy

    Short rant -- I just went to Microcenter to pick up a motherboard and CPU combo for a Z270 ITX build I'm doing. I had a gift card to burn, so I figured I'd go spend it. I picked out an i7 7700K + Asus ROG STRIX Z270I.. along with some RAM and a M.2 NVMe drive. I get up to the register and I'm...
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    Jonsbo USA is up! A lot of us have been waiting for this for quite a while.. the site is up now. :D
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    ASRock x99 Newegg Rebates $30-50 Off

    It is a little late in the sale, but didn't see it posted yet using the search.. Rebates end 3/31/2017. Newegg has $30-50 rebates on various ASRock x99 boards. There's some pretty good deals, especially if you were in the market for a x99e-ITX/ac @ $209.99 AR. Rebate form...
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    MountainMods Still Around?

    I noticed that their website went down the other day and hasn't come back yet.. maybe they just forgot to renew their hosting? I called their phone number and it just goes to their answering machine. Left a message Thursday with no call back. Anyone know if they are going out of business or...
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    Microcenter - HTC Vive - $599.99 After Coupon YMMV (In Store Only)

    I just got an email from Microcenter this morning with a coupon for $200 off the HTC Vive "with purchase of VR Ready Hardware". It doesn't state any terms of what VR Ready Hardware qualifies as, but you have to click "print" on the email where it generates you a unique coupon based on your email...
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    Microcenter - AMD Ryzen 1700X - $349.99 In Store

    Looks like there was a price drop. $349.99 In Store, limit 1. 20170307&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E4136&MccGuid=16D9D13C-D5ED-4E7D-A8C7-1D7690F2B4B6
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    EVGA DG-87

    Is it just me, or is this what you think of when you see the EVGA DG-87 case?
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    COMBO - Asus Rampage III GENE x58, Intel Xeon x5670, 24GB Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3-2000

    Asus Rampage III GENE x58, Intel Xeon x5670, 24GB Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3-2000 SOLD!!! I am selling the core components out of my Intel x58 based gaming computer. This motherboard, CPU, and RAM combo will get you up and running with great performance, and great overclocking potential. The...
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    Oculus founder: No Mac is powerful enough to run the Rift

    Oculus founder says no Mac is powerful enough to run the Rift
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    x99 Motherboard List

    Has anyone compiled a listing of all x99 motherboards yet? I sort of compiled a list, which I don't know is complete or not.. anyone care to add? It may help some people out when deciding a motherboard for a new build...
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    [GUIDE] Windows 7 HTPC Playback Guide

  32. w1retap

    Wiretap Theater Update [July 2009]

    I just wanted to give people an update on what my current status is. The theater is working out great. I've installed Windows 7 RC onto my HTPC and I'm loving it. :cool: For those that don't have the thread and might be new, here's some info: Wiretap's Home Theater [worklog] Wiretap Theater...
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    Hot? - Logitech Z Cinema Advanced 2.1 USB <$85 shipped

    L23-9030 :: Logitech Z Cinema Advanced USB Surround Sound System - 180 Watt 3 Speaker (2 Satellite Speakers & Subwoofer) (33.05 lbs) $59.99 + shipping... came out to $83.xx shipped for me...
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    Clear Acrylic Laptop

    I'm sure everyone has seen it in the movie Hackers.. but it would be cool to have one, especially a retro old one like this. Anyone know where to find one?
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    CoreAVC w/ CUDA [Nvidia]

    Let's give another go at this since the forum deleted all the previous posts.. Nvidia now allows for CUDA hardware acceleration support in CoreAVC. :cool: It's more flexible than DXVA, and offers nvidia folks a better option for hardware accelerated playback. I've tested it with...
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    BFG GTX 295 - Microcenter - $445.98 shipped BFG GTX 295 Lifetime Warranty 100 day trade up program $439.99 + $5.99 shipping = $445.98
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    Microcenter Deal of the Day - Samsung EcoGreen 1TB - $79.99 + tax [B&M] Samsung EcoGreen HD103UI 1TB 5,400RM Serial ATA-300 Hard Drive OEM $79.99 Not the fastest drive, but it would probably be great for just some mass storage. $80 bucks for a terabyte is pretty cheap. :cool:
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    LG BD/HD Combo Drive LED

    Want to get rid of the super brightness of the LED in the LG combo drive? 1. Remove the drive from your computer. 2. Open the drive tray manually with the paper clip method. 3. Remove the disk tray bezel by gently pulling the bottom outward and sliding it up simultaneously. 4. Remove the...
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    HP 2335 23'' LCD - $149.99 + ship Coupon Code: 2355 Offer Expires: 01/31/2009 $149.99 after coupon code, plus shipping. 23" HP 2335 DVI Rotating Widescreen LCD Monitor (Silver) FACTORY REFURB - 90 day warranty 1920 x 1200 250 cd/m2 brightness 500:1 contrast ratio...
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    Lian-Li PC-888