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    Xenonauts 2

    Is on Kickstarter. Was funded quickly. They are in the last 24 hours of the campaign if you are interested. Links on the page to download the alpha combat demo. They have been working on this for several years so should be a quick release. I hope.
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    Yoga to two displays?

    Curious to know if anyone has a Yoga and is outputting to two displays? Specifically what device you have been using and if you are happy with it. I've look at the Lenovo port replicators but the reviews are very mixed.
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    Anti malware for enterprise setting

    Wanted some opinions from people who have used anti malware software in an enterprise setting. Specifically want something that has a management console. Does me little good if I can't get notified that a system is having problems. Main campus IT is looking at sbNet with Spybot. I...
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    GalCiv3 announced Been waiting for this one for awhile now. Hope they do as well as the previous two. Not much info there yet.
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    Stardock wants to update the classics

    I swear I love them more and more every day!
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    Opacity and final image problem on different PCs

    I was making a background image that contains a bunch of different pictures of friends in a kind of collage. I decided to add some symbols and things to the blank spaces I had to fill things out and make the background a little more interesting, I had all of these things on separate layers...
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    office 2003&2007

    We have both office 2007 and 2003 installed on our computers. If a user tries to click on a file it opens in 2007. A few users want it to default to office 2003 not 2007. Is this possible? I tried changing it in folder options and pointing it to 2003 but it didn't have any effect. Thanks...