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  1. brett89

    Motherboard Standoff Clips

    Hello HardForum, I'm doing a mild casemod to an old Dell XPS Pro200n, It uses a tensioned folded piece of metal with threading in it to act as a standoff for the motherboard rather than the typical brass threaded ones. Does anyone know where I could find some of these? I'd love to replace...
  2. brett89

    Watercooling a rackmount 4U

    Hello everyone, I've looked into some WC things before ,but I've never ever done anything physically with it. I've got a Chenbro RM41300, that conveniently has 2 80mm fans above the I/O panel, two 120mm on top, and one 80mm and a 120mm in front. With this case I'm pretty limited to a 120mm rad...