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  1. GSDragoon

    Radeon Software Slimmer

    This became a personal project during the pandemic and a way to become more involved in the open source community. This may not be for everyone, but I wanted to share with this group. Please feel free to post here with any feedback, questions or issues you run into. Main Page...
  2. GSDragoon

    New card not installing

    So I just got in my new card today (Ordered this: Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music OEM SB0670. I currently have one of those lousey Audigy SE cards. I saw this deal and thought it would be a nice upgrade. So I went to swap the cards. Uninstalled...
  3. GSDragoon

    Athlon64 754 overclocking problems

    First off, I have some experiences overlcocking as I had good success with my XP 2400+ mobile. But anyways, I picked up that $100 deal with the A64 3400+ and the Biostar NF3 board. CPU: Mobo...
  4. GSDragoon

    Identify this AXP

    My bro got a 1800+ from his friend. He got an ASUS A7N8X rev. 2.0 and 2 sticks of Mushkin Basic 256mb pc3200. He was going to get a moble 2400+ and overclock, but If this 1800+ is a good T-bred, he might not need a new CPU. I'm installing Windows right now. In the BIOS it seems to be unlocked...
  5. GSDragoon

    Which memory

    My bro's gonna upgrade his comp. His freind is giving him a 1800+. I'm suggesting an ASUS A7N8X, cause he's gonna upgrade to a 2500+ latter on. I'm planning to to oc' the 2500+ to 200MHz FSB. He ordered an ThermalRight ALX-800. I just need the RAM now, and I don't know which to get. Cost is a...