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    Easy to use digital cameras for a senior?

    I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for a simple digital camera that can do things like zoom in and out quickly without much delay in taking pictures when pressing the button, and that is as simple as possible to use. It's for someone around 70 years old who likes to travel but is not...
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    Question before buying first smartphone

    I have a very old phone (not a smartphone) that can't download any apps. If I get the phone below, along with the $10 pay as you go plan, will I be able to download and use Skype and LINE? It says it comes with a Wireless Smart SIM Card. Does that mean that I can use those apps anywhere, or only...
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    Please help me determine whether this service (game) is legit or just a scam

    Back in 2008, a company and game called Kwari launched in Europe. I believe it was not yet available in the U.S. because of some gambling laws, but the game and website shut down later that year. The website went up again sometime in 2013, and today I got an e-mail informing me that the game is...
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    Rollers of the Realm - Pinball + RPG I'm interested in this one. Has anyone played it? It's also on Vita and PS4.
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    No idea where to start: Adding pictures and text to audio files

    A friend that likes to sing and that I would like to help asked me how she could add pictures, as well as text/lyrics, to an audio file (recorded with a smartphone), so that when the video is uploaded to Youtube, for example, it will not just be a black screen with sound when watched by others...
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    My monitor is not being detected!

    I format my computer today, and when I try to install drivers that came with the dell E2313H, I get this error when clicking 'install' (this was after installing latest and beta drivers for my ATI card, both which resulted in blue screen/restart): The following connected monitors have been...
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    Question about formatting my PC

    I bought a Gateway FX PC 4 years ago. The computer came with windows 7 installed, but It didn't come with a dvd of it, and there is a program called Gateway Recovery Management. One of the options is to 'Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults: Restore your PC to factory status. All data...
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    Abyss Odyssey - ACE Team's next game looks fun... different from their previous games
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    Just got a Dell E2313 and I have questions

    On the CD it lists driver & color profile for E2313H so I installed those, but there is also a Dell Display Manager driver... do I need to install that as well? (what is it for?) Is it okay to turn contrast all the way up to 100% but keep brightness at about 10% if it does not hurt my eyes...
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    which Inspiron 660s from dell?

    Is the difference between a Intel® Celeron® Processor (Dual Core) vs Intel® Pentium® Processor (Dual Core) worth the extra $50? The computer is for my parents and won't be used for gaming.!all-in-one-desktops&facets=51805~0~15816841&p=1 These were...
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    Gaming controller for both mac and windows laptops?

    Is there a gaming controller that works on both a mac and a windows laptop, or would 2 separate controllers have to be purchased?
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    Which Steam free to play games for a girl?

    Which free games on Steam could I recommend to a girl that likes playing animal crossing on the 3DS? Multiplayer/co-op games are a plus!
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    Nexus7 or iPad mini

    My friend asked me about these 2 and which stores sell them for the cheapest. Does anyone know? I don't do much shopping and just know to avoid places like Best Buy because it's expensive there, but where are they cheaper? Thanks for your help!
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    XBOX 360 controller?

    I'm looking for the cheapest (but new) XBOX 360 wired controller I can buy for my PC. Can I expect to see a sale on 1 this Memorial Day somewhere? $40 is too expensive.
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    I am trying to use a 360 fightstick for Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, but I am not sure which of these files to download and extract to the game's directories. Also, do I need to download an additional program if it says the game...
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    Zeno Clash 2

    Has anyone played it yet? It looks like ACE Team has been doing a good job listening to the community:
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    Question about Kickstarter

    There was only 1 spot left for the Shroud of the Avatar game $25 amount when I clicked on it, and by the time I signed in and confirmed my payment through amazon, a message popped up saying that the $25 pledge was no longer available (someone beat me to it), but I still got an e-mail: "You Have...
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    Can't connect to GFWL

    Since yesterday, I haven't been able to connect to Windows live. Logging in to Dark Souls or SF x tekken I get: The LIVE service may be unavailable, or there may be an issue with your home networking equipment or firewall When I click on network status, the following info is shown...
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    Please recommend a cheap laptop

    My parents need a laptop for internet use. What can I order online for cheap (around $300 max)? thanks.
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    Please recommend a cheap laptop

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    Street Fighter X Tekken 75% off ($12.49 on Steam)

    I haven't heard much about it... do you think it is worth getting at this price? I do like SSF4AE.
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    what co-op games for intel(r) G45/G43 EXPRESS CHIPSET?

    This is what a friend has on a dual-core laptop, and she cannot upgrade. So far we have been playing TF2, orcs must die 2, and portal 2. What other 2-player co-op games that you can think of will run on that laptop?
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    Question about activating a product on steam that I already own

    I already own portal 2, and I saw it on sale for $5 from gamefly. What i want to do is gift it to my friend, but instead of giving her the CD key, can I activate it myself and then will it allow me to gift it through steam to her? Thanks
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    Worlds of Ultima -

    Savage Empire(1990) and Martian Dreams(1991). They are free!
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    Which Painkiller game should I buy?

    I've never played Painkiller before. Which of the games from the series currently on sale on Steam do you recommend I buy? I'm not interested in the full pack, so please choose the best 1. Thanks.
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    Battlechess is on Kickstarter Any chess players here? I used to play a lot on, but I never played the old Battle Chess games.
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    Dead Rising 2 does not detect controller

    I purchased Dead Rising 2 on Steam, but it does not detect my xbox360 Madcatz Arcade stick that I use to play sonic generations and street fighter 4. The option to enable controller is grayed out in Dead Rising 2. Anyone know why?
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    Saints Row the Third: %50 off on Steam

    Is it worth the 24.99 to play co-op with a buddy?
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    Which resolutions should all PC games support?

    640x480 800x600 848x480 1024x768 1152x864 1280x720 1280x960 1360x768 1440x900 1600x1200 1680x1050 1768x992 1920x1080 Am I missing any important ones?
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    L4D1 maps ported to L4D2?

    When is this happening?
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    Does anyone have any information about this game? It looks like different developers are re-making it, and it is going into beta soon. When it first came out in Jan. 2008, it was laggy and it shut down later that year due to financial problems they ran into. It was only available in Europe, but...
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    BlazBlue:Calamity Trigger (PC)

    As some of you know, the PC version of this fighting game is coming out in Europe this week, will be out in Japan next week, but didn't come out in North America. My question is, if I buy the UK version from ebay...
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    BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

    Does anyone know when this game is coming out for PC in North America? It's a fun fighting game that I'm looking forward to getting since I don't own a console.
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    F.E.A.R. is now on steam!

    After playing part 2 on steam, I was looking for this game, but couldn't find it anywhere for less than $50 new. It's now on steam for $10 and I guess it includes the 2 expansion packs.
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    Can't change from speakers to headphones

    I can't find an option to change to headphones as default. The only option is speakers. I am using realtek hd audio in windows 7. I rememeber with xp and vista I was able to change to headphones or back to speakers, but I don't see the option to do that here. I have also teh same problem...
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    Is this the right DVI cable? Just wondering if this cable works for connecting a video card like a 9600GT to a dell 19" LCD.
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    Having major problems with Mass Effect 1

    As soon as I launch the game, I get video and sound lag. I lowered graphic settings, and I went to sound and disabled hardware acceleration, and now it sounds like my sound card has been disabled altogether, but it still shows up as enabled on device manager. I have bad sound not just in the...
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    Need a pair of wireless headphones

    For PC use (music and some gaming) I was wondering what's best for under $100. How are these?
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R: SoC $5 on steam

    Is it a good game?
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    is this 6200 pci? agp?

    I am trying to help someone I know online upgrade their video card for street fighter 4, but I can't figure out if his motherboard(or card) is pci, agp, or pci-e. The specs are the following, but I can't find anything about it online. cicero Model # PC MT7 type: MED MT 327 windows xp...