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  1. gerardfraser

    Cinebench23 13700KF 6100Mhz First out the box test

    Thought this was interesting. Cinebench23 13700KF 6100Mhz First out the box test. I just literally booted the 13700K set 61 single core boost to 56 all core. So since first test not sure if clock streching,nor prime stable,not that I tested it but looks good for not trying yet. My use case is...
  2. gerardfraser

    List of Canadian stores to buy PC gear

    A-Power - Canada's Best Computer Store. Amazon Canada. ATIC Computers. Ameublements Tanguay - Buy Computer Parts, Computer Hardware, PC Parts at Best Online Computer Shop . Ashlin Technology Solutions BCOM - Best Computer Store, Online, and Repair Service Depot. Best Buy Canada -Computers...
  3. gerardfraser

    I went to Nvidia products page to check out the new RTX 4xxx GPUs

    Seems like Nvidia has some new products releasing in the next few weeks.I am not particularly interested in all the products, although I am sure some will like the new prices. For those to lazy to go to the Nvidia site I took a screenshot.
  4. gerardfraser

    MSI GeForce RTX 3090 SUPRIM X 24G + Mens Watch 10K Diamond Ring and Tie Clip Combo Deal $1450USD

    Not sure if ,Heatware is still used on this forum. Payment- Email Money Transfer - perferred Paypal only as friend or buyer pays PP fees Located in Kitchener,Ontario ,Canada. Price includes shipping to USA/Canada If you live close to me you can test the GPU at my house for as long as you...
  5. gerardfraser

    Is this Raid 0 fast enough for PC Gaming

    100% not a troll thread maybe,just FKING around.
  6. gerardfraser

    12900K Overclock 5400Mhz With MSI Adaptive Voltage and AVX Offset

    Tested now on two 12900K CPU's daily overclock for both 5400Mhz,also switched to Enermax LIQMAX III 360 ARGB instead of Air Cooler This is on MSI Motherboard and not Asus one that most people seems to show.You have to do your own testing for your setup. My PC Gaming setting with Offset...
  7. gerardfraser

    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler with small overclock 80°C Max

    12900K Tamed On Cinebench With Noctua - NH U12A chromax Black Air Cooler with small overclock.Works great. Max CPU Package Temperature - 80°C To the people who respond,I get higher score than that,well I say do it on a air cooler. Multi-28287 Single-2011 BIOS setting CPU Voltage Override CPU...
  8. gerardfraser

    New graphs, gauges for RTSS overlay editor

    Alexey Nicolaychuk youtube channel for all tutorials New graphs, gauges for RTSS around 30 in total with 4 different overlays. All item used included so you can mix and match your own. Download Objects In The Video May Be Larger Than...
  9. gerardfraser

    So if your a normal user and hate GPU mining,get over it.Try this

    Go do some mining and get a free GPU down the road. Use online PC gaming service and any GPU miner and start earning some cash for your next GPU and you can still play some PC games. Took a quick video mining with Nicehash and playing Cyberpunk 2077 on Gforce now. Still getting 80Mh's - 90Mh's...
  10. gerardfraser

    So I been running my 10850K at 5200Mhz for weeks,Am I going to degrade CPU

    So I been running my 10850K at 5200Mhz for weeks,Am I going to degrade CPU .I have run at 5400Mhz but I was afraid it was too high . What if I lost 20 points in Cinebench after a year I would be devastated. Anyway 4800Mhz gives the same FPS as 5200Mhz and 5400Mhz what would you run at .I like...
  11. gerardfraser

    G.SKILL RipjawsV Series 32GB(2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz

    Selling My Rank 2 .Just clarifying for those who ask about Rank. Shipped -SOLD EMT or Pay pal friends and family G.SKILL RipjawsV Series 32GB(2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL19 Dual Channel Memory Kit 1.35V (F4-3600C19D-32GVRB) Works great on AMD Motherboards and Intel Motherboards .YMMV . Ram can be...
  12. gerardfraser

    Far Cry 6

    Far Cry 6 Game PayPal Friends & Family only-sold The code has already been hardware verified, activated and redeemed on the AMD Rewards website on a separate account. The account will be provided to you so the game can be added to your Ubisoft / Uplay account when it releases or I can just send...
  13. gerardfraser

    Weird/Fun AMD 5000 Competition How good is your AMD PC Gaming ACO+PBO Boost

    Alcohol has nothing to do with this thread :p AMD has released some nice tools and only to get better in December with Agesa and AMD Adaptive Undervolting.For now while I wait for new tools. Lets see how much AMD Curve Optimizer + Precision Boost Overdrive can your new AMD 5000 CPU hit...
  14. gerardfraser

    AMD Curve Optimizer: VF-curve offset test per core

    Credit Information: All settings set in BIOS per core and tested on desktop with HWinfo64 to track and record vid voltages - Cinebench R20 to load CPU 100%...
  15. gerardfraser

    5800X all core overclock - 4800Mhz @ 72.5℃ with 1.29v

    5800X all core overclock Cinebench 20 - 4800Mhz Multi score -6330 @ 72.5℃ with 1.29v Too bad some people are having cooling problems,looks like I got lucky. add ST score with AMD optimizer Video of run if you like boring stuff
  16. gerardfraser

    Looks like AMD fixed PBO 5800X boost set up to 5050 Mhz with AMD Curve Optimizer

    AMD 5800X AMD Curve Optimizer Boost set to 5050Mhz for all cores and good temperatures when PC gaming. So basically when all things are good thermal,electrical ETC all cores have the ability to boost up to 5050Mhz. VF-offset curve optimizer chart My 5800X-subject to change with new agesa...
  17. gerardfraser

    LG OLED Firmware Update Fix For G-sync and Overscan on RTX3080/RTX3090

    I did this for my OLED but will work on all LG OLED. It is for those who want to try and do not want to wait for firmware fix roll out next month LG OLED B9 Firmware update how to,this is extremely stupid thing to do.Do not attempt unless your willing to risk your TV bricking or not being able...
  18. gerardfraser

    I am so Jealous of the New 3800XT ,my e-penn is damage but I am fighting back

    With super 3800X My 3800X is getting Jealous of the New 3800XT but it is still fighting strong with a little BCLK . 2nd run Score Single 537 Multi 5326 1st run Score Single 537 Multi 5333
  19. gerardfraser

    4K 120 FPS Over HDMI LG OLED TV's Nvidia GPU

    EDIT:I guess I should say this ,Thanks for the reply's and I know you are trying to help out and are correct. I made the video with a 2560x1440 resolution,said sharing for fun . I am wondering do you think I am trying to trick people into believing that this is actual 120Hz on a Nvidia GPU...
  20. gerardfraser

    Create awesome On Screen Display

    Create awesome On Screen Display with animation. RTSS 7.3.0 beta 4 build 21735 for anyone interested
  21. gerardfraser

    Time for another Crysis Mod

    Two versions to pick from and comes with installers to install Time Of Day Files and textures. Download Mod-Crysis 2020 Extreme Particles and Dynamic Fire for high end PC Download Mod-Crysis 2020...
  22. gerardfraser

    Ryzen BIOS Tweak Test For PBO Override Boost clocks

    Tested the tweak and thought I would drop this here for anyone interested.Tweak has been around since July/August but works fine now with updated Motherboard BIOS/AMD Chipset. Here is one thread on the tweak,there are others.Read thread to try it out...
  23. gerardfraser

    AMD Ryzen Fabric Clock 1467Mhz (DDR4 2933Mhz) vs Fabric Clock 1933Mhz (DDR4 3866Mhz)in couple games

    EDIT: Jan 22 2020 Added 1920x1080 for those who thought first test was useless at 2560x1440 BF5 and GTAV 1920x1080 Just want to say all results are within margin of error and are the same for both resolutions 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 and will be the same for 98% of the PC games people...
  24. gerardfraser

    Would you run you Ryzen CPU with these settings CPU fan 100% to keep CPU cool.

    Would you run you Ryzen CPU with these settings CPU fan 100% to keep CPU cool.
  25. gerardfraser

    Some 3800X All Core Overclock Gaming 4600Mhz 4625Mhz 4650Mhz

    AMD 3800X All Core Overclock 4625Mhz PC Gaming just for some fun. Games 4K Ultra Settings Added a couple Cinebench20 single runs 3800X 4600Mhz Cinebench20 534 3800X 4650Mhz Cinebench20 540 Alien Isolation Rage 2 35:21 Call of Juarez Gunslinger 41:51 26:30 Turned on Ryzen Master IF you want...
  26. gerardfraser

    3800X 4600Mhz Gaming

    For DK
  27. gerardfraser

    Got my 3800X boost to 4650Mhz in light gaming loads

    So sold off my 3600X CPU'S and grabbed a cheap 3800X from buy and sell.Seems to work very good or normal,not sure about the 3800X yet,it's only been a few days with it. So basically light load gaming up to 4650Mhz Heavy gaming loads like BF5 can do up to 4475Mhz -4500Mhz all cores I can say...
  28. gerardfraser

    CPU Scaling Test Ryzen 3600X at CPU Speed of 3800Mhz 4100Mhz 4250Mhz 4400Mhz

    CPU Scaling Test Ryzen 3600X at CPU Speed of 3800Mhz 4100Mhz 4250Mhz 4400Mhz 1920x1080 Ultra settings for anyone interested. I have completed 10+ games tested and just added the 5 games with the most difference in AVG FPS at 1080p. All gaming experience was the same list of the games Link to...
  29. gerardfraser

    Downclock my 3600X 4250Mhz for anyone interested in temperature results

    I am testing last couple days on 3600X using AMD overclocking and I get the same results in gaming 4250Mhz thru to 4500Mhz,I think I will stay at 4250Mhz for a bit. Full load CPU drops to 1.25v ,set to 1.3v in BIOS DDR4 CL16 3733Mhz @ 1.35v Highest temperature recorded while encoding H265...
  30. gerardfraser

    My World Record Ryzen 3600X 546.7 Mhz

    Testing a new BIOS AMD ComboPI on My Motherboard It is slow but I tested it anyway for my enjoyment.Thought I would share my results. Cinebench 20,Aida64,Prime210 and a quick Intel Burn Test at 1 pass of 128MB Made a video if you like watching Cinebench 20 die a slow death.
  31. gerardfraser

    Ryzen 3600X Tested Tight Ram Timings 2133/2400/2933/3200/3733/4000/4200

    Ryzen 3600X Tested Tight Ram Timings 2133Mhz 2400Mhz 2933Mhz 3200Mhz 3733Mhz 4000Mhz 4200Mhz 2560x1440 Ultra settings. There are plenty of 1080P and lower test,these test are aimed at people who blew there cash on $500+ graphics cards and are not quite sure if they should upgrade their ram.I...
  32. gerardfraser

    Ryzen 3600X ALL Core Overclock 4425Mhz DDR4 CL16 4200Mhz

    Memory clock-2100 =4200Mhz Fabric clock- 1800 =3800Mhz All core clock - =4425Mhz Did all core overclock 25Mhz more than whats printed on the box,I like writing that. EDIT:Added ALL Core Overclock 4425Mhz@CPU1.325v So I been testing for a couple days.I only play games ,so the...
  33. gerardfraser

    Ryzen Master Is For Gamers Change On The Fly Cinebench20

    Setup your Ryzen Master for those game that just will not hold Max Boost Clock. This video I went 25Mhz over Max Boost Clock printed on the Box for 3600X. In Ryzen Master I picked creator mode and set six cores to 4425Mhz for the WOW game I was going to play. Set Memory to DDR4 CL14 3600 Boom...
  34. gerardfraser

    Precision Boost Overdrive How Much Over Max Boost You Have

    EDIT Aug 12 2019:Let me start by saying I was wrong and I apologize for any misinformation I supplied due to my ignorance. I was aware of Third-Party Monitoring Tools not being as accurate as Ryzen Master and I just ignored that fact all together. I have started testing with Ryzen Master only...
  35. gerardfraser

    AMD 5 Ryzen 3600X, 100Mhz over max boost clock boost override

    Just my luck company came from 3000KM away as soon as I started playing with my AMD 5 Ryzen 3600X,so no time to mess around but I managed 100Mhz over max boost clock and I think I can get more now need to tweak when I get a chance.
  36. gerardfraser

    A Plague Tale Innocence

    Game is Awesome I just read about it today.Got it thru steam 13 USD First things first ,game is blurry as hell and no ultra widescreen but here's the fix and a video.I also used reshade for clarity since Nvidia freestyle not working in the game. 50 On The FLy Reshades for any game Ultra...
  37. gerardfraser

    MSI X470 Gaming Plus/2600X Added PBO Disabled All Core Overclock

    I started testing my cheap X470 Motherboard with the new combo BIOS for MSI X470 - Gaming Plus that just gets more impressive each BIOS update adding all the features of the high end X470 Motherboards. EDIT:April 19 2019 :Added PBO Disabled overclock all core CPU 1.35v Overclock on 2600X and...
  38. gerardfraser

    Ryzen Memory Tested Is It Worth Buying New Faster Ram

    Sorry no testings at lower resolution below 2560 x 1440 or low/medium setting. There are plenty of others who have shared there findings with the lower settings and lower resolutions Test are to see if there is a difference when gaming at ultra settings with high resolution 2560 x 1440...
  39. gerardfraser

    Cool Your Ram Cheap,it works lol

    I am sure it is posted elsewhere but I could not find how much difference in temperatures would be if I just stuck 80MM fan in front of the DDR4 and I thought I share some OK results. Cool Your DDR 4 Ram With 80MM Fan Cabled Tied In Front Of DDR4 Ram 25 Minute StressTest On DDR4 Ram, Cooled...
  40. gerardfraser

    What can a stupid 2600X run at on clock

    I was asked if I could do Cinbench/Firstrike run on 2600X so I did ,just sharing here. Here is how the video were done using XFR(eXtended Frequency Range AMD overclocking) with Precision Boost Overdrive Enabled,hope this explains it on how it actually works. 2600X XFR/ Precision Boost...