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  1. BlindedByScience

    FS: MSI GeForce GTX970 - Price Reduced

    Title says it's a great starter or 2nd card, never given me any trouble. Never OC'd or mined on. Was $150.00, now $125.00 shipped USPS priority to the lower 48. Thanks for reading...!!
  2. BlindedByScience

    Wont boot when warm - new AMD Ryzen 7 5700G - Gigabyte B550M Aorus PRO-P

    Really scratching my head over this one. I wanted a machine for my office, doing some audio processing and circuit simulations, nothing too expensive so the integrated graphics were appealing. Put together a system with a AMD Ryzen 7 5700G, on a Gigabyte B550M Aorus PRO-P with 32Gb of Team...
  3. BlindedByScience

    FS: NIB GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS ULTRA LGA 1200 Intel Z590 Motherboard

    Greetings - actually won a NewEgg Shuffle and I ended up with a brand new Gigabyte Z590 Aorus Ultra LGA 1200 Motherboard that's not needed. Here's the link to the board I have for sale: I opened the box long enough to make sure it...
  4. BlindedByScience

    D-Link DNS-321 two drive NAS (no drives) - Free for shipping

    Had this for a while. Works well, but to be sure, there are issues with it and Windows after W7. I'm sure someone with a little more network savvy than me could make it work just fine. I got tired of fooling around with it and after a computer upgrade, I put a Synology drive on my home...
  5. BlindedByScience

    FS: MSI 7950 - SOLD

    Finally upgraded my MSI 7950, so it needs a new home. Works perfectly, no issues. $100.00 shipping domestically. Edited to add - never used for mining, if that is a concern. Just gaming. Thanks for looking. SOLD - thanks to everyone.
  6. BlindedByScience

    New Policies for Displays - Read Before Posting..!!

    If you post in this forum, this affects you. Please read and understand. Forum participants - the mod and admin staff are aware of the increasingly hostile tenor of this forum. We've tried to moderate using our regular modding techniques, but we have a number of folks that consistently push...
  7. BlindedByScience

    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216

    Subject says it all - EVGA GeForce GTX 260 - Core 216, 896MB RAM - $70.00 + shipping. Med. Priority flat rate box is $10.95 which is my preference. Looks great, works perfectly. Just did some upgrading around here, this came out of the wife's system. Thanks for looking -
  8. BlindedByScience

    BSOD's with 10.12 / 5850

    Seems that I'm getting BSOD's with the new Catalyst 10.12 drivers and my Sapphire 5850 in Win7-64. Happens most often when the machine goes to sleep. Just uninstalled them and went back to 10.11 and already things seem better. There's a thread over on the Steam forums about this. Some...
  9. BlindedByScience

    New Mod in Town.....!!!

    Good folks of General[H]ardware, let me introduce the new mod for this forum, our own Danny Bui..!! I know you guys will treat him with the same love and respect I've always been shown...or I'll become angry.....:p BS aside, a congrats to Danny and a thanks up front to Danny (and...
  10. BlindedByScience

    Id legacy pack - Q2 and Q3 are no go with W7-64

    Hey guys - greetings. I scored the Id legacy game pack when Steam had it on sale, and I can't seem to get Q2 and Q3 to run. Q2 crashes before it even loads, and Q3 loads up but has so many screen artifacts that it's completely unplayable. Browsing the Steam forums, I found a patch that...
  11. BlindedByScience

    8Gb in EP45-UD3P.....??

    Guys - I'm running a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P with a C2Q 9650 and a very mild OC. I've got two, 2GB sticks of Mushkin and the system is stable as can be. I'm going to move to W7-64 bit. I was thinking about adding two more sticks of RAM for 8Gb total. Anyone running this? Thoughts? I...
  12. BlindedByScience

    FS: Parting out P4 computer

    Title says it all - parting out an older machine that wasn't getting much use. Good stuff if you have an older machine that you're wanting to keep alive / upgrade: BFG 7800 GS OC AGP video card. The "good one" with the heavy copper heat sink. Fan runs smooth and quiet; games pretty well...
  13. BlindedByScience

    Thermalright LGA775 - $5.00 shipped

    Thermalright LGA775 retention bracket for Socket 475 coolers. Ended up with one of these I didn't need. Unopened, unmolested. If you need one, for five bucks I'll ship it USPS priority. I'll be out today but back later tonight.
  14. BlindedByScience

    Notice - Rule #1 violations stop NOW.

    In the past few weeks this forum has been taking up a large chunk of Administrator time. The blatent trolling, petty spats, name calling and personal attacks will stop one way or another. To be completely clear - you guys can debate or even argue the facts all you want; no one wants that to...
  15. BlindedByScience

    Vundo woes

    Guys - greetings. I'm pretty good with the hardware side of things but maybe you can teach me a thing or two about Vundo and the "AntiSpyware2008" crap that seems to be going 'round. We have a vanilla NAT router and I've been running McAfee V8.0 as my virus scanner. I've been running...
  16. BlindedByScience

    BenQ Reviews

    Reviews of BenQ panels by forum members. First Review Second Review
  17. BlindedByScience

    MAC address important?

    Guys - sorry for the bonehead question, but I have to confess I'm about to shed the stone axes and bearskins and get a wireless router. I'm learning all I can about wireless and security is a consideration. We've got CAT5 pulled around the house but the "wife unit" seems to think a wireless...
  18. BlindedByScience

    Northbridge on Gigabyte GA-965 runs HOT..!!

    Greetings, gents. The neighbors showed up with a pile 'o parts and asked me to put a system together for them. It's got a Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 motherboard (G965 / ICH8). Currently running the video on the motherboard. It's up and running fine, passing a 24hr Memtest86+ run with no errors...
  19. BlindedByScience

    FS: New Crucial Ballistix DDR-500 (PC4000) 2 X 512 Mb

    Title says it all. These are brand new sticks, still sealed (RMA returned to me). NewEgg has them for $92.49 + $4.99 for shipping. I'll sell for $75.00 and include USPS priority shipping. Thanks for reading - :cool:
  20. BlindedByScience

    UT3 - Can't create an account?

    I'm pissed off now.....maybe I'm a dumbass but this really has me flustered. I have tried name after name and can't create a logon. I downloaded the game from File Planet so I tried my File Planet name and logon. "User name exists" is the message I get. Well, no kidding.....:mad::mad...
  21. BlindedByScience

    Frustrating time trying to load Linux....

    So, one of my new year activities (hate to call them "resolutions") was to spend some of my free time to learn more about Linux. To that end, I put together a system just for this purpose out of stuff I had in the shop. It's nothing fantastic but I'd think it should do the trick in spades; a...
  22. BlindedByScience

    Upgrade "old dog" AGP system....

    Guys - I'm going to rock the system in my sig for a while longer, until I go CoreDuo, PCI-E, etc. Dumb question - I'm going to assume a 7800GS will wipe the floor with my current 6800GT...yes? The egg has a nice rebate on the BFG and I'm thinking about a little upgrade...if it is in fact an...
  23. BlindedByScience

    #$%&^#$@!!! on board audio - DOA

    Greetings - I've got an older Gateway desktop I was prepping to give to a buddy that needs a machine (currently doens't have a PC). It's a 1.0 Gig P3 machine, with the Intel i810 chipset. It's a model E1600 XL. Did a fresh XP-SP2 install on it, loaded the chipset drivers, the video driver...
  24. BlindedByScience

    Heads up - new Mod in town

    Greetings to the [H]orde. Just too much fun to go around, so ZooBaby has been asked to be a mod in G[H]. In a moment of weakness, he accepted...!! I know you guys will all show him the same respect and reverance you've always allowed me....(oh yeah)...or we'll get Lethal to "handle"...
  25. BlindedByScience

    ...reset CMOS on Compaq Presario 1700

    Greetings - I'm trying to troubleshoot a lappy for a buddy. I need to get into the CMOS, and of course there's a &^$*&*&!!! password that is keeping me from it. Anyone know how to clear the CMOS on one of these? I peeked under the RAM looking for th battery, and couldn't find it. Thanks...