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    We will be assimilated... Borg? “Right after investigation of pictures shot by US-based place company NASA’s Photo voltaic and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite, alien life...
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    Need a cheap very basic open bench to test motherboards

    Any recommendations? Or should I just plop them on the anti static bag on a table? I don’t like that plan.. I want a basic bench. Lmk if you know of any. Thanks dudes!!
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    Alienware aw3418dw $649 free shipping bf deal newegg Saw this and wanted to share. I love mine.
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    fastest 35 - 40 inch display??

    What is the fastest 40" display for gaming?? I would like to get above 60hz but keep as much screen real estate as I can with max speed.. What are my options?? Something like this? edit: I am going to have to sacrifice some screen real estate for speed... I know this. How about this option?
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    G13 update request

    Dear Logitech... please update the G13 to something with individually addressable LEDs and romer switches.. Keep the LCD panel.. Thanks! Anybody else still use their G13??
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    Far Car New Dawn 50% off on Steam ($19.99) until March 25th

    For any of you holding out to snap this up at 20 bucks...(like me).. here you go
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    Post up your video card collection!!

    So here we go... I have more that I need to dig out of storage but here’s a lot of old video cards that I’ve collected over the years... most are functional. Post up your cards !!! (I know Erek has some) I have two of these and the crossfire cable. I fucking love this ti4200 Leadtek...
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    My Galax 1050ti exoc white came...

    it’s pretty... only paid 199 thank goodness. Thanks to the [H]’r who posted the Galax New Years deal in the hot deals section. Waiting for my 200mm white led fan to finish this build. (and swap out that green sata cable for black lol wtf was I thinking)
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    FS: Riing fans 120mm / 140mm orange LED, Logitech G19, Corsair M65 RGB + more

    !!Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7 SOLD!! !!Gigabyte Z68 combo deal SOLD!! !!TT RGB AIO 240mm SOLD!! !!Crucial MX300 m.2 525G SOLD!! -------------------------------------------------- For Sale - No Trades Please My heat: HERE Under Construction. ;) I am in the process of parting out some old...
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    No bites so keeping it.
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    FS: iPhone 7 128G matte black unlocked - mint

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    FS: iPhone6 64g sp grey att / Apple Watch gen1 / Sennheiser HD600 / Fostex TH-X00

    Up for sale is a bunch of things I have been meaning to sell for a while and I am finally getting around to making the thread. - No trades please. - PayPal is the preferred payment method. - Shipping included for CONUS only. - My heatware. iPhone 6 64G space grey ATT (not unlocked). SOLD...
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    Which cans to get to hang off JDS amp

    I bought a JDS Element one night, I think I might have been high on ambien but oh well - I got it and love it. I have some Senn HD600 on it now and I am trying to like them but I am not. They're very accurate and have a good sound stage but are just lacking in bottom end for me. I tried EQ...
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    microsoft standard nvme driver ok?

    Hello all.. I recently built a rig with a z270 mobo and a Plextor mp8e drive. I installed windows 10 x64 from usb clean and right after the install it proceeded with the creators update. After that was all done I went to start getting drivers up to date.. I noticed that the Microsoft standard...
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    FS - Zotac AMP 1080ti like new with box and accessories

    I have a Zotac AMP 1080ti here for sale only, no trades please. SOLD!!
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO $2.99 deal on amazon shipped

    Mine shipped.. How about you folks that bought more than one? "Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO..." has shipped. Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier USPS.. it might be an envelope with a picture of the cooler but who knows.
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    iphone ios10.0.1 keyboard click sounds faint

    This is kind of weird but after moving to my iphone 7 today and then updating to ios10.0.1 (from ios10) the keyboard click sounds which I was kind of liking on ios10 are now locked to the ringer volume - not the music volume - and so faint you can't hear them unless you turn the ringer up to...
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    moving "steam" ssd from win7_64 to win10_64 machine

    The title says it all... I am going to transplant my 1tb steam dedicated games only ssd from my older win7_64 machine to a new win10_64 build. I am planning on sym linking the steam dir from c:/program files (x86)/steam --> the new drive letter and path, etc, blah. Is this at all a sane idea...
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    FS: FiiO X1 portable flac player - barely used

    [ SOLD ] I have an FiiO X1 silver
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    FS: two Asus STRIX GTX970 cards - used but very clean - retail box and accessories

    [both cards SOLD] Thanks for everyone who was interested. I answered the PMs as quickly and best I could.
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    FS: two eVGA GTX980ti SC+ with BP - only ran for a couple hours

    [The 68% ASIC card is sold - I am going to go with a first come first served method - for active forum members only] Sorry but I had to cancel the sale of the other card, the 77% ASIC card. the 68 ASIC - SOLD Thanks for looking. Everything sold! My heat
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    Platimax 850w - seperate 30a 12v rails ok for MSI GTX 980 ti?

    My psu (Enermax Platimax 850w) has 4x 12x rails and the pci-e 12v rails are individual 30a each with dual 8pin pci-e connectors on the end of each cable. It's a good psu, reviews show it capable of delivering over 900w easily. I was going to connect the 12v2 and 12v3 leads to each MSI GTX 980...
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    WTB: intel 2700K or 2600K socket 1155 cpu

    going to hold off for now. my 2400 is fine for my needs. I think I just have the upgrade bug. :)
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    FS: TWO Gigabyte GTX770 OC 4GB Windfoce 3x cards

    SOLD!!!!!! (no trades please) (heatware: revenant) (paypal prefered) For Sale: Two Gigabyte GTX770 OC 4GB Windforce 3x rev 1.0 cards These were bought at amazon in July of 2013. This is the rev 1.0 version with a 6 + 8 pin power plug setup. These run overclocked by default but I ran them...
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    using netbook as AirPlay server - USB DAC to improve audio?

    I am using my old netbook (ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM) as an AirPlay server (using AirServer) which works great - I can push audio and video from our i-devices to it very easily... I have this connected to a high end audio system with a 3.5mm to stereo RCA adapter cable.. I was wondering if getting...
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    office chair mat that doesn't travel?

    I am seeing if anyone knows of a good 36x48 office chair mat for carpet that won't travel? I have tried a few and they need to be moved back to their "spot" daily.. I think I need something with large spikes on the flip side. or the hook side of velcro.. :o before I experiment again with...
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    FS: k'nex sonic blizzard roller coaster (BNIB)

    going to take this to ebay due to lack of interest here... but if you see this and are interested PM me.. HEAT I tried to sell this once before but there was no interest. Well, it being Christmas and all I thought someone might want it for the little builder on their list. It's pretty...
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    amazon lightning deals sort of ho-hum this year?

    Anyone scored anything good on lightning deal this year? I have only seen a couple interesting deals in the last couple weeks... maybe they're saving the best for last?
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    FS: Wii bundle + Game Cube, Senn PC350 headset, Sony v700, K'NEX Sonic Blizzard

    Heatware: PayPal or Amazon payments only please no trades please Shipping included for CONUS only Sennheiser PC350's SOLD! Wii bundle SOLD! Sale pending on Game Cube ------------First Up--------------------------------------------------------------- Game...
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    recon3d woes - is the blaster Z that much better?

    So I picked up a recon3d just to try it out really, and it's been ok but it does some odd things.. sometimes during games the weapon sounds are all muffled.. the positional audio is great, but overall, it doesn't exactly blow my skirt up.. not that I wear a skirt, but uh, you know what I mean...
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    is this psu coil chatter?

    So... I have been chasing this issue around and I have narrowed it down to I something internal inside of the psu. I have tried two different pairs of video cards, stopped all fans in the area manually (both psu fans, it's alarm sound beeped when I did that), tried balancing the power load...
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    GTX 770 overclocking

    who's OCing their 770s? I have gigabyte 4GB cards running at (using precision) 102% power target (that's the max this bios will give me.. kind of odd) 94 temp target 40 gpu offset (roughly gives me 1280mhz on each gpu.. still testing higher) 350 mem offset (7700mhz-ish on mem.... still...
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    FS: two eVGA GTX670s

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    gigabyte windforce owners - side case fan intake or exhaust?

    I am wondering with two 770 windforce cards if I should reverse my side intake fan to exhaust... I guess the windforce cooler shoots air out in every direction once it hits the pcb so pulling that air out there might be the best... I have a TJ09, very well ventilated, with a 120mm fan in the gpu...
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    quality of sound via optical?

    I have an X-FI titanium using the optical out to my Onkyo TX-8050 that uses a TI Aureus DA830 dac... MP3 playback sounds quite nice I think. I disabled all the eq and sound processing crap. I have the output set to 24bit 96khz and I set itunes output to match... I know the quality of the mp3's...