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    3080 Review Date and 3070 Release Date

    Nvidia has been reported as planning to artificially limit availability to intentionally drive prices up way above their "MSRP" which only exists to make it look like they're trying to be the good guys by "not jacking prices even higher". Reviews before sales? How many of those sites will edit...
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    RTX 3080 Official Unboxing from Nvidia

    "New airflow system!" So in other words, since their cards are going to be watt-sucking monsters they're redirecting the heat on to AMD CPUs to make themselves look better. Classic anti-competitive anti-capitalist Nvidia.
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    Oculus to require a Facebook account

    I agree, Facebook profits off of selling people's information so supporting them financially makes no sense.
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    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    When Zen 1 was launched Asus's stock was about 45 times greater than AMD's which left AMD in a hopeless position to get manufacturers to use ROMs larger than 16MB. Why was AMD so powerless? Probably because the complete lack of critical thinking by people like the person I quoted who "buY...
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    Moderna Coronavirus vaccine sees positive results in phase one trial

    Absolutely no political agenda to kill 13 out of every 14 people on Earth.
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    AMD to Support DDR5, LPDDR5, and PCI-Express gen 5.0 by 2022, Intel First to Market with DDR5

    I built my 3800X rig and my finances didn't allow it until the week before Christmas - a time I would never intentionally wait to buy parts and I still got what I needed/wanted. Nothing of what you said suggests any legitimate reason to buy Intel because of shortages of AMD. Pray tell, allow...
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    AMD to Support DDR5, LPDDR5, and PCI-Express gen 5.0 by 2022, Intel First to Market with DDR5

    DDR5 is a guarantee on Socket AM5 for the most obvious reasons. PCI-Express 5.0 I imagine would be mid-socket AM5 as in my experience they've introduced all versions except for PCI-Express 1.0 itself at mid-point for each socket. 5nm I would imagine would be a safe bet for AM5 processors. Their...
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    AMD CDNA Architecture Based Arcturus GPU

    Gamers compose a very insignificant market share for AMD relative to other markets. Eliminating their debts and improving R&D to stay ahead of Intel has been AMD's top priority, not ensuring that people can, "Pawn noobs for the lulz at over 9000fPS!!!!!" "In human life, economics precedes...
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    AMD CDNA Architecture Based Arcturus GPU

    Great! The reason why GPU prices went insane was because the cryptocurrency mining craze used compute units - which all the AMD gaming cards had! By spiting their cards between CDNA (compute) and RDNA (Radeon) they'll be able to focus on utilizing more space for gaming on RDNA and reduce the...
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    The Outer Worlds Dev Reveals The Content It Cut From The Game And Explains Why

    The Outer Worlds crashes my computer, like literally resets it completely. I barely managed to get to a point I could save after skipping the cut scenes. I think it was one of the two games I got for free with my 3800X. I'd give it a chance if it was more stable than Charles Manson.
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    Leaked benchmark shows Core i9-10900K beating 9900K by 30%

    30%? Is there anything even close to 30% that can be even be cherry-picked? Fan-boyism is lame though fan-boyism for monopolistic corporations is the worst.
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    Spectra's New LGA1151 Motherboard Takes Us Back to 1992 With PCI Slots

    There are people would would drop 95% of the cost of an entirely new system in order to support a single archaic piece of hardware that has absolutely no redeeming qualities such as useful functionality that everyone stopped supporting. Coincidentally those people are not my clients. Also...
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    Xbox X & PS5 graphics hardware will finally kiss goodbye to weird-looking hair

    At least Team Four Star knows how to handle a bad hair day.
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    Videocardz: AMD promises RDNA 2 (Navi 2X) late 2020, confirms RDNA 3 (Navi 3X)

    They revealed RDNA2 (which we all knew about) and others things such as Ray Tracing (which we all already knew about). What to keep in mind: This was an event for investors, not people who "pawn noobs for the lulzzzz". AMD is a business, businesses exist to make money. Video cards produce...
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    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    Seriously, how old are you?
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    Waterfox browser sold to ad company...

    I worked at an advertising company a few years ago and it was not what I thought it would be. They actually made large efforts to run a legitimate business. Not every advertising business exists to sell your data. Unless you're living in a tent out in the woods you have bills to pay. The fact...
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    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    I'm a web developer and I have to fix bugs all of the time. I recently started playing Borderlands 3 because it came free with my 3800X. My 290X is old though almost all games are solid. I was encountering issues with the game crashing whenever I did an Alt+Tab which was infuriating. I change...
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    Leaked 12-core Ice Lake server ES nearly 100 percent faster than Cascade Lake in Geekbench, takes the fight to EPYC Milan

    News forums, news implies neutral and objective reporting. Granted this sub-forum is open for practically anyone to post items as news but it's not good to come off as a screaming fan boy (for any company). I'm only saying this to be constructive in a positive fashion. That being said I would...
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    The Voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John

    Just can't not respond:
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    Cliff Bleszinski openly admits going woke can hurt games.

    All forms of fascism (especially when they try to insult and masquerade as liberals/liberalism (Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were true liberals for those who are really really confused)) are unnatural and evil. Confusing people to take advantage of them to ultimately enslave people is...
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    Philips Hue vulnerability lets hacker control bulbs, could escalate to network

    The future is so bad you can't even trust a light bulb.
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    FBI probes use of Israeli firm's spyware

    The only way to fix a dishonest world is to educate people to be honest - and to disallow anyone from punishing those who are brave enough to be honest. I'm more than willing to call out any one on anything that is not ethical including any of my closest friends. It's important to note that...
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    Well it will give a hint of if: There will be good story telling. If they will (and they likely have) implemented extremist political propaganda. Realized that the series needed to move forward from Voyager and the Federation with fewer ships now has superior weapons, shields and armor. EDIT...
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    FBI probes use of Israeli firm's spyware

    Years ago I read about how Intel decided to move some of their fabs to Israel and that they were creating backdoors in their processors. Israel have a long history of not acting like an ally to the United States which is troubling as the business posing as the government of the United Sates...
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    AMD vs. Intel Contributions To The Linux Kernel Over The Past Decade

    Linux might be free though work is work even if people aren't getting paid for it all those folks still have bills to pay themselves. I'm glad AMD is doing well enough that it can greatly increase it's contributions and when you consider Intel's weight versus AMD the ratio of effort to money as...
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    The Elder Scrolls 6 could be heading into full production as Bethesda begins hiring spree

    Want a good looking game? Ghost of Tsushima and unfortunately it's not even coming out for PC! The wind effects are second-to-none from what I've seen (including the still impressive wind effects in the Witcher series). Don't worry though, eventually a perfect storm will brew and something...
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    AMD Adds Zen 3 Code To Kernel

    3800X here and yes, I also plan on dropping a 4950X in to my rig later on in the year and am very much looking forward to it! I think since Apple moved on to 5nm and AMD realized what the demand was that they'll actually make better efforts to stock the CPUs. Might as well max out AM4 while we...
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    RX 5950 XT, RX 5950, and RX 5800 XT

    Saw a video yesterday where the team responsible for the greatly reduced power consumption for Zen went over to the Radeon Technologies group. I think the first iteration of Big Navi will reasonably competitive though AMD knows that they need and want to stay competitive and the money from Zen...
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    Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 Live Now, Adding Tons of Content and Features

    In the year 2076 young adults will be faced with the decision whether to use the money they've saved for a down payment on their first house or to buy early access to this game.
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    TLS 1.3 Is Coming: Here's What You Need To Know To Be Prepared For It

    For fellow webmasters you can choose which ciphers to discard, here is an example via Immuni Web. There are other tools like SSL Labs which it's always good to have multiple perspectives. I don't know about cPanel though you can use their WHM (if you have root I believe) to remove less secure...
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    Russian police raid NGINX Moscow office

    Did you read what you typed before you pressed the Post Reply button? All forms of marxism are fascist ploys to steal and consolidate power every time without exception and regardless of what BS label is being used to describe it.
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    Western Digital: Expect More Energy-Assisted Tech For 24 TB & Beyond

    Just organize stuff in order of what is taking up the most space by using WinDirStat which is free and only takes about a minute to scan even fairly large drives.
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    Studio Behind Sonic Movie's Redesign Has Reportedly Been Shut Down

    All the more reason to remain independent from publishers and to punish them by ignoring any IP they decide to butcher or studios they decide to pull whatever the appropriate word is for that kind of nonsense.
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    Why front-end development may be the new frontier

    True and as a hardware enthusiast the weakest area when it comes to performance: software! Funny thing is while it takes longer to write good software (you know, like a game that actually loads, doesn't crash three seconds before you save the past three hours, etc) once you have a foundation you...
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    Why front-end development may be the new frontier

    I'm a full stack web developer and lead developer of the JAB Creations web platform. Yeah, front end technologies require a lot of time though usually because the software is, well, not what it could be. While working on the platform there is a harshly strict no-frameworks/libraries policy. I...
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    AMD's $50 Athlon 3000G Vs Demanding AAA Games

    Don't get me wrong, I agree, even with four threads there is no way I'd cheap out especially since I do production work. That being said when I was 14 that would have been a dream entry level CPU. I would then have worked my butt off to save up likely for the 6c/12t 3600 since I then had a...
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    AMD's $50 Athlon 3000G Vs Demanding AAA Games

    If you're 14 years old and manage to scrap $50 in a week's worth of work like I did back in the day then that was a way more amazing value than what I could get for $50 back in the late 1990s! A CPU and GPU? Even at bare minimal settings at 720p you're looking at a basic rig for maybe $200-$300...
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    10980XE vs 3950X Benchmarks | Test Review | Gaming | 15 Tests

    I agree, I've only heard that the release dates don't really exist and both AMD and Intel are waiting for each other or Intel is waiting for AMD to have enough stock to meet reasonable amount of the total demand. If, in the thin realm that this video is actually legitimate - this is a top end...
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    Free games Q.U.B.E. 2 and Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition at Epic until Oct 31st

    Epic Games has been promoting their Epic Games Launcher / store by giving away free games. More details at Guru 3D: