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    evga sale this weekend,big cuts on gpus

    Best retail price I've seen on either of these cards and 2060is faster than 3050!
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    With Internet Down, Windows 10 doesn'r have permission to conecct to local network shared drives

    I can't figure this one out - I setup my media library share so I can watch things if the internet is down, but lat night it told me it didn't have permission to map the drives. They came back up once Internet was restored. I can't recall having thesse issues when I was running under Windows 7...
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    Ryzen 2 APU review: AMD brings fantastic first knockdown of the Ryzen 4000 series. Just like Raven Ridge, they're starting with notebooks first! Coffee Lake Refresh gets rolled by Zen 2: Ice Lake at 25w has identical single-threaded performance (but half the cores). Smoked! They also tested IGP performance versus Ice...