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  1. Wizard220

    LG is developing OLED panels for Gaming Monitors

    My son had a 32 inch Trinitron and yes I can confirm you better man up to pick that thing up.
  2. Wizard220

    $199 Totaltech Paywall Helps Scalper Snag 20+ GPUs From Best Buy

    Scalpers are scumbags end of story.
  3. Wizard220

    Steam Deck Delayed

    Exactly, maybe with this delay they can work out any issues and game compatibility.
  4. Wizard220

    Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more (UPDATE - added source for Windows 10 retirement date)

    TPM and Secure Boot should be optional. If you are using it as a "home" device then it should be a choice. If on a "enterprise" system then make it required. MS by making both required will render a boat load of systems obsolete. Sorry but MS is forcing this on everyone inref to Windows 11...
  5. Wizard220

    The Great RTX 3080ti / 3070ti Scalper Event starts June 3rd

    Title should be this Scalper Event starts June 3rd, Miners will have head of line priority.
  6. Wizard220

    Ok, NOW the RTX 3060 eth hash limiter has been hacked.

    More like did it on purpose. Accident my ass...
  7. Wizard220

    Ok, NOW the RTX 3060 eth hash limiter has been hacked.

    Nvidia is saying they "accidently" unlocked it. LoL Nvidia must think we are fools to believe that BS. Nvidia did that crap on purpose as they were loading up the pallets with more cards for the miners. F Nvidia, nothing but liars.
  8. Wizard220

    Nvidia bringing the 1050 ti back from the dead to meet demand

    Nvidia is giving the new cards to the miners by the pallet loads. As I said, Nvidia gives the miners first crack at the new cards. Screw everyone else.
  9. Wizard220

    Rumor: 3080Ti with 12Gb Vram to launch in April

    Don't worry pretty sure the miners and scalpers were given first head of line privileges by Nvidia.
  10. Wizard220

    Western Digital SMR Drives: the class-action lawsuit and the performance impact

    WD is the new Boeing aka 737Max. WD knew full damn well about this and tried to hide it until they got called out. WD got greedy just like Boeing and now they will pay the price.
  11. Wizard220

    Denuvo says its new kernel-level anti-cheat driver is minimally invasive

    Same here, I was not really interested in the MP aspects of the game just the SP aspect. I bought it on May 6 and haven't had a chance to run it up and it was updated with the latest patches including the Denuvo one. Requested a refund and with a couple of hours my refund was approved from...
  12. Wizard220

    Scam Victims Pay "Back Taxes" With iTunes Gift Cards

    How many times has it been said that the IRS will NOT call you. If the IRS wants to contact you then they would send it by certified mail. Mail that you have to sign for. People just do not learn and it's been said a bunch of times.
  13. Wizard220

    This Friday Will be Last Flight For NASA's Cassini

    Remember Cassini has a nuclear decay generator. Jupiter is perfect to get rid of it.
  14. Wizard220

    Mayweather-McGregor Fight Outages

    Even tho that McGreggor lost he still took home a very nice payday. 30 million good paydays if you ask me.
  15. Wizard220

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tops Dota 2 in Steam Player Count

    So let me get this right. A player can be banned for honking the horn LOL. Been reading the reviews and it would seem that these twitch streamers start screaming I am being harassed by player such and such and the devs then proceeds to ban said player(s). What a joke, my wallet stays closed...
  16. Wizard220

    Another Million People Cut the TV Cord Last Quarter

    I cut the cord this past June because Time Warner would not cut me a deal, said my July bill would be over 250 bucks. I turned in the equipment and just keep internet Ultimate 300/20 and paid only 84 a month. Started getting calls and flyers in the mail and I finally talked to a rep. She said...
  17. Wizard220

    The Daily Stormer May Lose Its Domain

    Yup and while I do agree with that yet what I am seeing is that ISIS supporters, BLM supporters and Antifa supporters are giving a free pass and is ALLOWED to spew, torch, burn, murder, riot and the list goes on. Funny on how that all works out huh........... Pretty funny on how they can be...
  18. Wizard220

    WannaCry Ransomware May Be Linked to North Korea

    When I read "Experts from Google and Kaspersky" I stopped reading this tripe. Just like the Russians did this and the Russians did that bullcrap this smells of deep state crap.
  19. Wizard220

    Digital Sales Now Represent 74% of the US Game Market

    Last physical game I bought was Call of Duty 5 World at War and the last Crysis game. I have almost completed the conversion to all digital format, aka, re-buying on steam. I only have left to do is the first 5 Call of Duty games. I am not a box collector, I just prefer a digital copy.
  20. Wizard220

    Samsung Galaxy 8 Launches Today and the Tame Apple Press is Terrified

    I wonder if the new Note 8 will support Samsung Dex. Saw the S8/S8+ being used with the Dex dock and it seemed like a awesome experience.
  21. Wizard220

    Star Citizen switches from CryEngine to Amazon's Lumberyard...

    Star Citizen switches from CryEngine to Amazon's Lumberyard
  22. Wizard220

    President-Elect Meets With Silicon Valley Elite

    So you expect a PC type of person. Do you want him to come out wearing a safety pin or a pacifier or how about passing out coloring books to all the cry babies. I am so glad we have a President that tells it like it is and doesn't hold back. Enough of the PC bullshit and lay it on the table.
  23. Wizard220

    HP Unveils New Supercomputer Up To 8,000 Times Faster Than Existing PCs

    Not just Crysis but also Minecraft and Mine Sweeper
  24. Wizard220

    Reddit's CEO Apologizes

    Reddit CEO can go fuck himself EXCLUSIVE: Chat Logs Show Reddit Admins Threatening Pro-Trump Community
  25. Wizard220

    Reddit's CEO Apologizes

    As I said in another thread F him and oh I need some A wipe to wipe my arse with. His apology letter will do the trick.....
  26. Wizard220

    Reddit To Crack Down On Abuse

    Redddit to crack down huh, LoL please do not make me ROFL. Redddit and it's CEO lost all credibility when said CEO directly edited a users post via the database. Said action made the user the bad guy and Redddit smelling like a rose until the real truth came out. Sorry but lets call a spade a...
  27. Wizard220

    No Man's Sky Cleared By U.K. Ad Watchdog

    UK ASA really stands for "All Scams Allowed"
  28. Wizard220

    Facebook Messenger Launches Instant Games

    Not for me, any and all apps/games are blocked and I have that crap called messenger disabled. If it wasn't for family who lives over 2000 miles away I would have dumped Farcebook along time ago.
  29. Wizard220

    Humans Will Not Survive Another 1,000 Years

    Humans are adaptable I will give you that but by the looks of what is happening now with all the cry babies who needs safe spaces, coloring books, safety pins and other "baby" stuff I am not holding my breath for the human race.
  30. Wizard220

    Humans Will Not Survive Another 1,000 Years

    At the rate that we humans are going I do not give us 1000 years. We will be extinct way before that.......
  31. Wizard220

    Hyperloop Co-Founder 'Very Serious' About California Secession

    And the sad part is with all these riots and the bad things that comes with them is this 50 percent of those arrested are not even registered to vote and/or did not vote. Also what is damn funny is that these thugs and cry babies are not even from the city that they are burning to the ground...
  32. Wizard220

    Is This A Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone

    I want the one at the end of this video. The one that is rolled up and rolls out.
  33. Wizard220

    Study Claims That Facebook Users Live Longer

    I am calling bullcrap to this crap. I always thought that FarceBook sucked the life out of you. Oh and lose brain cells.......
  34. Wizard220

    CIA Prepping For Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

    You must be talking about Killary aka Hillary. The people ( voters ) backing her is the lowest of the low. Downright supporters of criminality and corruption. You want war vote Killary in and see what you get.
  35. Wizard220

    Twitter Shares Plunge On Report Bidders Are Scarce

    Don't worry, Twatter will soon have company aka Snapchat if that outrageous 25 billion dollar farce of a valuation pans out.
  36. Wizard220

    Snapchat Preps $25 Billion IPO

    25 billion huh and for what oh yea Snapchat. LMAO you just can't make this shit up, oh wait it's Wallstreet USA we are talking about.
  37. Wizard220

    The CIA Says It Can Predict Social Unrest as Early as 3 to 5 Days Out

    Yea I bet they can predict it 3 to 5 days out, I could too if I also started the riots to begin with.