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  1. Kattstrumpa

    Anti freeze and sub 0 temps in water loop?

    My friend with limited knowledge around water cooling want to do a crazy build which I'm not sure I would recommend. What could be the dangers and issues with this setup: 6x GPU's (!) in a mining setup, 1x random CPU and everything under water blocks. He wants to put everything in one loop...
  2. Kattstrumpa

    [Album] Finished my NCASE M1 build yesterday..

    So I just finished this mITX build in the NCASE M1. I'm very satisfied with the results and the PC works great. The idea sprung from seeing Bluehandstech's M1 build, I instantly knew I had to get this case and watercool it. I decided early on that I was to use hardline tubing only, and with...