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  1. GP40X

    Hallelujah, praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition (X570 boards in stock but going fast)

    Got up at 8 AM this morning and low and behold, the Houston Micro Center had no less than 7 different motherboards in stock. I picked up a Gigabyte Aorus Pro wifi X570 board (one of 3 they had in stock). As I write this now they are out of stock on the pro board. They were listing 10+ Asus...
  2. GP40X

    Really New Egg?

    This is just ridiculous. Just got a marketing email from New Egg offering two "Top Pick" motherboards. I followed the links and both show to be out of stock and "Not available. See similar items below." Seems New Egg is now advertising motherboards they don't have and can no longer get...
  3. GP40X

    Where have all the Post code LED displays gone (and why are the few out there married to WIFI boards)

    I have been looking to upgrade my motherboard and CPU and plan on going Ryzen this time around. While most motherboards are currently out of stock right now, it looks like there will be a big influx of stock the last half of May (according to Amazon's website in stock dates and Fry's website...
  4. GP40X

    I think I am going to cry

    Man this is bad. I am thinking of updating my rig with a new motherboard, processor & memory and maybe a 2070 or 2080 video card. Wanting to go Ryzen this time as I do both some light gaming and digital art (using Iray rendering so locked into Nvidia for the GPU). Fry;s is sold out of X570...
  5. GP40X

    Shot myself in the foot (MBR ERROR 1 afrter changing SATA connectors on the motherbord)

    Well, I done did it. Finally got me a new power supply to replace my 12 year old Corsair HW1000 and decided to set up my raid 1 at the same time I installed the new PSU (EVGA 1200 P2) so I installed another WD 2GB hard drive and moved my cable from the Samsung 860 EVO boot drive and connected...
  6. GP40X

    Where do I go now?

    Well, it is time to finally upgrade my motherboard and processor. But since Hard OCP has closed down their review site, the questions is where do I go now for trusted reviews? I always came here for reviews I could trust. Suggestions?
  7. GP40X

    Time to update my data storage.

    Looking for recommendations to update my Data Storage. Thinking about doing a raid 1 (I don't feel like paying for a cloud service and I have about 500GB to back up right now). My Data Drive is a 9 year old Hitachi 1TB drive. Thinking about going to 2 or 4 TB raid array for some room to grow...
  8. GP40X

    Time to upgrade my storage (recommendations)

    Time to upgrade my storage. I have already decided on a Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M2 drive as my system/program drive (I refuse to call them Apps, this is not a cell phone) but am looking for recommendations for drives for a mirrored array for data storage since I will have a little bit extra...
  9. GP40X

    Okay, who moved the release date

    Looks like New Egg has a delivery delay. :eek: Most of their Z97 chipset mother boards just went from 5/11/14 to an earliest release date of 5/14/14 (and some of the boards have much later dates like the MSI Z97 XPOWER AC delivery date of 6/4/14). Someone needs to put the spurs to that slow...
  10. GP40X

    Best card for playing curent games at 1080P

    Getting ready to upgrade my video card to play current games (BF4, . I currently have a Samsung SyncMaster P2370 but am planning on picking up an ASUS VG248QE within the next 6 months. Also planning on upgrading my motherboard and processor once Devils Canyon and the Z97 chipset is released...
  11. GP40X

    I can't believe what I just found.

    Was doing a little spring cleaning today and I found two sealed unopened copies of Windows XP SP2b (one Home and one Professional). Looks like I have a couple of collectors items LOL.
  12. GP40X

    Anyone know what is going on with Gigabyte & suggestions for another matx Z87 board?

    Went to the Gigabyte website to do a little research on a GA-Z87MX-D3H for an upgrade and system shrink. I'm thinking abut building a Prodigy M mATX lan box and moving most of my system over with a new MB & CPU. Tried to go to the motherboard webpages and about half the pages including the...
  13. GP40X

    New question about planned AMD to Intel upgrade

    Okay, new question. I had decided to go with a Haswell i5-4670 and an ASUS Z87-A motherboard but now am rethinking that decision due to a lot of talk about 1150 being on a shorter cycle than the normal 2 year socket upgrade cycle. So the new question is i5-4670 Haswell on the ASUS Z87-A or an...
  14. GP40X

    Upgrading to Intel from AMD sugestions?

    I posted this in the general Forum but figured I would get a better response here. I am getting back into gaming and it is time to upgrade my `puter. About all I have played for the last few years is Fallout New Vegas, Civ 5, and a little Half Life single player so my current system has been...
  15. GP40X

    Time for an overhaul/upgrade and need some advice

    I am getting back into gaming after about a 3 year hiatus and it is time to upgrade my `puter. About all I have played for the last few years is Fallout New Vegas, Civ 5, and a little Half Life single player so my current system has been adequate but once I pick up BF4, and some of the other...
  16. GP40X

    Intel EXPI9300PT or D-Link DGE-560T

    Trying to decide on a NIC to install in place of the Realtek 8111C onboard Network interface. Please give me the pros and cons of each card (Intel vs. D-link). OS is Vista 64 and primaty focus is gaming with a good amount of file sharing. TIA
  17. GP40X

    Need help setting up new gaming system with lots of storage.

    I currently have 2 WD 6400AAKS hard drives, 2 Segate ST31000333AS hard drives (one needs a firmware update), and two 750 GB 7200.10 Seagate HDs from my current system (with 1092GB of assorted data split between them). Primary focus will be gaming with some file sharing, mainly at lan parties...
  18. GP40X

    Need recommendations for setting up budget gaming/lan rig storage

    I am currently doing a budget build for a new gaming rig using the AMD Dragon Platform (AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE, Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H, and an XFX HD-4870 XXX edition) with components sitting around the house from previously planned builds that never happened. Parts slated for previous builds...
  19. GP40X

    X3 720 BE & Dominator CM2X2048-8500C5DF needs a new home

    I have a "0904" X3 720 BE and new Dominator 4 Gig 8500C5 DF kit that needs a new home (motherboard to put them in). Looking for reccomendations for a good motherboard for this combo. Power and cooling are not a problem as I also have a Corsair HX1000W PSU, CoolerMaster CM590 case and a...
  20. GP40X

    Time for a new video card

    Well, it's been two years since I built the box in my signature line and I usually upgrade my video solution every 2 yesrs so it's time for a new video card. I am going with a Radeon 4870X2 this time around as it has the best bang for the buck and adding a second one for Crossfire will give me...
  21. GP40X

    Suggestions on GPU upgrade?

    I currently have the following system and am looking to upgrade: System Specs: Intel E6600 EVGA nForce 680i SLI Motherboard (122-CK-NF68-AR) 2 x 1024 Mb Patriot DDR-2 800 @ 4-4-4-12 (my Corsair C8500 C5 fried at QuakeCon last year) EVGA 8800 GTS 640 Mb WD Raptor 10 150 Gb hard drive...
  22. GP40X

    It's out, it's out!!!!! EVGA 6800 GS AGP

  23. GP40X

    Looks like the XFX 6800GS AGP is a winner

  24. GP40X

    How Hot is too hot? (VC OC questions)

    I just installed my XFX 6800GS last night. I was one of the unlucky ones and my card has a bad set of pipes. The vertex shader appears to be ok, though so I am running it with 12 pipes and 6 vertex shaders. I just started overclocking the card and was wondering what temps the NV-40 6800 Series...
  25. GP40X

    Looks like the XFX 6800GS AGP is a winner

    I have been trying to chase down everything I can on the 6800GS AGP card and have found the following information. The XFX 6800GS is based on NV40 and so the disabled pipes and vertex shader are unlockable. There are reports of unlocked card overclocking to the 400-425 range amd memory...
  26. GP40X

    XFX 6800GS AGP not a reference design

    I am getting ready to retire my 9800 Pro to the wife's netmule and get a 6800 GS AGP (my PCIe upgrade plans got shot down when the wife cracked the block in her car). I was comparing the photos of the EVGA and XFX cards at New Egg and noticed that the XFX card is not a reference design. It...
  27. GP40X

    It's out, it's out!!!!! EVGA 6800 GS AGP

    While surfing the EVGA site I found this little tidbit: EVGA 6800 GS AGP. All you guys stuck in AGP upgrade hedouble hockey sticks REJOICE :eek: Since I have an Nforce2 MB, I am moving on and upgrading to a SLI motherboard...
  28. GP40X

    Help! Old Athlon overclocker delving into the realm of Intel overclocking

    OK guys here's what I got: AMD Athlon XP 2500 Mobile Barton currently running @ 225mHz @ 1.65 volts on air. Shuttle AN 35N Ultra MB 2 x 512 Mb Mushkin PC-3200 (DDR-400) ram running synchronous @ 225 mHz. ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128 Maxtor 160 Gig HD (8meg cache) Primary master Maxtor 200 Gig...
  29. GP40X

    2 x 1 Gig or 4 x 512?

    I am getting ready to build an Intel System with a Gigabyte GA-8B-SLI Pro mb and an Intel 630 CPU. I want 2 gig or ram but am windering which way to go. I will be doing some overclocking but am on a limited budget. Corsair XMS is $216 for 4 512 sticks (2 2x512 matched pair of DDR 675 @...
  30. GP40X

    L:ooking for recommendations for an Intel processor

    Ok guys, first off I have not had an Intel processor in a rig since my BH-6/Celeron 300A days. I just happened to be the lucky receipient of 2 Gigabyte GA-8N-Sli Pro motherboards at the CPL last week (won one in the Nvidia North Texas Food Bank food drive raffle Friday night and the second one...
  31. GP40X

    Difference between ADA3200CGBOX and ADA3200BPBOX retail

    I found these two 3200 Venice cores @ the egg and was wondering what the difference is between them. The only difference between them is one is a "CG" and one is a "BP". Both are boxed processors. Anyone have them and can tell me the difference (and yes I did a search for both part numbers in...
  32. GP40X

    Time to upgrade this tired old rig.

    OK guys and girls, it's time to move to PCIe. Q4, BF2SF, and F.E.A.R. just isn't cutting it on my 9800 Pro 128. I have decided on a GeForce 6800 GS 256 since both the Egg and Z.Z.F. have the EVGA card for $209.00. What I need are Motherboard and CPU reccomendations. The problem is my budget...
  33. GP40X

    Last upgrade for this old horse

    I decided to wait for the M2 socket AMD processors so I am currently thinking about upgrading my Radeon 9800 Pro 128. I am looking for the best bang for the buck so ATI and Nvidia will both be considered. Here are my system specs: AMD Athlon XP 2500 Mobile Barton currently running @ 200mHz...