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    FS: Intel Core i7-10700, MSI MAG B460 Torpedo, Cryorig H7 cooler

    Attempting to sell this all together. CPU is non K. Have original box for the motherboard and I think everything it came with, if there's something specific you need let me know. If you don't want the box it might make shipping easier to not include it. I'll blow dust off everything with air...
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    Dell latitude bios refuses to update

    I got a dell latitude 7370 off ebay and the bios refuses to update. theres no errors. I tried updating from within windows and using the F12 boot menu option. The reason I wanted to update the bios is cause the touchpad and button weren't working well. somehow they are working better now. I...
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    Sub $300 laptop

    Looking to get a laptop to install windows server on and learn how to use active directory. I'll dual boot windows 11. I have my eye on a older latitude from 2016. It has a 13" 1080p display, intel m7, 256gb ssd, 16gb memory, 2 usb c ports. $200. Can't really get much better than that for...
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    ARC Raiders by former EA exec Patrick Söderlund

    Embark Studios, the new Stockholm-based outfit set up by former EA exec Patrick Söderlund, has announced the name of its new project. Titled as Arc Raiders, the mysterious sci-fi game will get a proper unveiling later this week as part of The Game Awards. A brief teaser video popped up on...
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    WTB: Intel i7-11700 or K

    interested in both K and non. edit: nevermind, my chipset doesn't support 11th gen
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    Croaking noise from pc and no hard drive

    I got this croaking sound thats coming from my PC, it seems to happen during and after playing fortnite. The hard drive is unplugged completely. It sounds like a dying hard drive.
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    Replacing evga 3070 fans with 120mm fans

    I'm thinking I should preserve these stock fans since last time I checked they cost like $20 a piece. What would I need to install some 120mm case fans? Zip ties and some kind of plug that fits the card's connectors? Would the card know what rpm to run large fans at? Its a EVGA GeForce RTX...
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    Couldn't install windows 10 on laptop unless legacy mode was enabled

    So I replaced the screen on a friend's laptop and they forgot the password(its not stolen, had her name on the login screen). legacy mode was disabled in the bios to begin with. windows install keeps failing at the "Getting devices ready" part. it gets to that part then goes into a boot loop...
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    Is there a way to know if this all in one power supply is safe?

    My friends HP all in one power supply went bad, I can't find one made by HP. I had him order this one cause it had 1 day shipping...
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    UPS battery brand suggestion?

    the ExpertPower one I had lasted 3 years. last night I woke up to a overload solid beep sound on my cyber power. everything connected to it had no power. 3 years for a $23 battery ain't bad. Just wondering if anyone has a brand that lasts maybe longer.
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    Is this a good guide?

    I got my hands on a evga 3070, non LHR. Is this a decent guide to begin mining?
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 80 Plus Gold 750W G5 power supply $79.99,bu=bu,osub=osub,crd=crd,segname=segname,chnl=mkcid seller says they are an authorized evga...
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    FS: MSI Geforce RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC

    Never overclocked or mined with it. Comes with original box. Has at least a year of warranty left. Exact model: $700 shipped SOLD ON EBAY for $759
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    Quieter fans or different case?

    I've had this case for 10 years now. It's a corsair carbide 500R: is this case loud cause of its design? like the mesh open sides? Or is it cause of the fans? I wouldn't mind getting a new case, one...
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    3070 - sell, keep, or mine?

    I got a evga 3070 from bestbuy for $680. I could sell it for $200-300 profit. Or keep it for future games like BF2042 cause my 2070 super might struggle. My super has 1 year of warranty left so I'm leaning toward keeping it cause BF2042 will probably have dlss. Another option is to mine on...
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    AT&T 3g shutdown Feb 2021 - tmobile unlocked phones no longer supported

    I just learned about this. basically if your phone is unlocked but from a carrier besides ATT, you will lose service between now and feb. its already happening for receiving calls for people on tmobile unlocked phones. What I'm curious about is if older ATT phones will work like my dads LG...
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    Crucial P2 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD Up to 2400 MB/s - $73.99 $80: amazon and bestbuy recently had it on sale for $73 but those deals are dead. I just ordered one from newegg. I'm...
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    Best used phone under $250?

    thinking of upgrading from my moto g7. looking for a used phone under $200 usd, or $250 max. I like a close to stock android OS, which is why I'm a fan of motorola phones. looking at the oneplus 6t though as well. I would like a in-display fingerprint reader and 6gb of ram or more. my...
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    Private WoW servers?

    anyone have experience playing in private wow servers?
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    FS: ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/ac motherboard LGA 1151 Killer SLIac/ includes - Quick Installation Guide, Support CD, I/O Shield - 1 x ASRock SLI_HB_Bridge_2S Card - 2 x ASRock WiFi 2.4/5 GHz Antennas - 2 x Screws for M.2 Sockets Price: $90 shipped OBO SOLD ON EBAY heat:
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    budget motherboard for 10700

    I snagged a 10700 on ebay last night for $260, its the non K. I'll be using my existing 3200 ram. I'm not sure which chipset to go with.
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    WTB: 9700k or 9900k

    looking for either one. preferably the 9700k cause its cheaper. if someone has a MC near them and wants to buy me the 9700k and ship it thats a possibility. may be interested in a motherboard to go with it.
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    upgrading my i7 7700k?

    I think I can get like $230 for my 7700k, newegg has the 9700k for $260. maybe even less if I wait till cyber monday? I can get a 300 series motherboard for about $100, and sell my old one for $60. my cpu is bottlenecking in warzone. and if I can ever get my hands on a 3070 gpu I probably...
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    Coffee Lake on asrock z270 bios mod?

    anyone manage to do this? was it worth the time?
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    overclocking i7 7700k on asrock z270 killer sli/ac mobo

    its been forever since I've overclocked. I'm seeing a cpu bottleneck in warzone. is anyone overclocking on a ASRock Z270 Killer SLI/AC mobo that can give me a little guide?
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    Former battlefield devs reveal 3rd person battlefield game
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    windows 10 version 2004 update gaming changes

    recently updated to version 2004 and noticed some gaming changes. I feel like my fov changed, or my resolution. I checked my res and fov, nothing is changed. I dont know exactly but my games just look different. also noticed a decrease in fps and when I change directions in fps games I get a...
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    mixer shutting down I wonder if the low viewers the site had were because of network problems. I tried to watch shroud when he switched, but the site always lagged for me up until the past month or two no matter how low I set...
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    FS: MSI GTX 1070 Quick Silver 8G OC works perfectly $199 shipped --------SOLD ON EBAY ebay: heat:
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    WTB: RTX 2070 super

    looking for a rtx 2070 super, my zip code is 34997 EDIT: found one on ebay
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    (YMMV) CoolerMaster MM711 - $25 @ Walmart

    some walmarts have the matte black checked mine but they had none. people are selling them on amazon for about $40 shipped. I...
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    Too many audio issues

    so I have a fiio K1 usb dac that was giving me a crackling sound in WoW classic and game menus like BF5 and fortnite. I moved it a couple feet away with a longer usb cable. didn't fix it. now I have a Creative Sound BlasterX G1 7.1 usb dac. first, I couldn't get the drivers to install. I...
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    Moto G7 $99 moto G7 for $99 shipped plus tax if you activate google fi service. people are able to activate and cancel the same or next day. if you dont activate within 30 days of shipment. you will be charged $200 I...
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    WTB: amazon fire HD 10 7th gen tablet

    title says it all. pm me heatware: edit: forgot I had this logitech coupon. maybe someone wants something from logitech and we can work out a deal? valid for 30% off for single purchase up to three items excluding Video Collaboration products and spare...
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    usb dac crackle sound

    is it normal for a usb dac to crackle? I have a fiio k1 and since I've had it I hear a crackle sound if I'm listening to music while changing the volume level. which isn't a big deal. I also hear the sound when hovering over buttons sometimes on the bf5 menu. bf5 plays a little sound when...
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    sticky notes is buggy in 1903

    I think MS doesn't even know that theres a sticky notes app built into their OS. editing or even selecting a note has made my screen flicker for years. but now with 1903, notes just disapear. I had like 8 before I updated to 1903. then it deleted 5 of them. I made a new one and thats gone...
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    moto x pure is painfully slow now

    the past 2 years my moto x pure has really slowed down. opening the play music app takes like 5 seconds sometimes and other apps do too. keyboard opening is laggy. so is unlocking the phone, sometimes it takes 2 seconds for the apps to show up. it will just show my wallpaper, lol. I've...
  38. G very slow

    just wondering is really slow for you guys? its been slow for me the past few weeks. going to the map and seeing the radar in motion takes a minute to load the animation
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    audio input hub thingy?

    I got some interference noise coming from my headphones. pretty sure its from the logitech speaker hub thing I plug them into. if I plug directly into my motherboard it goes away. but then I would have to swap the cables back in for my speakers which are 5.1. I hardly ever use them though...