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  1. michalrz

    Converting a PC PSU to act as 5V/12V supply for a bunch of devices

    Hey everyone, I have a question. I have a bunch of crap around that I use: two HDD docking stations, a powerbank, a CCTV cam, a few microcontrollers. They all consume either 5V or 12V. I'm a bit weary of having a web of wires and a bunch of wall warts everywhere. I have an older but...
  2. michalrz

    Paranoid fire/gas/motion alarm system based on a ESP8266

    * Work in progress, see post 2 * Hello everyone, I've been slowly making a thing for a while now. As I have some spare time, some money, etc. Basically what I'm building is a cheap but quite robust wireless environment sensing and alarming device. Operating principle: 1. Detect a fire by...
  3. michalrz

    ESP32-CAM, the poor man's wireless CCTV

    I noticed this section of the forum is a bit dead, and I got into embedded stuff the last few months. So why not give something back. I'd like to show you guys and gals a pretty clever and dirt cheap wireless CCTV solution. It was also my first foray into ESP32, which is a tiny WiFI/BT-enabled...
  4. michalrz

    A few questions about BOINC

    Hello good people of [H]. In light of recent events, including my mom's bladder cancer and someone else's problem (you know who) I decided to pull my head out of my ass (did you hear that pop?) and go crazy with folding. Until now, I only had 1 device folding - a computer at my old job. (i3 @...
  5. michalrz

    "Free" 24 volts and a moral dillema

    Right, so. I'm in a new place nowadays. A block of flats with 6 famlies. We have a common 24V line to each famiy's basement/storage area. I could easily power some computing devices like PIs and fold for 'free'. But - seems morally wrong. It'd be for a good cause, but TBH feels wrong to leech...
  6. michalrz

    Looking for an electromagnetism simulator

    Hello! Does anyone know about a good (preferably free) program to simulate electromagnets? The closest I've found is quickfield, but it has a very limited mesh size in the free/student tier. This would be for designing and simulating solenoids and halbach arrays.
  7. michalrz

    [H]osted images

    Yeah hi, I like to insert various funny images/illustrations into my posts. To offload Hardforum, I usually host it on freebie hosting sites. Is the drag&drop [H] hosting okay to use for such shenanigans? Up to what resolution?
  8. michalrz

    Access a LG DVR hard drive to copy files from it

    Guys, What if I told you I have a LG DVR with a 400GB Seagate IDE drive in it and would like to copy files from it? I have it physically connected to an older mobo with an IDE port. Windows sees it as a 750GB drive with some unallocated space and two 'unknown' partitions. (Older) Debian...
  9. michalrz

    Network discovery, audit

    GENTLEMEN. I got a new jerb. I inherited a medium sized (50 devices?) wired network at a military clinic. I will be putting together my work computer tommorrow, and thought I'd start with a basic audit as a starting point for a stroll around the offices. Would you kindly recommend a tool...
  10. michalrz

    I thought I had overclocked too much

    Any Minecraft fans be sure to check out their game today :D At first I thought my GPU was acting up because I overclocked from 350 to 450 (an ancient 7100GS), and then it clicked :D Happy Christmas everybody! we got gifts!
  11. michalrz

    Brief outage

    Gentlemen. I don't know if it's important, but in light of recent problems I feel it is my duty as a human being to let you know that was out cold at around Noon CEST for like 10 minutes. I checked via and it wasn't just me.
  12. michalrz

    Trinity on Debian-ish distributions - anyone in the know?

    Hello, I've used Linux (KateOS, Debian, Mint) on the desktop from like 2008 to KDE 4. I really liked KDE 3.5 and read about the fork - Trinity. I dislike Gnome, Xfce, Unity and the like for various reasons. Has anyone had any experience with Trinity it on Debian, Ubuntu, Mint or something else...
  13. michalrz

    Help with making the Right Choice on a Win10 nag screen

    Guys, I honestly was thinking about doing some work today, it's the last day of the month and I have deadlines. Today at work I was greeted by my phone screaming it's little speaker out. Multiple machines got hit with a 'upgrade to Windows 10' nag screen with just two options - upgrade now or...
  14. michalrz

    USB powered DAC -> Battery powered headphone amp -> headphones - ground issue

    Hello audiophiles, I'm preparing a gift for a friend. He recently got himself a pair of some nice sennheiser headphones. I would like to give him my USB DAC. It draws power from USB. As it does not do any amplification beyond the PCM2704 DAC, I am planning on connecting Left,Right and...
  15. michalrz

    Aluminum transformers in UPS units

    Hi there A funny thing happened on my way to salvage enameled copper wire from the transformer of a dead UPS unit. As I cut some of the primary wiring I noticed it's actually... Aluminum. Same on the secondary. Its insulation is copper-coloured but the cross-section is all Al. The...
  16. michalrz

    Any reasons to abandon the free VMware Server?

    Hello everyone, I used to play around with VMWare server a bit, somewhere around version 2, anyway I remember the transition to that web based UI. Apparently now only the Player edition is free... right? Server had a lot of neat features like VMs autostart and CLI control, which I fail to find...
  17. michalrz

    (Free) Collaborative e-mail - suggestions?

    Hello Hardforum! I'm a long time lurker, for almost 7 years I've been visiting daily. Finally came the day where I actually need to ask you guys and gals for help. background I work for a small (20 employees) local government instution in Poland which deals in social work, supporting the...