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    Need Range Extender $130 Budget

    Good Day Hard Forum. I find myself in need of your assistance again. Im looking for a good Range Extender. I have a Netgear Router, and was thinking about getting this: NETGEAR WiFi Mesh Range Extender EX7500...
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    System Monitoring in Desktop Window.

    Hello guys! I currently use MSI afterburner to have my PC performance/temps displayed in games via top right hand corner. I want to do the same but on my Desktop in windows 10. OSD doesn't work outside gaming, is there a way to get it to always show up outside an application say the desktop...
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    New Router or Wifi Extender?

    Hello Everyone, Its been a while since I needed an advice from my trusted computer forums :) I have a wifi problem in the house, the router is in the basement and causes bad reception sometimes on the 3nd floor. (basement being the 1st floor). I have an Ethernet cable on the 3rd floor which I...
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    How quite are the water pumps? Kraken/CORSAIR/Thermaltake

    Good Day, I just finished putting together a new build and I feel a little disappointment with my liquid cooling system: Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT I have an open case which sits on my desk Thermaltake P3 and the pump is the loudest component in my PC when GPU is idle. The pump...
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    Quick MOBO/PSU connection question

    Hey Guys, I just git the Z390 from Asus. It has 8pin + 4 pin on the top left for the power & the 24pin on the right obviously. Is it enough to just connect the 8 pin on the top? Or should I also be connecting an extra CPU/PSU cable to connect to the 4 pin as well? clearly 24 pin will always...
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    M.2 Installation Questions

    Good Day, I currently have the Asus Z390 Maximus XI Hero I want to install my new ADATA Nvme drive XPG SX8200, does it make a difference if I install it in the 1st slot or the 2nd? 1st slot is on top 2nd is closer to the bottom...
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    Where and how to I place a water temperature sensor???

    Hello everyone, Im considering getting the following: Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing RGB 360 TT And I also want to have a cool temp sensor readout, like this: Bykski Temperature LCD sensor...
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    EVGA Supernova 850 T2 or Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium???

    Hi Guys, Im trying to decide between these 2 great PSU's, (both Titanium) and just thought I would hear some feedback from you. I had already seen a lot of comparisons between the 2, but since im not in a rush figured I would start a thread about it. Seasonic Prime 850 Titanium - $209...
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    Hi Guys, I had just pre-ordered the Intel's 9900k, and need your help picking out the motherboard. In the past I always had Asus and it served me well, never had a Gigabyte board. I will also be getting an nvme drive 2GB & will be re-using my GTX 1060 8GB. Aside from the visual e statics...
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    $1800 - $2500 Video Editing Build - any good?

    Hi Guys, My brother needs a new PC, and asked me for help. PC will be primary used for Video Editing & PC Gaming. I want to set him up with the best radiator for water cooling (nothing custom). And since I always had an Intel build, I want to stick to that. He will pick his own case (full...
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    $2,000 PC Build - Any good?

    ***UPDATE Please see post #12 for updated parts/questions Hello Everyone! Its been some time since I have posted here, but glad to see the forum live and strong. Putting together my 1st water cooling build and need your advice/opinion/critic. I already have a GTX 1060 and will be reusing my...
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    Need ur HELP forum :)

    Hello everyone, Its been a while since I had anything to post, but it seems that im stuck here and can really use your help. I have SONY VAIO VGC-LT18E All in one PC I'm trying to upgrade the RAM on it to at least 6GB This is what crucial suggesting...
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    Monitor options "GrayeOut" on my new Benq XL2420TX

    Hello forums! 2 days ago I got my new XL2420TX 120hz monitor. The 1st thing i tried to do is calibrate it, but quickly found out that most of the calibrations options are unaccessible AKA "grayed out". I callled BenQ and was quoted the instructions manual which I already looked at which...
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    122hz vs 144hz Gaming Monitors

    Is there a noticeable difference? I'm switching from 60hz lcd. I really have my eye set on the Benq XL2420TX - (122hz) 2ms comes with the built in emitter for 3d gaming. $500 Now there is also VG248QE -...
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    XL2420TX vs VG248QE vs XL2411T what to get?

    I think I might of made a mistake..... I don't know. I need ur help forum! The other day I placed an order for the Benq xl2420tx 120hz monitor. It has a built in NVidia 3d emitter which I thought is cool. But it seems that I haven't done enough research because I found out that VG248QE and...
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    Need a good 3D ready GPU!

    Hello Forum! I had just purchased my 1st 120hz 3D monitor (Benq XL2420TX) but failed to realize that I would need to upgrade my GPU as well. I currently have ATI 5870 which as far as I know doesn't support NVIDIAs 3D vision 2. I want to get something where I would see a clear difference in...
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    If I eject CD during installation?

    I'm currently installing C&C 3 Tiberian Wars, on a very fast PC, however its been at least 1h 30min and the process got to only about half.... If i would to eject the CD and maybe clean it and put it back in would the installation continue or would I have to start the process all over again...
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    How much would you charge for this service?

    Hello to everyone ))) Its been a while since I been here, but its good to be back. I am applying for an IT position, and one of the questions they asked me, how much I would charge for this service. Need some suggestions please ))) "I have 5 PentiumM Intel HP laptops, . Below is a list...
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    HDDerase 4.0 not seeing my SSD

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    Is TRIM overrated?

    I am running out of space on my C300 128GB SSD, and since my b-day is just around the corner I was thinking about getting another C300 128GB and putting them in RAID-0. Im aware that TRIM doesnt support raid, and I guess my question is will I be seeing more performance with the raid 0 or will...
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    C300 128GB and Raid 0 Question

    About 8 month ago or so I got the C300 128GB SSD from Crucial. Its a good SSD, I have no problems with it, but the capacity is really holding me back. I have lots of games that I play and I just don't have the space to store them all on this SSD. I do have 3 7200 RPM's HDD that I use for...
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    My win 7 is 350GB !

    My father brought his PC to me from work. He is complaining that he cannont sore anymoer files that drive is full. He was infact correct, the windows folder for some reason is 350GB!!! out of 372GB total space. On my PC its 13GB his is 350... is that a virus? He is running win 7 Plz help.
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    Are my SSD Speeds any good?

    Well I got me a 120GB Crucial C300 SSD. This is a fresh install of windows How are my speeds..etc?
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    Crucial RealSSD C300 Installation

    Hello, Very soon I will receive two Crucial RealSSD C300 128GB SSD's. One will go on my PC on ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 and the other in a bran new PC for my brother who will be using P6X58D-E LGA 1366 X58. Both systems will be using Windows 7 64bit with no Raids. What should I be setting in...
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    Final Build needs approval.

    Main purpose for PC is video editing, 2nd is gaming. 5870 is a must since it can support 3 monitors. All the parts been carefully chosen. I have 3 monitors 24" Planing on ordering this as soon as I can. Would like to order today (Monday) This PC will be Overclocked as well to 4.0Ghz...
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    Need new strong PSU

    So I am building a new PC for my brother and trying to decide what PSU to go with. 17 930 4.0Ghz 5870 12Gb RAM x2 1.5 TB HDD SSD 3 CD ROM Lots of accessories used I was thinking about a nice stone 1000w PSU, something that is proven to be a good quality. Here is what I was...
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    ATI 5870 or GTX 470?

    Trying to get a new vid card for a new video editing PC. Primary role of PC is video editing secondary is gaming. Have about $400 was thinking about 5870, but was told that GTX 470 might be better for like CS5 coding..etc I know that most of the work will be done by the CPU but GPU also has...
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    Best SSD? Which one?

    So I am building a brand new PC for my brother and I'm trying to select a great SSD for him. He would have 3TB of storage on different HDD's and the PC's main purpose is video editing. from what I have seen so far Intel G2 or vertex2 from OCZ are these the top 2 choices right now? He will...
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    New PC for video editing

    Hello, Ok, so my younger brother needs a new PC and I will build it for him. The main purpose for PC is video editing, second is Gaming. He has 3 monitors, one of them is 24" and the other 2 are about 20" The PC needs to be top of the line, I don't really have a budget maybe around...
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    Dual Boot

    I'm trying to refresh my memory on Dual boot procedure. Today I will be reinstalling everything, and want to see if I can get Win XP and Win 7 installed. So as far as I remember I need to install Win 7 first then install XP right? When I will be partitioning Win7 I will leave some space...
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    PC for $200

    So my father asked me if I can build him 3-4 computers for work for about $200 each. I told him that I would need to do some research, and here I am :) PC will be used for Browsing and basic windows games like solitary...etc. Also for transferring photos from cam to pc and vice versa...
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    Dell 24" 2408WFP Question

    For the past 2 years I been using my Dell 24" 2408WFP monitor and never used the "Gaming" Preset in the "Preset Mode" option, does anyone know what it actually does? I noticed the collars change when you activate it, it looks different thats for sure. Does this Preset lowers the Response Time...
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    Need PC upgrade suggestions

    So my friend is upgrading his PC and asked me to help. $300 is what he has to spend. (maybe $330) He has the fallowing mobo, ASUS P5BW-LA (Basswood). He needs new GPU, PSU and case his current PSU is only 300W. He told me that he wants to get the fallowing GPU...
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    New PC build

    If you would to build a top of the line PC today $3800 as your budget what would be the parts? Computer monitor is also needed. Maine use is gaming. No need for liquid cooling. PC will be Overclocked, but the person who is interested in this build doesnt know much about OC. Basically im...
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    Strange PC Boot Lag.

    So my father brought me his PC from work, I build it for him using my spare PC parts. Q9450 on DFI P35 with 4GB DDR2, 500W PSU about 5 years old and ATI 1950XTX...etc PC boots, and the 1st image is the P35 DFI logo (thats how it usually is) and then just freezes at that point for about 3...
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    Wireless adapter not working

    So I decided to help my friend re-install his PC. I was able to get Win7 working on it, but his old wireless router doesn't want to work. Routers name is WDL G132 according to D-Links website, it only supports Win XP and 2000. According to this site...
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    Need help with Intel SSD G2 install.

    So my friend just got the Intel 160GB G2 SSD Do you install the new firmware after you install Win 7 on it? What tools would one need to monitor/test/benchmark this SSD? Any info would help. Thanks
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    Quick Intel SSD G2 Question.

    Is the 80 and 160 versions of Intel SSD G2 have the same performance with the latest firmware? Reason I'm asking last time that I checked Intel was about to release a new firmware that would give like 35% boost only for 160gb SSD. Its been like 2 month now just want to see what actually...
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    Need new SSD now :)

    So im helping my friend get a new SSD. He wants something, from a website that can deliver to Canada, so if anyone can link anything good I would appreciate it. (Does newegg deliver to Canada?) From what I hear Intel G2 is the way to go for now. Do the 80GB version support trim function...
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    Get SSD now or wait?

    For the last few months I was playing with an idea of upgrading my current PC (in my sig) with a good SSD. I was thinking ether two 80GB Intel G2 SSD and putting them in raid 0 or a single 160GB Intel G2. From what I was told in here a single 160GB will be just as fast + Trim…etc ..etc. Are...