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  1. cortexodus

    WD Black 2TB Platter Count Change

    Hey folks. I had 2x WD2003FZEX units in RAID0 and one of them decided to acquire some uncorrectable sectors. So, off to RMA it goes. In the meantime, I picked up a replacement hoping to just reassemble the 4TB RAID0 array and go back to using things like normal. I noted when I picked up the new...
  2. cortexodus

    [Warm] GTX 970/770/760 Refurbs @ Denver MC

    980 - $230 970 - $180 The Microcenter in Denver has a pile of 970's, 770's, 760's, and a smattering of 980's in brown boxes. I only looked at the 980 and 970 pricing and, they're marked close to MSRP on the individual boxes. The system is bringing them up at $230 and $180, respectively, though...
  3. cortexodus

    WD Blue 3TB and wdidle3 tool

    Has anyone here used wdidle3.exe to set the intellipark timer on the "new" WD Blue drives (the ones which have effectively replaced the green drives)? I've not found anything online confirming that the "intellipark" feature can be either disabled or at least set to 5min or so on the blue...
  4. cortexodus

    Where do you get a decent replacement display PSU?

    I'm poking around trying to find a replacement PSU for a monitor I've got laying around. It requires 12V 5A and it's probably a 2.5mm barrel plug. There are about a million options on Amazon, Egg, etc.. However, my "Cheap Chinese Shit That Will Burn Your House Down" radar is going off left and...
  5. cortexodus

    RAM pricing looking good right now?

    Maybe this is just me, but I think these prices are pretty low! $59.99 - Crucial 16GB Kit DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL11 Non-ECC, UDIMM 240-Pin Desktop Memory CT2KIT102464BA160B/ CT2CP102464BA160B $64.99 w/ promo code - CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4...
  6. cortexodus

    This is what no competition gets us...

    Why bother making faster chips when you can make even slower ones (albeit with better power efficiency) and still outclass your rival? No chance those slower-but-more-efficient processors will be anything less than more expensive than the current models, either. ;)
  7. cortexodus

    Win+X context menu styling

    This one has been stumping me for a while now. On some machines, the Win+X context menu will look like the one on the left, on some machines it'll look like the one on the right. I've even had machines that started out looking like the way on the right, then went to style like the left, and vice...
  8. cortexodus

    Have you seen this?

    I really can't do anything but laugh... Starting some kind of kickstarter-ish crap where the price starts at $1,750 and then rises to $5k for release? Someone in marketing is either a genius or a total moron... :D
  9. cortexodus

    Dark Rock 3 Pro $59.90

    I'm not sure if this is a great deal or not, but I can't seem to find it anywhere else at this low of a price and I'm tempted to drop my Kuhler 620 off my CPU and go with this instead. NE says deal ends on the 17th. How do you all feel about the sheer weight of units this size? I feel like it's...
  10. cortexodus

    An Interview with an Nvidia Engineer about 970 memory issue

    This is a riot :D
  11. cortexodus

    This is pretty hardcore

    I don't know what it is about the Scandinavians and their PC awesomeness, but this thing seems pretty amazing to me.
  12. cortexodus

    WD Black 1TB $70

    Cheapest I've seen 'em *Now the 2TB model is down to $104
  13. cortexodus

    G15 v1 dying on me... looking for replacement

    My good ol' trusty gen 1 G15 is experiencing blinks and fade-outs of its LEDs. I've not run into any issues with it typing or anything yet, but the constant blink and fade action going on is distracting. I'm really not sure where to go next... I don't use the macro keys on this thing as much...
  14. cortexodus

    Warm? 750 (non Ti) $94.99 AR

    Pretty good deal imo, despite not being 2GB I picked one up 'cause I wanted something low power to play with :)
  15. cortexodus

    PCI-E power connector query

    I have this PSU and I have this GPU on its way to me. The card will require two PCI-E links. The PSU is semi-modular and has a somewhat unusual (to me, anyways) PCI-E cable in that two 6+2-pin heads are attached in series to a single cable coming from the non-modular set of cables. There is...
  16. cortexodus

    SLI & Crossfire in the same box

    Pretty amusing. Not particularly practical, but pretty amusing :D
  17. cortexodus

    2008 R2 Cool n' Quiet

    I've installed Server 2008 R2 Sp1 on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with an FX-8120 and the CPU sits at 98% maximum frequency 100% of the time instead of downclocking as expected (and observed) as it does Win7 Pro. If I manually set the "maximum processor state" in power options to something lower like...
  18. cortexodus

    Crucial M500 250GB - $110

    Get 'em while they're hot. *oops, I meant 240GB. Typo'ed
  19. cortexodus

    Galaxy RMA update

    I originally brought up my RMA situation here. I thought folks might want to know how this one particular RMA has been handled. While my experience may not be indicative of the overall 'scene' with regard to Galaxy RMA, it has been sufficient to sour me on Galaxy as a brand for the...
  20. cortexodus

    I thought the 780 HOF was over the top...

    But this thing is pretty crazy looking
  21. cortexodus

    Trine 2 killed my GPU...

    My 780 HOF is no more... :( Playing Trine 2 for the first time and probably 10min into the game my system just insta-powers down. No warning or anything. I smell the tell-tale robot fart stink that says something electronic just let out its magic smoke. Pull open the case and the GPU is...
  22. cortexodus

    Multi-display GPU, low power

    I'm looking into expanding the number of displays I drive on my work machine but the PSU is a very limiting factor. Does anyone have any experience they can share in regard to driving the maximum number of panels from a single card that does not require additional PCI-E power? I'm not terribly...
  23. cortexodus

    771 to 775 mod

    I gave this a shot. Ordered one of the little stickers. It worked for me with a GA-G31M-S2L and E5335 I had laying around :D
  24. cortexodus

    Wish the Homeworld Remakes would happen faster!

    I enjoyed this article both for its interesting perspective into the puzzle(s) of old code as well as the prospect of shinier Homeworld releases. :D
  25. cortexodus

    Litecoin mining with one card while gaming on another?

    I'm curious about the Bitcoin/Litecoin hoopla. I have a 6870 just layin' around collecting dust and figure it might be amusing to dink with. I'm aware of all the arguments about power consumption, it's a waste of time, etc etc. Primary question: Is is possible to mine with an AMD card in...
  26. cortexodus

    It's the little things

    I have set of HD555 cans and they've cracked so bad on the left side that they finally just fell apart. Cue sadness. That is, until the wife directed me to the basement tape drawer! A careful winding of Manco duck tape and they fit like new again! :D Here I was contemplating a set of...
  27. cortexodus

    The HOF 780 - $540

    Happy times! I'm glad I backed off and waited for a bit. This card was $690 yesterday :D Just got it into the box this evening. This thing completely smokes my SLI'ed 570's!
  28. cortexodus

    Sony SD cards Gold Box Deals

    Amazon's got a gold box deal going for SD cards with some good stuff in it. 64GB MicroSD for $40 ain't bad :) StormUP pointed out there's better deals on the 94MB/s cards elsewhere.
  29. cortexodus

    LukeWarm? Asus DCUII 780 $611.25

    I know everyone is all stoked about the R9 and whatnot :) However, I've been waiting for a 780 to drop this low to pull the trigger and did. I'll probably have pricing sadness later if the price plunges another $100 but I couldn't wait :o *I freaked out about price drops seeing that R9 NDA...
  30. cortexodus

    Crucial M500 480GB - $340

    Another nice drop on this SSD. :D
  31. cortexodus

    Sandisk Extreme II 480GB - $359

    Lowest price I've ever seen on it *5 year warranty, FYI. The Crucial M500 is comparable price, with 3 year warranty. Don't know which drive has better performance characteristics but the warranty length sure is nice. *The Kingston HyperX 3K is down to within a couple bucks of lowest I've...
  32. cortexodus

    Toshiba Q-Series 256GB - $150

    Toshiba HDTS225XZSTA Q-Series 256GB Internal Serial ATA III Solid State Drive The $120 is also at $80. Nice price imho. *cageymaru beat me to it :p
  33. cortexodus

    Addendum to Samsung 830 128GB in RAID0

    I posted about this upgrade I did here Thought I would also share some results from testing some of my virtual machines (I use VirtualBox on this machine). Prior to migration to the SSD array, these VMs ran on a single WD 1TB FAEX drive which, aside from storing ISOs and misc application...
  34. cortexodus

    Samsung 830 2x 128GB RAID0

    I picked up a second 830 128GB and decided to RAID them for giggles. Turned out really nice, although the reduction in 4k random at QD1 has given me a "meh" reaction. I thought folks might like a look at how it turned out for their own consideration. Prior to RAID0 - single 128GB 830 on a...
  35. cortexodus

    Fullscreen BSOD in SLI with particular display

    *edit - problem solved. Not sure why: Putting two SLI bridges on the two cards has solved the issue. This is a weird one... I have this monitor and this monitor. I only ever run one display at a time for the most part. The rest of my machine is in sig. When SLI is engaged, I can boot and run...
  36. cortexodus

    Corsair H100 $90 on Amazon

    For those interested in such things, the Corsair H100 240mm closed loop CPU cooler is at a pretty low price. This appears to be the cheapest price without rebate that I've ever seen on Amazon. I'd like to get one but my P180 won't accommodate it :(
  37. cortexodus

    Samsung 8GB (2x 4GB) 1600 - $38.24

    Seems like everyone really likes these modules. With promo code EMCNANC48 they come down to a very nice price imo :D I went ahead and slurped up two of these kits for some upcoming builds.
  38. cortexodus

    8GB G.Skill Ripjaw X - 1866 - $45

    The F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL set is at $45 with promo code EMCNANF39. I already have a set of these in my main box and they've been a pleasure. I'm hoping I can get the second set I just ordered to run at 1866 alongside the 1st (never guaranteed when you're buying separate sets, I know) They have...
  39. cortexodus

    GTX460 2Win $169 after MIR

    I seem to remember folks thinking this dual-GPU card being a pretty good deal at $219. However, at $169 after MIR I'd say it's even better. If you're good at getting back rebates anyway ;) product link
  40. cortexodus

    Auria EQ276W 27" LED Monitor $399.99

    austinpike did a little review here on one of these a while back. It stoked my interest. As of ten minutes ago when I ordered one, the Central Ohio/Columbus MC showed 10+ of these units in stock. I thought it was worth giving a heads up to folks on here that are interested in the Shimian...