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  1. dr.stevil

    WTB: iPhone 11pro/pro max or X/XR

    Title says it all. Let me know what you got
  2. dr.stevil

    WTB: cheap Quadro or FirePro Gpu. Don’t need anything high end

    Looking for either a Quadro or a FirePro Gpu for my server. Only real requirement is the need for display port out and supports 4K 60hz lmk what you have.
  3. dr.stevil

    Pump on EVGA 3090 hybrid cooler making noise.... looking for options

    So I think the pump on this cooler is on the way out... it's been making an annoying buzzing sound, and looking through their forums, it seems somewhat common. Unfortunately I purchased it second hand so it's not covered by the transferrable warranty, and I'm looking for options. I was...
  4. dr.stevil

    Help diagnosing system instability, kernel power critical message

    This has been happening on and off since first building this rig in February of this year and I’m at my wits end. I want to find out what’s causing it so I can have a reliable machine again. I should note that it only seems to happen when the machine is idle and typically in the middle of the...
  5. dr.stevil

    Random stuff for sale

    HTC Vive in great shape, all accessories in box. Comes with delux audio strap, gearVR lenses w/adaptors, upgraded headset cables and extra face cushions. - 500obo Intel 4790k, gigabyte GA-Z87x-D3H mobo, 32gb HyperX fury memory (DDR3 1600). Want to sell as a bundle but might be willing to part...
  6. dr.stevil

    Help me overclock my RAM? I clearly have no clue what I'm doing... (Ryzen 9 3900x)

    I built this rig in February of this year and just recently realized that my memory was only running at 2133mhz, well below the advertised 3600mhz, and I'm aware that faster memory does have an impact on performance on this platform, which is why I opted for 3600mhz memory in the first place...
  7. dr.stevil

    Dirty power in house causing PC to freeze?

    I’m having an issue with a computer that I can’t figure out. I gave this machine to a family member for Xmas and they’ve been having issues with the machine randomly freezing/going completely unresponsive. When I gave them this machine, it worked flawlessly. The components are from my old HTPC...
  8. dr.stevil

    WTB LGA1150 socket motherboard for Haswell

    The in-laws computer took a crap and need to replace a busted motherboard. LGA1150... doesn’t need to be fancy or anything, just stable. Let me know if you have anything you’d like to get rid of.
  9. dr.stevil

    Looking for advice on a home VM box

    I'm interested in setting up a VM rig to replace my current Media-File Server/Workstation/Gaming/etc machine. My current box is a jack of all trades and does the job without too much of an issue, but my problem with this setup is that everything has to live in the same environment which has...
  10. dr.stevil

    Help troubleshooting issues with Lenovo Ideapad 100

    I was given a “broken” ideapad by a coworker a while back and I’m just trying to get it up and running. When I turn it on, the power LED glows along with the front facing camera LED, and the CPU fan starts to spin for around a second or two and shuts itself back down. The screen never lights...
  11. dr.stevil

    Looking for a solution to block internet access to single device on network

    I have a device (Nintendo Switch) on my home network that I’d like to be able to connect to other devices on the LAN, but I want to keep it from accessing anything outside that network (or more specifically, Nintendo’s servers). It’s modified and don’t want to risk a hardware ban, etc. Is there...
  12. dr.stevil

    Looking for an entry level 3D printer around $300

    I don't know much about 3D printing, but I do 3D modeling professionally and have always wanted one, for obvious reasons. Looking for something in the $300.00 range. I'd much rather have quality and flexibility over print size, as I can assemble anything larger than the default print space...
  13. dr.stevil

    fs: HTC Vive with extras

    I really hate to sell this, but I just don't have room at my place, and with our new puppy taking up time and floorspace, it's next to impossible to use the thing anymore. Perhaps I'll get another some day, when we have the space we can dedicate to it. What it includes: HTC Vive headset (OG...
  14. dr.stevil

    WTB: LGA1150 CPU cooler

    LMK what you got! Not looking to spend a lot of money.
  15. dr.stevil

    WTB: LGA1150 Mobo

    I need something for a spare machine. LMK what you have, not looking to spend a fortune so hoping someone has some hardware collecting dust they want to get rid of. Cheers :)
  16. dr.stevil

    Haswell Overclocking, 4790K heat issues

    I managed to snag this CPU, used, for a mild upgrade to my aging 4770 system (non-K). When I installed it, I noticed a fairly gnarly scratch on the bottom of the CPU cooler, that I'm wishing I took a picture of now... but decided to install anyway since it never gave me an issue with my 4770...
  17. dr.stevil

    FS: sapphire AMD RX480 8gb w/Arctic Accelero mono

    Asking 200 obo, heat history required. Bought this new and immediately installed the Arctic cooler. GPU never got used much, as it was installed in my workstation. I’m upgrading to another GPU and figured someone may want it. Thing runs completely silent and very cool. Lmk if you have any...
  18. dr.stevil

    WTB: Intel i7 4790K

    Lmk what you got. Looking to do a slight upgrade to an old machine
  19. dr.stevil

    Worth upgrading old haswell rig CPU?

    I have an aging haswell machine that was repurposed to a CAD & other general “work” workstation/rendering/Virtual Machine/server (and light gaming), from a gaming box. It’s using an Intel 4770 (non-k) and recently upgraded the RAM from 8gb to 16gb. I’m also swapping the GPU from an Rx480 to a...
  20. dr.stevil

    WTB: Inexpensive and portable laptop or slate-PC

    I need this for tuning and data-logging in my car, so it doesn't need to be an Alienware or FalconNW machine lol. Not looking to spend a whole lot of money but also don't want a complete piece of junk either. Maybe something like an early XPS13? If you have something thats collecting dust, let...
  21. dr.stevil

    Does anyone here own the Delux Audio Strap?

    edit: Nevermind. See that this is already being discussed in the vive thread :)
  22. dr.stevil

    Novice: In need of inexpensive telephoto lens for eclipse/moon

    Can anyone help me out? I'm a complete noob when it comes to photography so I'm learning as I go. I need a lens for my Cannon T4i, that has enough focal length to get some decent shots of the eclipse (and other random moon/etc photography) later this summer. I'm sure there is more to it than...
  23. dr.stevil

    FS: SCT x3 tuner (with Focus ST tunes)

    Figured this was worth a shot to see if anyone here needs this now that I no longer have the Focus. It's served me many many trouble free years. Can flash custom tunes, view/clear DTC's, data logging, clean KAM, etc. Currently has 2 tunes from unleashed for a 2013 Focus ST installed on it (you...
  24. dr.stevil

    FS: Diamond AMD RX480 8GB

    Got this GPU about two weeks ago and its an impressive little card. Decided to go a different direction though. Comes in the original box with all original documentation. Asking for 250obo Shipped (in lower 48). My Heat
  25. dr.stevil

    1440p overlocked display and GPU without DVI out? help?

    I have an Overlord 1440p display that ONLY has a single DL-DVI-D input. Recently, I sidegraded to an RX480 GPU without realizing that the card didn't have a DVI port (nor did it come with any adapters). HDMI and Display port ONLY. So now that I'm stuck with a headless workstation, I've been...
  26. dr.stevil

    VIVE Owners, Accessories now available!

    If you want an extension cable (for the USB on headset), more foam face pads or nose pads, you can now order them :) just picked up 4 new foam pads Vive | Accessory looking forward to seeing new strap designs to replace the stocker
  27. dr.stevil

    Need suggestions for 1080p bedroom TV

    So I currently have a 55" Plasma in my bedroom, but it produces quite a bit of heat. On top of that, it's an older model so it has minor issues with image retention... and since one of the main uses for this TV is gaming on my Steamlink, I certainly don't want to ruin it by using it for extended...
  28. dr.stevil

    Just an FYI (I guess). SUPER impressed with Zotacs RMA

    Just figured I'd give others a heads up in light of all the RMA horror stories I've seen going around here lately. Zotac deserves a little praise IMO. I got a Zotac GTX970 through via a deal on here a few months back. Everything worked great for a few months and then I started having...
  29. dr.stevil

    Fallout 4 coming to HTC Vive!!!

    Looks like Bethesda is releasing an update to enable roomscale VR support in Fallout4! Amazing news to those waiting on a AAA title. I actually took a break from FO4.... I'll probably wait now. Virtual reality Fallout 4 is coming to HTC Vive in 2017
  30. dr.stevil

    GPU memory failing? RMA or wait? Can I test myself?

    So I got a Zotac GTX970 for my workstation/server a few months ago. For the most part, the card has worked just fine... until about a week ago. I came into the computer room to do a few things and noticed that when the display woke up, most of the screen was covered in pink and green colored...
  31. dr.stevil

    So I wonder what the future of VR holds once people start hurting themselves

    saw this over on reddit lol While it's pretty humorous, I wonder how long it will take before someone seriously hurts themselves and, legally, goes after the hardware manufacturers or even software developer. A few feet to the right and she could of thrown herself through a glass door...
  32. dr.stevil

    Windows 10, mic audio all static?

    So I'm not sure what exactly happened. I've been using a bluetooth mic/headset on this PC for the better part of a month with absolutely no issues. About a week ago, a friend had gotten a new mic so I started making some adjustments to my levels/sound settings to compensate, and out of nowhere...
  33. dr.stevil

    Replace PSU fan?

    So I have an EVGA 750w PSU that I'm using in my HTPC that is quite noisy (lots of whooshing air noise). It's clearly not defective... and besides being slightly loud, I'm perfectly happy with it. I'm not wanting to deal with selling it and buying another power supply as I've already dumped a...
  34. dr.stevil

    For Sale: The Devision digital download (PC) & Club3D miniDP to HDMI2.0 adaptor

    Asking for $35obo for the game key edit: SOLD Asking for $35 shipped for the adapter (which is pretty much impossible to find in stock, I waited 2 months for mine to come in) Here's my Heatware
  35. dr.stevil

    New skylake build. Odd sound from CPU?

    So I just put together the following machine i5 6600k Gigabyte z170 gaming 5 mobo 16gb corsair DDR4 Corsair H60 AIO cooler Sandisk SSD Everything on the machine seems to be running excellent except when the CPU receives a partial load. There is a loud audible clicking sound coming from the...
  36. dr.stevil

    SUPER [H]ot: 50% off Dell refurbs, 40% off laptops

    Dell Refurbished Computers & Electronics | Official Dell Store For the 50% off, use coupon code FATWALLET50 (shipping is also half off) For the 40% on laptops, use code FATWALLET40 (shipping is free) saw this over on slickdeals.! Super great deal if you need a laptop or monitor
  37. dr.stevil

    WARM?: Zotac GTX 970 4GB - $259.99 Just saw this deal looking for a new GPU. pretty decent deal IMO. Card lists as $289.99 on If you add the promo code 15NOW you can save an additional 15% (up to 30.00). If you use a CC you save an additional 1.5% Just a heads up in case anyone is looking to pull the trigger...
  38. dr.stevil

    Best method for transfering OS install to new hardware?

    So I have a server machine that's going to get a hardware swap in the near future. I have everything setup on it exactly how I want it (this install is only a few months old.. Windows 7pro 64). I'm wondering if it's possible to boot the OS once the new hardware is installed? I know that you can...
  39. dr.stevil

    How long will you give a member before you assume the worst?

    So I purchased a GPU (GTX980 Ti) from a member here. They're not very active on the forums judging by their post count, but they've been a member for a few years. They also have a decent heat rating, although not a very long history. But the point being they seem to be a somewhat active trader...
  40. dr.stevil

    WANTED: FM2/FM2+ APU + memory

    Like the titles says, I'm in need of an AMD FM2/FM2+ CPU. Not terribly picky but need something that can handle some 1080p gaming. I also need a stick of DDR3 memory. Again, not terribly picky. Let me know what you have. My heatware is in my profile.