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    WTB: Laptop/Notbook ~12-14" Screen

    Looking for a laptop/notebook with a 12-14" screen. the 15.6 screens that are so common are just a bit too big. I would like to have a i3/i5 or one of the AMD APUs is good. Would like to stay under $350 is possible. PM me with what ya got! Heat:kendrak789
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    WTB: Verizon QWERTY Smart Phone

    I would like to get a Droid 4 or Samsung Stratosphere II If you have another option please PM me. Heat is under kendrak789
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    WTB: Laptop/ultra book

    I have a friend going off to college. He needs a basic computer to take to class. He won't be playing games, or anything serious, just taking notes and web stuff. That said. Want to keep it under $400 14" or less (but no 10") screen would be preferable Batt life 4hrs or over would be nice...
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    Chimp Challenge 2013

    Well I just got this PM: We have stayed out of it for a number of years. I want to think that the mood has changed out there. I don't even know what the rules are now. They had become quite convoluted over the last few years. I don't think I would want to participate and in years that we have...
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    New PPD values for 762* GPU units.

    7623 7624 7625 7626 I have a 7625 currently that I was getting ~13k ppd on with my GTX660ti I am now getting ~37k after refreshing projects with HFM.
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    WTB: Rack mount switch GigE

    Anyone have an extra one... or one that they no longer need? I'm trying to clean up the rack and the 8 port desktop on just chilling there by the monitor shelf isn't cutting it.
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    EVGA Overtake

    EVGA just showed up on our Overtake list. If you have Boxen, "D" or rigs sitting idle....... FOLD! We need to step it up just a bit so we can keep the #1 spot!
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    New Blog Post from VJ We asked VJ in the DAB to put together a 'lil update for everyone.
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    WTB: s775 mobo

    Need a s775 mobo, and some extra ram if ya got it (ddr2) Something cheap, matx would be perfect.
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    Novec 7000

    Ok.... For always on 4P folding rigs.... This looks awesome! Boils at 34C. Sad thing is from what I can see it is $350 per gallon, but that price is a couple years old.
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    Welcome new folders!

    I just want to say welcome to all the new folders, and returning folders. We are back above 600 active folders for the team. I think this is great. I have seen a bunch of new people in the contest registration thead. If you are new, post a hello. Pull up a chair, have a tamale or two and some...
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    About 300 mil to go!

    We are getting close my friends! Fold onward! 2012 shall be the year we take the crown back!
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon

    We have been building to this for a while. I'm quite excited about this. This contest will be an ongoing contest. We will continue to draw winners as long as we have funds. What are the winners going to get? I'm glad you asked. $100 Amazon* Gift Card EVERY MONTH the contest continues. As a...
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    The Great [H]orde Fold-A-Thon Registration

    One post with your badge. This covers all the drawings! No discussion in this thread, please do that here. Good luck!
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    Next contest......

    I have funds, of a level that I've never had to work with. I want to see what you all think. Have a single HUGE prize after a big folding sign up Have two big prizes, each with their own contest Have two prizes, with one contest Have many smaller (but still a good amount) prizes over the...
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    WTB: HDD, 1TB or larger

    I need HDDs. If you have extra and want to sell for a resonable price shoot me a PM I would like a few drives. 2TB drives would be prefect. Heatware: kendrak789
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    Anyone else getting client core errors?

    I came home and my 4P had had 5 errors and had "gone to sleep" anyone else getting hit with this? It was on a 6903 I switched to normal SMP and so far so good. Bad WU or is my 4P throwing fits?
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    I want to make it official!

    OCFthanks[H] has done it. 20 million points We all know here what that means. Pimp hat time! :cool: So I, as keeper of the folding pimp hat, do rest it on top of the well won Jade Monkey. Thank you for your help, and congrats on your pimp hat!
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    EVGA is trying to rally

    We need to keep the presure on and keep the "D" steam roller moiving forward! Fold on!
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    Riddle me this...

    Ok my new dual 2011 board came in today (thank you newegg opened box!) I'm trying to figure out the extra 4 pin power connectors on this board: (the item is on newegg and their viewer can/will give you a better look) So do I...
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    1U G35 heatsinks

    Not sure if anyone needs these, but If you don't want to mess with the hyper 212+ mod or you want to put your rig in a smaller case (I have no clue why, shrug). These are solid copper HS. They ran on my G34 system for over a year Work find for stock clocks I will include 4x 60mm Scythe...
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    WTB: X58 mobo

    Doesn't have to be a steller OC-er Just need a "cheap" x58 board Heat: keander789 Folding status: look at my title and sig (will post badge when not on phone)
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    WTB: Xbox with Kinect

    I want to buy a Xbox with Kinect and a controller (or two). I would like the slim model, but a deal on the older version will be considered. Not interested in any games really. Tell me what you have to offer. Heatware: kendrak789 98-0-0
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    IRC shens

    My assistant told me I had a package from amazon show up. This is nothing strange, so I go to open it and what do I see? A dozen pom poms :p IRC just became real :eek: And to the guilty party.... well played sir ;) Pics to come.... only of the pom poms. I will let others tell the story... I'm...
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    Giftcard Giveaway Registration Thread

    No disscussion here please. Main thread is here: Just post your badge.... once!
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    Fold for the [H]orde and Win!

    Welcome new folders! Here is all the information you will need to get started folding! It is quite simple: Fold for team 33 Start before the end of April Post your bage here: Average 4k Points Per day (PPD) through the month of...
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    IRC down?

    Y no log on IRC?
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    Future Folder

    My 'lil-one wanted to play at my desk for a bit, I figure I'd share :D
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    The [H]orde is back on the [H]unt!

    It seems we have caught back up with EVGA again. Now part of this might be their end of month lul, however I think a large part of it is their March Madness contest bump is over. We have also kept up a crazy lvl of production! So fold on! Fold [H]ard to close the gap! I know I'm...
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    FS: XFX 6950 1GB card

    Bare card, XFX 6950 1GB version. $190 shipped to con 48 Heat: kendrak789 Pic on request.
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    FS: XFX 6950 1GB GPU

    Bare card only I'm moving back to NV and Skyrim wants more RAM. Asking $150 to [H]ard folder or commando. I would kindly ask that you let me get my new card in before I ship (maybe a few days).
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    [H]ard Box Contest #2 Entry Thread

    Post your badge here. Do not post questions or chat in here.
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    [H]ard Box contest #2

    [H]ard Box contest #2! You get the points off of [H]ard Box for 3 months and you get to win a Prize, a water cooled i7 system!! We have almost all the parts for a full i7 920 water cooled system! I will take a pic and post soon... just about all the parts are in (along with the case)! Also...
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    Now that is some [H]ard folding!

    Let me see.... 7.4 mil in a single update! 9.5 months till we take the #1 spot back! :cool:
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    Large SMP points off

    I have seen around here and other places that some of the larger SMP WU are off on their points. I would like your help to see if that is the case. PG loves to see a bunch of data before they do anything (I support this). So [H] lets give them some data and fix this if it is off! I will...
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    -bigadv points adjust Kasson and I have been talking back and forth on this topic in the DAB I have to say this is the best outcome I could of hoped for with the different things that could of come about. I will continue to work with PG to give them information to...
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    new VJ blog post: about -bigadv16 Very informative and brings things up to date on what is happening in the -bigadv world. Points: -new bigadv16 are here and more are on their way -older -bigadv (8 and 12) are on the way out -deadlines shortened -core count is crude and they know that...
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    Next [H]ard box contest setup.....

    Well 2x i7 920 chips just showed up in the mail. What I'd like to do is put together a CPU,MOBO,RAM combo for them. So I'm asking if you have a s1366 mobo or some RAM that would work, want to donate it to the cause or sell it cheap please post or send me a PM. If I can't get ahold of...
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    Is it getting hot in here?

    Well, tear is the first to mow me in a while. It seems that there are a number that want to unseat me from my perch. I won't make it easy for you..... catch me if you can! :p I am now #6.... let's see how long I can hold it. :eek: 4P are poping up all over the place.... I love this team :D
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    Top 20 PPD, now over 300k PPD

    Ok, this is just [H]ard.