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    Best way to merge 3 smaller SSD drives onto one bigger M2 ssd

    Hello... I purchased a 2TB M2 drive on Black Friday. I already have a 1TB M2 drive C & D that I boot Win 11 from. What I want to do is copy the 3 smaller Sata SSD drives over to this 2TB M2 drive. Then remove these 3 drives from the PC. The 3 smaller drives are a 500gig drive (drive E) A...
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    Need help stuck in bios

    I'm trying to upgrade my pc from a 6 year old I5 to a Ryzen 7 5800x. The new MB is a MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WIFI. I can get it to boot into the bios but can't get it to leave the bios. I flashed the bios to the latest marked June of 21. It came with one from Jan 21. Bios flashed perfect but...
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    Need some advice?

    I have a detached garage that I would like to be able to get faster more reliable WiFi to. I have a model railroad layout in a separate room in the garage. I currently have WiFi out there by using an EDIMAX plug in extender. It shows up as my current router with an EX_2 so I know that it is...
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    Older system graphics card upgrade?

    Hello all... I have an older PC that I only use to do some online racing (IRacing) on. It is starting to get a little long in the tooth in the graphics area. I like running with all the eye candy turned on and it's starting to have some problems keeping up. Some tracks the frame rates are in the...
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    Cloning problems?

    I posted this in the General Mayhem section but thought I might get a faster response if I post it here. I'm trying to clone a HP factory spinner 1TB hard-drive running Win 10 home over to a new Crucial MX500 500GB SSD drive using the Acronis software supplied with the new drive. This laptop...
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    Yamaha RX-V575 problems

    I have a 4 yr old Yamaha RX-V575 & a 4yr old LG 55" LED tv. We have Direct TV and an OTA ant. I have the Direct TV receiver on HDMI 1 A Pany blu-ray player on HDMI2 Xbox360 on HDMI3 & Roku on HDMI4. We went to watch something on netflix via the Roku & couldn't get any sound. It's just the...
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    Win 10 upgrade problems.

    I recently upgraded one of my other PC & now have a 120g SSD drive that I want to put win 10 on for my 3rd string PC. I reformated & installed win7 home twice & got it activated & all the latest updates.I runs flawless & is the only drive currently hooked up besides the DVD burner. I copied...
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    Help me out?

    Ok... I've been out of the loop for a long time. I currently have a DIR655 router that's been rock solid for the last 6 yrs. The wife & I both bought new laptops recently & we added a new deck on the back of the house late last summer. We have the Roadrunner 90 mbs service. We get low 90's...
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    Video card upgrade

    I'm putting together a new PC with and going from AMD over to an I5 Haswell. What would be a good upgrade from an HD6950 to what? I'm trying to keep it below $200.
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    Need to speed up my wireless?

    Ok here is the scoop. We have Brighthouse as our ISP & the wife & I recently upgraded to their 90mbs service. We used to have 30mbs so yes we really notice the difference. Her & I both have hardwired desktops & she has a Kindle & a ipad & I have a netbook plus both our phones are the wireless...
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    Can I reuse this processor?

    Can I reuse this processor AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 2.8GHz Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT55TFBGRBOX with this Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
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    Ip address problems

    About 6 months ago we upgraded to road-runner Lighting from Turbo. They had to install a new modem to do this. Since the modem was wireless I removed the D-Link DIR-655 router. Now we are trying to cutback on expenses a little & have went back to RR Turbo. We still have the same modem but...
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    OTA HD DVR recorder

    Come friday we are pulling the plug on cable tv here. We will have an antenna setup that will pull in about 30 or so stations over the air. What do you guys recommend for a DVR recorder? We currently have the ones from Brighthouse and we will admit we have become spoiled. I was looking at the...
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    Newegg Black Friday deal Is this Hanss-G worth it

    I search & found 1 thread dated back in May. ( Is this deal any good. I'm thinkin about getting 2 of em to go dual screen. I Googled & can't really find any reviews on it. I'd be going from 2 Dell 2005WFP that I...
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    Your thoughts on this upgrade

    The wife wants to upgrade her PC from the current Intel core2 1.8 something proc. She now has Photoshop & she does light photoshop work. Here is the list of what we plan to keep. Case with 500W Antec Truepower PS She has 2 Sata hd one is 320gig that she uses as the boot drive & a 1TB for...
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    MB won't keep time

    My wifes PC which I built about 2-1/2 yrs ago won't keep time. I have the latest Bios & I've changed the battery out 2 different times thinking that maybe the new battery was bad. She will set the time & it might run ok for 2-3 days & then when she turns it on it will give her the error to hit...
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    Need help for Daughter-in-law with Ipod.

    Hey guys I need some help & suggestions. My daughter-in-law's desktop bit the dust a few months back. She bought herself a Acer laptop to replace it. Please see below her problem. "Since our Desktop computer died I have been trying to get the music off my ipod onto my laptop. I have even...
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    Make my MP3's louder?

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread or not. If not then please move to the correct one. I picked up a couple of yards to mow for some extra cash this summer. I have a typical Garden Tractor/Riding mower I use. My problem is the volume of my music I need to increase. My MP3 player is this...
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    Looking to upgrade from a Socket 754

    I just had my 3rd string system die on me which was AMD Athlon 64 3400 on a Abit KV8 Pro 754 VIA K8T800 I'm looking to move my secondary system over to 3rd string, So I'm in the market for a new 2nd string PC. The old 2nd string was a S939 X2-3800 system, OC to 2.4. I'm looking for a...
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    Been a long time.

    Hi all... I have a socket 939 X2 3800 & I'm ready to upgrade. I looked at the I5 but I think I would be just as happy with a Phenom II X4. I'm looking at the 965 or 955. My question is what motherboard do you recommend for this chip. I overclock some & game some but not a whole lot. I have a...
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    Win7 Upgrade question

    I did a quick search & came up empty. I got in on the $50.00 Win7 upgrade back in July. Does anybody know if it contains the 64bit version on the upgrade disk as well as the 32bit version.
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    ie7 broke but can still get e-mail & vista updates.

    I have a problem here. A friend has an HP laptop & for some unknown reason everytime we open up IE7 we get the "IE can't display the webpage". Now she can still get her E-Mail & log onto Live messenger but no IE7. I even installed Firefox & still no internet. I googled & tried a bunch of...
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    IE7 won't work but can still get e-mail & updates

    I have a problem here. A friend has a HP laptop & for some unknown reason everytime we open up IE7 we get the "IE can't display the webpage". Now she can still get her E-Mail & log onto Live messenger but no IE7. I even installed Firefox & still no internet. I googled & tried a bunch of...
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    External Hard Drive Problems

    The Wife has a Maxtor 320 gig external harddrive that is having major issues. When we try to access the drive XP Pro comes up & states " The file or Directory is Corrupted & Unreadable" I have tried to run chkdsk on it & it won't work either. It comes up with the error message that "Unable...
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    DishTV & can this be done?

    I'm not sure where to post this so if this is in the wrong forum then mods please move it to the correct one. The wife & I just subscribed to DishTV. We have 3 HD TV's in the house. I have a 32" Toshiba in my PC room/workshop & she has a 32" Philips in her room. we also have an older 55"...
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    E-Machine help

    I'm working on an E-Machine (T-2825) & I think the hard-drive controller is bad. Here's the scoop. PS went bad & took MB with it. He found the exact MB from a place in WI so he orderd it & a new PS. He puts it all together & he can't get it to boot. He brings it over to me & I can't get anything...
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    Free disk cloning software

    Not sure if this is where this belongs, If not Moderators please move it to where it belongs. I have a buddy that is having harddrive issues. He is looking for a free cloning software. He wants to clone the old harddrive to his new one. Anybody have any suggestions. Free is the key word here...
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    Abit reportedly leaving motherboard business

    By Joel Hruska | Published: August 11, 2008 - 05:58PM CT It was only last week that I reported VIA's departure from the motherboard chipset business, and now the bell is tolling for one of the original top players in the enthusiast Slot 1/Socket 370/Socket A market. From 1998-2001, give or...
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    Oops I screwed up!

    Need Help. I'm working on an HP Pavilion a288n & it was so messed up it wouldn't even boot. So I took the harddrive out & put it in a spare PC I have. I saved the info they wanted off it. Scanned it with AVG8 & It had tons of nasty spyware & 6-8 trojans. I cleaned it up & put it back in the HP &...
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    Is Vista Home Premium Upgrade tied to MB

    Quick question. Is the Vista Home Premium Upgrade tied to the motherboard like the OEM version is. If I upgrade (new MB, CPU & RAM) or build a new box can I move the activation over to the upgrade/new box.
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    CHKDSK hangs in VISTA

    I'm working on a HP dv2000 laptop for somebody with Vista Home Premium. It hangs at step 1 the 15000 files checked. I let it run all night 9 hrs total & it was still stuck at the same spot (Idon't see any activity from the HD lights either). I ran at the dos prompt sfc /scannow & everything did...
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    tried a different router now I can't go back to the old one.

    I have a problem here. I was using a Netgear RP614V4 router. We were having some connection problems & I tried a different router that I got off a friend (Netgear FVS114). We are using XP-Pro & every since I switched routers I can't get the old one RP614V4 to work. The FVS114 worked great but...
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    Academic Version of Vista 32 to 64?

    I have the Academic Version of Windows Vista Ultimate 32 & I'm wondering if this can be upgraded to the 64 bit version. I searched for a 1/2 hr on Microsofts web page on how to upgrade the 32 bit version to 64 & could not find anything. Can You up-grade this version to 64 bit? The disk is part...
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    I can't get her to boot at all.

    I have a PC I built for a friend about 1-1/2 yrs ago. It's got an ASUS P5B MB with an Intel E6300 proc. BFG 7900OTC video card & an Enermax EG495P-VE 485w power supply. It's been working fine till about a week ago. Now you turn it on & you get nothing. The fans spin & everything looks normal but...
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    Help an old Fart out on replacing a set of earbuds with headphones

    I have a Sandisk Red-256meg digital audio player. I want to get rid of the earbuds that came with it & go with a set of headphones. I have a set of Yamaha head phones & when I hook these up, the volume is real low. I'm 50 plus years of age & I have some hearing loss so this is why I need the...
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    Firefox Brain Fart

    I just reformated & reinstalled Windows XP on the wife's PC. She has a Logitec Cordless Click Plus mouse & has the latest version of Firefox. She has the 2 side buttons on the left hand side that she used to be able to use as page forward & page back, before we reformatted. For the life of me I...
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    1 time use only, need to copy VHS to DVD

    I did a search but came up with nothing. I am getting rid of all my vhs tapes, but I do have about a dozen or so that I want to convert over to DVD. What would be a cheap card to buy to do this as this would be the only time I would probably use it. I currently have a Leadtek TI4400 (with no...
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    Failed Ghost Clone

    I need some help here. I'm have a PC that has XPPRO with SP2 on it. It is on a WD 60gig drive that is slowly failing. I have a Maxtor 60gig that I'm trying to ghost over from the WD 60gig. I open up ghost 2003 in windows & choose Clone. The WD is 2 partitions. I choose to clone the whole drive...
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    Can I reformat an old Dish DVR harddrive for use in my PC.

    We recently switched over from Dish Network to Direct TV. I have the old DVR from Dish that has a Maxtor 120gig harddrive in it. Can I reformat it for use in a PC? Is there anything special I have to do first. Will my PC even reconize it?
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    Problems with Epson & USB2

    I recently upgraded the wife's PC. I installed a Abit KV8pro/ AMD 64 3400 & an Enermax noise-taker 420w power supply. I put all of this in her old Antec KS-282 3-4 year old case. Now on this case a couple of years ago she bought from Best Buy an Antec add on front USB ports, the kind that fit...