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    A Reminder from AMD: Our Processors Aren't Affected by New "SPOILER" Vulnerability

    LOL...I wonder if Intel has implemented any fixes for this and other security flaws in their "new" Comet Lake CPU?
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    "No Survivors": Second New Boeing 737 to Crash in Four Months

    Jesus fucking Christ! We've been using human pilots for how long and now all of sudden we need computers to do every fucking thing for us? How about a single button on the cockpit dash somewhere that totally disables/enables computer assistance of any kind? If the pilots can't gain control...
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    AdoredTV Reveals New AMD Leaks and Social Media Woes

    Stay off of social media. The best thing anyone can do in their lives.
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    MLB Tests Trackman Computer System to Inform Umpires of Balls and Strikes we really need tech gadgets like this? Let the damn game be played the way it has for over 100 plus years now. My god...
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    Singaporean Retailer Lists Purported Ryzen 3000 Pricing

    I'm still wondering if AMD will release Zen 2 in May for their 50th anniversary.
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    Report Claims Canadian Police are Tracking and Acting On "Negative" Behavior

    You can have my poutine but if you even attempt to take my hockey stick, you're a dead man walking. :)
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    Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron to Face Revenue Drops in Q1 2019

    A revenue drop for them should come from heavy fines. One years worth of profits should be the right amount to make them never collude again.
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    Intel Wants to Take You on a Graphics Odyssey

    A Huang quote and a photo of Raja should never be in the same photo/meme. They're like heaven and hell or oil and water, they don't mix right. Unless you're going for the Intel is making a GPU, well that's certainly fucked up approach, then it makes perfect sense.
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    Intel Wants to Take You on a Graphics Odyssey

    I'm personally looking forward to what Intel brings to the table. Be great to actually have a third competitor in the GPU space.
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    Here Is the Samsung Unpacked Press Event

    My beloved S5 just died about one month ago. Fat chance I'd ever buy a new phone anymore with the prices they want and yes, I can easily afford a $1000 phone before anyone asks. Would I ever buy one at that price, FUCK NO! I'm trying to find another S5 used or refurbished locally. It made...
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    YouTube Updates Its Strike System

    The problem with Youtube, Facebook and many other social networks is they keep moving the field posts as to what hate speech and lunacy are. If they would just stick to the legal letter of the law regarding hate speech, they'd have a much better reputation for being fair to the left and the right.
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    Global Foundries May Be Sold

    It would be far easier to retro fit an existing fab then to completely start from scratch. It's not only about the money saved by not building a new facility but the infrastructure is already done for the existing fab.
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    TSMC Begins Volume Production of Enhanced 7 nm EUV Process Node in March

    The last time I read about TSMC's 7nm EUV node, they were having problems with heat and finding a suitable pellicle material. I guess they got that all figured out now. Time to go read some nerd porn. :)
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    AMD Radeon VII 33-Game Benchmark: "It Makes the GTX 2080 Look Pretty Good"

    I'm more interested in minimum frames and frame times. What difference does it make if you can do 150 fps+ if you have to endure any stutter. Disclaimer: These aren't cards I'll ever buy anyhow as I made a promise to myself years ago that I would never spend more than $500 CDN on any video...
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    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    We just ditched such a subsidy here in Ontario, Canada. IMHO, the only EV that should be getting any type of subsidy are ones that "regular" people can actually afford. If you're plunking down $100K for a Tesla here in Canada, you don't need a subsidy of $12,500 from taxpayers. My next car...
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    Der8auer Tries to Overclock Radeon VII

    This guy apparently got a good overclock by undervolting.
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    AMD Can't Shake Off US Class-Action Lawsuit over Bulldozer "8-Core" Advertising

    A good read about the lawsuit for those interested...
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    That's the beautiful thing about capitalism though. I can tell Netflix to go hump a dead Moose instead of giving them money.
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    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    I just thought about this. It's also possible that they don't use a chiplet at all on the APU design. Could possibly shrink everything (CPU/GPU) down to 7nm and still have space left over for EDRAM or HBM. It will be interesting to see a naked APU to see what route AMD actually takes when...
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    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    No point in having a GPU there unless you can somehow manage to put a stack of HBM on there or even EDRAM to use as a frame buffer. AMD's APUS for desktop will continue to be bandwidth starved until they figure out how to address that issue. Better to stick to their APU design as it is right now.
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    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    Yes you are correct. His slides say "TBA...To be announced" at CES. Exactly. We're all Nostradamus when it comes to future product launches. :) Are you still around?
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    AMD Cinebench Benchmark Demo at CES 2019 Buries the Current Intel Lineup

    Just because he got the whole AMD didn't release Ryzen 3x000 CPUS or mention Navi at CES, doesn't mean what he said still won't come to pass. How many predictions did Nostradamus miss? :)
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    AMD Launches Ryzen Mobile 3000 Series, Improves Driver Support

    HOPEFULLY no more gimping by laptop makers on AMD hardware.
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    Google Shifted $23 Billion to Bermuda in 2017 as Part of Tax Avoidance Scheme

    It's absolutely not that simple. Do you have a few million dollars lying around to "buy" congress? It doesn't matter what people want anymore, it's what they can afford to have changed.
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    Huawei to be TSMCs First EUV Customer

    It's a good thing they have more than one foundry then. Although I do get your point. Imagine they find a critical manufacturing bug at one foundry, it affects them all. Scary... As much as I dislike Intel, they need to stay in the game.
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    Volkswagen Toolmaking Tests the World's First 3D Printed Titanium Brake Caliper

    And I thought the Brembos on my Mustang were huge; that caliper is a monster. I'd love to know what brake pads they were using on that setup.
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    Battlefield V Physical Sales Down 63% Compared to Battlefield 1

    It looks good on them. Just take a massive dump on your primary customer base and still expect to have good sales? Fucking idiots running the camel show.
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    AMD Will Reportedly Launch the X570 Chipset, with PCIe 4.0, at Computex

    Ford said the Edsel was a great car too. Honda, pffff. :)
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    Intel to Talk About Arctic Sound GPU in December Conference

    Don't expect much from Raja. That's all.
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    Intel Allegedly Readying 10-Core Comet Lake-S Processors

    Not necessarily to heat production but definitely to heat dissipation.
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    Intel Allegedly Readying 10-Core Comet Lake-S Processors

    Software developers can make better programs today by simply making more of their programs multi-threaded. I can't stand programs that can only do one task at a time.
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    Intel Allegedly Readying 10-Core Comet Lake-S Processors

    Core clocks aren't going up anytime soon so more cores it is. Software devs need to catch up to hardware.
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    Top Three Memory IC Vendors Are Generating Record Profits in 3Q18

    For any fines to be meaningful now, any company should lose their gross profits from a few quarters and executives need to serve a few years in jail. It's the only way things will ever change.
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    AMD Pledges to Improve Ryzen Mobile Driver Support

    OEM and driver support are words that should never be used in the same sentence, especially for AMD. I don't know what's stopping AMD from just releasing a mobile driver on their site that can be downloaded just like a desktop GPU driver. What's so special about mobile between OEMs that would...
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    Experts Question the Use of AI in Police Body Cameras

    They're not showing full police footage now to jurors (Philip Brailsford, cough, cough). Can you imagine a machine attempting to determine what it should keep or not keep as footage?
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    NASA to Launch SpaceX Safety Review Following Elon Musk's Pot Interview

    Like Elon Must is personally engineering and building the spacecrafts.
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    US has the Most Expensive Mobile Data Plans in the World

    Bloody insane! I had Freedom but couldn't stand the coverage. Switched to Virgin when they had a new customer sale. Got a 2GB data paln, unlimited text and calling. Holy shit. I'd rather go without phones if I had to pay that much but I am cheap. :)