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    Laptop USB Port Question

    Yeah, thats what I did, and I wonder if, in some instances, it's incorrect. I'm curious as to whether laptop makers got lazy and simply added an internal hub without telling anyone and are trying to pass it off as self-powered. I read this wikipedia article and I'm trying to see if there is any...
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    Laptop USB Port Question

    Is it possible for laptop USB ports to register as being self-powered when in fact they are actually bus-powered? If so how can one tell if this is the case?
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    Building a brand new system which OS ? WinXP or Vista64

    If your brother wants to take advantage of the 4gigs of memory, then he would want to go Vista64. Also, I doubt that SP1 will be the last service pack for Vista. Just look at the release of SP3 for XP if you want any indication of down the road support.
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    Wired vs Wireless mouse? What's your vote & why?

    As long as it's not one of the wireless bluetooth models you should be good. I use normal alkaline batteries and they surely last longer than a week or month. With heavy usage, I think I've had to replace my batteries after 2 or 3 months. But normally I cannot remember the last time I changed my...
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    nVidia/ATi need to serve it to Rockstar (GTA IV)

    Compared to consoles with variety of games available, I think the PC is fighting a battle it lost a long time ago. I've always wondered, my PC is more powerful than an Xbox 360, why can't I play Guitar Hero or DDR on it? Hell what about FightNight360? I have an 8800GTS, Opty170 and a 360...
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    where can i download from, "themes" for vista?

    Check out this Deviant Art Section. I'm a bit rusty on the exact specifics so you'll have to forgive me. Without using Window Blinds, you have to modify your shellstyle.dll file if you want a customized theme that uses Aero. This is from one of the downloads of a modified Aero theme I tried out...
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    AV Auditing - Help Me Choose! You'll find some good recommendations in there, as I'm looking to move to x64 an people started chiming in on what they were using in their 64bit environment. From what I heard Avira (Free) and NOD32 ($50/year) came highly recommended.
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    360,ps3= pc equivalent

    Wikipedia says you're right. As for analogies, how about a hyperthreaded Phenom Tri-Core (If there was such a thing)?
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    Can't defrag to 100% - O&O in Vista x64

    Age old question, is it really necessary to defrag to 100%, if in the process you're using more processing cycles to reorganize the data than it would take to access the same data in a partially fragmented state?
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    Is anti-virus in x64 necessary?

    Ok thanks guys. It looks like I'll think about Avira moving forward. Personally I don't do stuff that is that riskaay that would necessitate HIPS or anything more than Windows defender + UAC + Firewall. It's like what the last few posts are saying, if an attacker wants my computer that bad...
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    Is anti-virus in x64 necessary?

    I'll certainly agree with that. Let me revise that statement and talk about the effectiveness of writing a virus in terms of affected market share. Vista 64 cannot have a very large installed user base at this point, so would the time spent writing the malicious code really be effective? And...
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    Is anti-virus in x64 necessary?

    So I'm contemplating the move to Vista x64 and I'm making sure I have all my bases covered. Drivers, programs and what not. One question I'm having difficulty answering is about virus protection. Is it necessary to have an anti-virus program running in Vista 64? Personally I think the OS X...
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    Silverstone Sugo SG01-SG02-SG03 HSF List

    I have a Thermalright SI-128, albeit slightly modded (removed the front stabilizer bars) inside an SG01. Also, the Scythe Shuriken should fit as well. Remember, the heatsink should fit if it is under 78mm in total height. And with some heatsinks you may have to approximate the heatsink...
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    Wired vs Wireless mouse? What's your vote & why?

    Does anyone else like the IntelliMice and their 5+ month battery life? I know I'm a fan of not having to replace my mouse batteries every 2 weeks or not remembering to charge it at the end of two days. Oh and way to go 3 year old thread.
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    Vista 64 CPU temperature widgets?

    The one thing about Core Temp is that it has a tendency of shutting down my computer if I overclock it (Opteron 170 Vista x32). The problem is documented (link) as a result, I use SpeedFan and take a look at the "Core" reading, which is in line with Core Temps's numbers.
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    why does it take windows so long to copy files?

    Actual Performance, Perceived Performance Something I came across that discusses Vista's file copying operations as they relate to itself, XP and perceptions of progress bar speed. It's an interesting read (and be sure to read the links included within the post). As a result, if I remember...
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    Vista = Rundll32 keeps crashing?

    Also, make sure to check your sidebar gadgets, I had a gadget once that would spew that error whenever I logged in.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    8800 GTS Question

    no ideas? I checked dxdiag and the same confusion appears in the display tab. It calls my card a 7900 GT/GTO but says my chip type is an 8800 GTS . I also have to add that in the interim between the 7900 and the 8800 I was using a 660GT so my actial card progression was like this: 7900GT ->...
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    8800 GTS Question

    yes it was.
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    8800 GTS Question

    So I have an 8800 GTS (validation). I've run and rerun Driver Sweeper in safe mode, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers using the device manager, and even tried using the nvidia uninstall app in the 'Program and Features' section of the Control Panel. Each time I'll get down to a driver that...
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    X2 3600 (939) Enough?

    I received the processor yesterday, I never knew UPS delivered on national holidays. For those playing the home game here are the processors characteristics: ADA 3600 DAA4BV CDBFE 0712 WPMW So yeah for those still wondering, it checks out as a 3600 Manchester core with 512k L2 cache. I'm...
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    X2 3600 (939) Enough?

    Thats what I'm thinking as far as graphics power. Well 7300 or 8400 actually. I'm leaning more towards nvidia, becasue ATI's driver packages piss me off. I built a computer for my mom with a HD2600. I tried to download the drivers and other than the download install manager, nothing installed. I...
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    Media center (vista) and codecs.

    try downloading a codec pack that includes them. I'd recommend the K-Lite codec pack.
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    Opty 170 reading low temps in windows

    I have a 170 myself. I know that some opty's, depending on their week were cold bugged, meaning they would report weird and sometimes negative temeperatures while being overclocked. Perhaps you processor is cold bugged.
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    X2 3600 (939) Enough?

    So I'm looking to build a media center for the home and I already had a 939 motherboard and DDR memory laying around. Go over to newegg and purchase an X2 3600 for socket 939, $50 Shipped. I didn't even know they made the 3600 for the 939. It looks like is has 256k of L2 cache per core. Will I...
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    eVGA Warranty & Replacement question

    My card just go here today and as promised here is what I received: 7900GT KO same product as what I sent out, different card. I'm surprised the card looks new but I thought they stopped making these a while back. Oh well I'll pop it in an see what she can do.
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    8600GT for dual-core 3600+ on Gigabyte GA-M61SME?

    yeah, that Radeon is also two times as much as that XFX 8600GT, I'd say stick with the 8600, unless you can find a better rebate
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    EVGA Customer Support (thumbs down)

    Seconded on the DOA. I can't remember the Christmas one, but not true about the New years announcement, I remember hoping they would get to it by Jan 4th in the little window they were open. I suppose it was just the way the days fell fell this year. My guess, the RMA guys were only open Monday...
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    EVGA RMA replacement a rip off?

    Seconded on the calling. While they are good with e-mails, I had a BIOS e-mailed to me in two days. They are even better with calls, I was able to change the shipping destination of my RMA in about 5 minutes.
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    EVGA Customer Support (thumbs down)

    I sent my card in on December 24th, it got there on the 29th, they signed for it on the 31st, but didn't update the "My Products" page until January 8th. Finally, they shipped my card out on the 10th, with an expected arrival date of the 16th. In all fairness, we went through Christmas and New...
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    eVGA Warranty & Replacement question

    I currently have an RMA that was received by EVGA on January 8th. It was a 7900GT KO. I returned mine after running into a faulty voltage regulator. I shipped it off on the 24th of December. They just sent me my tracking# tonight. I'm fine with the wait time considering we just went through...
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    Zune Replacement Earbuds/Canal?

    +1 for the Sennheisers I was able to buy the CX 400's off of Amazon for $50 shipped (new seller looking for positive ratings). I currently use them with a Zune30. The only difference, besides possibly having a different driver is that the 400's do not have the J-style wiring of the 300's and...
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    Proper Forceware install procedure

    Not to knock the methods of anyone else, but the way I got these drivers to install was by uninstalling the old ones, and then installing the new ones in safe mode (after making a call to tech support). If I tried to install the 169.25 drives in the regular environment, any resolution higher...
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    Thermalright SI-128 SE + SG03?

    I got the idea off a post I saw on the Sudihan forums oddly enough, one of the users there had done the same thing. But yeah, I dremeled off the front two bars, they're more like support beams than mini-heatpipes. Instead of squashing everything, I just bent slightly the main bars. Here's the...
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    Thermalright SI-128 SE + SG03?

    I don't know if this is still relevant, but I have an SI-128 in an SG-01 (same clearance as an SG-03) I had to dremel out the two forward support bars so that I could bend the front the get it to fit into the case under the power supply (ST500EF-SC). With my Opteron170 the hottest it gets is 60c...
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    Foxconn going crazy with rebates

    I bought a Foxconn 6150K8MA from Newegg with a $10 rebate. Everything worked out fine, the board is a champ. When the rebate arrived, it was a plesant surprise. Then again, getting money in the mail always is. I remember writing something on the back of the envelope (the promotion code or...
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    the best gaming displays for less than $200

    my brother has some incarnation of the Hanns 19" series (they make quite a few models of that one) he's happy with it. Personally I think the colors are a bit overdone, like the monitor is too bright. I have a 20" LG (204WT) and I think it's perfect. My dad just bought my mom a 22" Acer...
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    are you

    Drivers are still the biggest concern for me. I have a Xi-Fi XtremeMusic (or X-Fi now?) and Creative cannot get its act together and write a driver that plays nice with Vista and allows CMSS-3D to work with Vista's audio enhancements. I have to use an AISO out plugin for wiamp, becasue its the...
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    Dual Booting Questions

    Dual Booting with Vista Installed First Dual Booting with Linux Installed First Both are from APC Magazine and both use Ubuntu 7.04 as the Linux example. Hope this helps.