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    Sell 5700XT for 6700XT?

    Gamer ethics aside, what does everyone think of flipping a 5700XT to a miner and picking up a 6700XT that's somewhat faster in gaming? I've read some rumblings about people doing this. Unless I can come out ahead or do it for a net-zero expense, I'm probably not interested in the hassle.
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    Belkin Router Mess

    Many if not all Belkin router owners woke this morning to no internet. The issue appears to be related to their heartbeat servers not responding to router keepalives. There's only speculation at this time what the issue is on Belkin's side. Some are saying a botched update, others are...
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    Favorite Netflow Analyzer/Collector

    I'm looking for a collector and analyzer that will support v9 and specifically both v4 and v6 flows. I've looked at the usual suspects: Scrutinizer, PRTG, nfdump (open source), Manage Engine's netflow analyzer. So far I like Manage Engine's solution the best, but I'm sure I haven't even...
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    Need Rectifier Recommendation

    We're proposing a deployment of carrier backhaul chassis that only come in a -48VDC option. The chassis has side A and B input and can alert power failure on either side. That being said I have next to no experience with rectifiers, but I sort of know what I want. My director originally spec'd...
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    .gov DNSSEC Signing Issue

    FYI. This appears to affect Google's Public DNS and Comcast's validating servers. As of this morning the test is reporting this: None of the 2 DNSKEY records could be validated by any of the 2 DS record I had to set my validator to permissive to...
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    Our IPv6 Deployment

    Officially began today. As of 5am this morning we're advertising our /32 IPv6 prefix to the interwebs. Ipv6 is easy. If I can do it, anyone can :D
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    Cisco # of Active TCP Connections

    I need to figure out the number of active TCP connections on my network at any given time. The trouble is I don't know what show command to run to display this information. I'm looking on my 7606 edge router. I've tried "show tcp statistics" but I don't know how to read the output and Cisco's...
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    IPV6 available to you? Need a favor

    If you're on cable modem and you know your ISP offers native IPV6 to you, I'm in need of a favor. Your cable modem should preferably be DOCSIS 3.0 and must not be a gateway device (e.g. embedded router like a Motorola SB6580 or the like). I'm looking for a Wireshark capture of the NDP...
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    DOCSIS 3.1

    For all you HFC junkies out there, CableLabs will be talking about DOCSIS 3.1 at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Orlando next week (Edit: 10/17-19) There's minimal details about the spec at this time, but some highlights can be found here...
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    Virtual IP'ing

    Let's say a person is assigned the following address block /29 Set up is: Cisco router -> Fiber Connection -> Firewall (Watchguard, Sonicwall, pfsense etc) -> Servers (priv net) With it is assigned to the external interface of the gateway/firewall. Behind the router...
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    Moving a Site to New Server

    I have been gifted the privilege backing up our website. Currently the site resides on an old SunOS 5.8 box, but I'd like to move it to a linux server in the event the old hardware dies. The catch is, I don't know jack about moving websites. What I do know is the site has a database, so...
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    Postini Alternative

    We currently use Postini message filtering to protect roughly a dozen email domains from inbound spam (4000-6000 email boxes). With the news of Google Message Filtering being phased out we're left to find an alternative. So, naturally I've come here to get some recommendations from the...
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    IPtables Redirection

    I've got a DNS server on my network running CentOS, let's say it's I'd like to redirect queries, for example from to an external DNS service like OpenDNS for filtering. I think I can do this in my DNS server's firewall. I tried the following without success...
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    DNS Content Filtering

    Anybody know of an OpenDNS-like content filtering package for Linux? I'd like to roll my own DNS server that will redirect restricted domains to a captive page (based on categories or individually defined).
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    Table Top Speaker Stands

    I have an Onkyo HTiaB 5.1 setup I'd like to repurpose for PC duty. The issue is the front, surrounds and center channel are all designed to be wall or stand mounted. It's easy to find tall speaker stands, but I'm having difficulty finding ones that will be adequate for desktop use. Here's an...
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    OC Instability After SSD Upgrade

    I'm beginning to scratch my head on this one. I've got a SB 2500K on a Gigabyte P67a-UD4-B3 motherboard clocked at 4.3GHz. Prior to installing an SSD my system has been stable at this speed for over a year. Around three weeks ago I upgraded to a Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD as my C:. I rolled CPU...
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    Procurve to Cisco VLAN Trunking

    I refer to trunking in Cisco terms or HP's tagging. I'm just starting to get a little bit deeper into our switched network, so please bear with my ignorance. I've got a Procurve switch in one building and a Cisco IOS Switch in another. Both switches are one network configured on the native vlan...
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    Postfix SMTP Server Issue

    I'm running two Postfix based SMTP servers for my customers. One is a spam reporting SMTP server for our on-network customers and the other is a secure SMTP server with TLS and authentication (sasl). The secure server is for our off-network email users and for the most part everything works...
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    Cheap USB Key OK for ESXi?

    I have a spare 2GB Kingston Datatraveler that I'd like to install ESXi 5 on. I intend for this to be a semi permement installation, but will the USB key hold up? Is ESXi doing a lot of constant writing to the installed media? Furthermore, would I really benefit from installing on a USB key if...
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    Outdoor Data Cabinets

    We're planning on mounting some fiber switches outdoors, but aren't sure what's the ideal cabinet for the job. Dust and moisture protection is a must, but we're not sure if environmental control is neccessary as well. Googling has run me in circles. Does anyone here have any suggestions where I...
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    FS: Hauppauge HVR-2250

    For sale is one Hauppage HVR-2250 with remote and all accessories. This bundle here: Asking: SOLD Heat can be found at same name
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    DNS Server Upgrade

    Edit: The information below was posted before I knew my ass from my elbow :D Edit #2 (1/8/2012) Upgrade complete. Fixed a number of problems and implemented DNSSEC. Update on post 22 Currently we run single primary and secondary DNS servers. The way he have them handed out our primary is...
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    Hyper-v (free) delete .vhd

    I've recently started playing with the free Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 and have been able to create a test virtual disk and get a virtual machine loaded. All this using the RSAT tools Hyper-V Manager. Although the learning curve is surprisingly steep, I've gotten use to that recently :) Now that...
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    Stupid Linux Server Question

    You may recall my previous thread where I fought with permissions in FreeNAS. Since then I've gotten a handle on that and have explored some other file server options. Two other server OSes I've set up are SME Server and Ubuntu Server. SME is dead simple and Ubuntu Server has been a great cli...
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    FreeNAS 8 Shares

    Has anyone got this version up and running with Windows shares? I've created a basic share for testing, but can only see it if I map it manually. However when I attempt to write to the share I get a permission error. I created a user in freenas with the same credentials as my Windows 7 machine...
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    Network Telepresence Hardware

    We've got around 10 school campuses each with it's own Cisco switch. Each switch is networked by fiber back to our headend. This gives all campuses a 100Mbit network between one another. We're interested in hardware that will allow one campus to host an HD audio and video stream over the network...
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    Super Street Fighter 4

    We're finally getting SSF4 on the PC and it's the Arcade Edition at that! PC release in July.
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    Need speaker stands

    I've got one of these 5.1 in a box Onkyo setups: The front and rear speakers are meant to be wall mounted and don't stand up, though the picture might suggest they do. I'm looking for speakers stands that are sorta "L"...
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    P67 will support Ivybridge

    Excuse the source, but looks like it's true. I was wondering if P67 was goona have a hex or octo core upgrade path. Looks like it will.
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    Calendar for my iTouch

    What I hope to achieve is a calendar app that will sync to a web based calendar application. Google Calendar of course comes to mind and I've tried this, but if my iTouch doesn't have wifi access I cannot update my calendar. Ideally the app would allow me to add/edit appointments in the absence...
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    Ivy Bridge will be 1155!

    But with still probably require a new chipset, so therefore a new motherboard. :( ( when I find a better source I'll add the link :p ) Here's hoping we see some hex or octo core Sandybritches
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    EFI a must have?

    With EFI now an option, I'm torn between which P67 board to purchase. I've had my eye on a Gigabyte UD4 that only offers the traditional bios, while many other well rated competitors are offering EFI solutions on their boards. I'm certain EFI is the future standard due to key benefits, but...
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    Vengeance 1866MHz Released?

    I'm looking to get a 2 x 4GB pair of the Corsair Vengeance PC15000 (1866MHz) modules, but can't find them anywhere in stock. I see an Amazon listing, but no stock anywhere. Don't need them until January ;), but wanna know when I can get my hands on them. Does anyone know a release/in store date?
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    FS: TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR (BNiB)

    For sale is a TiVo TCD746320 Premiere DVR (Black) Brand new and still in the unopened box. This handsome gent right here: Looking for $75 shipped to the US only...
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    650 or 750w ?

    My proposed build for January includes: Overclocked i5-2500K Gigabyte P67A-UD4 (1) AMD 6950 2x4GB DDR3 ~1.5v (1) 1TB HD (1) SSD of some size There will probably be around 5 case fans in this build. I know Sandy Bridge power consumption levels are unknown, so I've used [H] review of...
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    Fan Mounting Trim?

    I have no idea what I'm looking for but this is what I want to accomplish: I want to dremel a hole in the top of a case to mount a 120mm fan. Problem is the hole is gonna look rough and rather than spend time trying to clean it up I'd rather just put in some kind of "gromet" or plastic...
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    Alternate Email Client for Android

    Long story short, the Incredible and X do not seem to offer the outgoing security option "TLS Accept all Certificates" Our secure outgoing server does not have a certificate in place, so regular TLS does not work. I've been tasked with finding an alternative email client that will...
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    WTB: ATI 4770

    Currently looking for an ATI 4770 only. Power consumption and heat limit me to this rather than a 4850. Please PM me with offers.
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    Sandy Bridge 1155 Roadmap Question

    Has it been released/rumored what the processor timeline will be for the 1155 platform? I've read the platform should have dual and quad cores at launch, but I'm interested in having the option for hex and octo eventually if neccessary. Of course this all depends on mobo support... just...
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    Corsair 400cx Idle Noise

    Just recently picked up a new Corsair 400cx PSU. While my computer idles there's a faint but noticable high-pitched sound coming from the power supply. It's almost like the fan is gently rubbing on something, but when I put the computer under any sort of load (even opening a web page, playing...