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    Looking for Office XP Pro ISO, I lost the install disk

    Hey guys, anyone have a source for the MS office XP ISO, I have a software key for office XP w/o Frontpage, I just need a disc to install it with. any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    Schematics for Acer Aspire 5000 ZL5

    Hey all, My Mother in Law has an Acer Aspire 5000 Mdl# ZL5 There is an issue with the power plug, between the outside of the computer and the motherboard, I am just looking for the appropriate part numbers so I can get this issue repaired. If anyone has access to or knows where to find...
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    Broke Wife's Wireless Antenna

    I was switching out My wife's trackpad (she had worn right through it) on her Toshiba Satellite 2410 and I had the system half apart, just the wireless antenna cords left connecting the screen to the rest of the machine, My son started screaming or something, and I had to leave it for a few...
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    Think I busted a 2.5" drive

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    Looking for a standalone PVR DMA device, anyone seen one

    I have a PNP enabled NAS, and would like to get a network enabled PVR that can both record to(or at least transfer recorded files to) and play from a NAS drive. Anyone here of one from any manufacturer? I can find nice players for this, but they can't record... and I really don't want the...
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    Debian/php/apache "kernal BUG"

    hey guys, I got an error on my debian sever overnight, it threw a "kernal bug" in file page_alloc.c, does anyone know what's going on, or the best way to fix it? here is the error, the server was crashed, so I got my camera :-( by ctrl-alt-delete I was able to send a reboot command, but it...
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    DFI's New A64 mobo

    I have seen some forums on the board, they are claiming wicked overclocking potential, but I am wondering if anyone has seen reviews of the board here's a link if anyone wants to see the board, it looks pretty good what with Raid SATA and Gig lan DFI NF3 board
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    WTB PCMCIA wireless B adapter

    looking for a wireless PCMCIA card for a laptop must be in good shape, as it is going in my wifes computer. looking for wireless B but a cheap wireless G would be considered I have an SMC router so an SMC card might be nice but definitely not required. looking to put in like 20 CAD into...
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    Anyone know anything about MINI PCI

    ok, I have a Toshiba 2410 xxxxxxW9X link and I am thinking of getting wireless network for it, but not sure if I can or want to get a minipci device..... I was wondering if anyone knows if I can just get any wireless minipci device for it or if I HAVE to get the Toshiba one... it's sells for...
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    WTB Laptop Hdd

    looking for smaller laptop hdd's you know 10 - 5 Gb no smaller I need a 9.5mm thick X 2.5 inch wide drive hoping to pay out something below 30 shipped... so if you got something you want to drop give me a shout
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    Keyboard rewiring

    I have a thread HERE that says exactly whats going on, and has pics, I am trying to change the cable on my keyboard, and I am hoping that some one can tell me the colour coding of the cables I am using.... if you can please help that would be great
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    The Dog ate my.....

    well it had to happen sooner or later, the dog had to eat something more then just my wifes shoes, he had to eventually eat something of mine wo what did he choose?? well, he started the evening of with an appitizer of a kleenex or two, then moved onto a slighlty meater entre' the power plug...
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    Shaping sheet metal??

    hey guys I was wondering if anyone has seen any good faqs or howtos for shaping sheet metal, I have the outer shroud of an old 486 that I want to shape into a cylinder, if anyone has any Ideas as to how to do this easily, that would be appreciated
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    Think I busted a 2.5" drive

    hey guys can you help me out I have been moving some files onto my 2.5" drive from my laptop, and I think I pluged it one pin over, and now I don't think it is powering up,... any ideas on getting it up and running.. or at least cause of death??
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    Dlink print server problem....

    I have aquired a Dlink DE 950 printserver, this looks like a decent little print server, but I don't have the password for the device software, I have called dlink support, but they don;t know anything about it.... so I am asking here hoping someone may have had the same problem in the past...
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    Email problem to Yahoo mail

    gotta make it quick..... whenever I am emailing to an address I am getting an error like this ********************************************** ** THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY ** ** YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR MESSAGE **...
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    Power supply revival???

    I got this older (not too old) ATX power supply that a guy gave me, it's generic I think, but it's giving me grief... I plug it into a mobo and it fires some stuff up and then shuts down... now I know you think it sounds like under powered... but all it's running is a P1 233 and 64MB EDO a 3Gb...
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    VSFTPD help

    Hey guys I have a red hat 9.0 server running a invision power board, and I am using it to play with some of my PHP scripts.... well I was thinking of hookin' up som good old fashioned FTP services to it, so I downloaded VSFTPD (I neglected to install it with the OS) and proceeded to install it...