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    Alternatives to an ASUS Q538EI?

    Are there any similar products to the ASUS Q538EI for the former price of $1200? My daughter has a 4-year-old Lenovo Flex 5 that is pretty beaten up and needs to be replaced. She's a mobile digital artist, so several things are important to her. Her current Lenovo has a 4K IPS touchscreen...
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    How to download Messages to PC?

    I'm in the middle of a ongoing divorce battle and my ex's lawyer has issued a request for all texts between my ex and I. We both have iPhones. Is there a way to download/backup/copy/whatever all of our texts to a PC? I'd rather not have to take a billion screenshots. I don't have a jailbroken phone.
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    Monitor repair shop?

    It looks like my trusty ASUS ML239H has bit the dust. I've gone as far into troubleshooting the electronics as I can go and I'm curious if there is a place that repairs LED monitors, a la Rossman Repair Group for Mac products or iPadRehab for personal i-devices?
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    Asus ML239H black screen, quick flash of desktop

    My monitor is giving me a black screen. I can change the source from HDMI to VGA and it will flash a shot of the desktop for a fraction of a second and then go black again. No OSD shows up at any time. Cycling power only gives the flash of desktop before going black again. The sources are...
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    Uses for an older router? ASUS RT-AC66U

    Any suggestions on what to do with an RT-AC66U? This unit was providing wireless service to my many devices throughout my house, but a recent electrical storm may have damaged her. I just purchased a GT-AX11000, which has, so far, provided more speed to the various devices at the farthest edges...
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    No sound, speakers not detected?

    My old mobo died (see thread here), so I bought a used ASUS P8Z77-V Pro. I did a fresh install of Windows 10, and everything seemed to work fine, but I could not get the sound to work. Occasionally, during normal usage (as I was installing apps and such), I would get notification from the...
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    MSI Z77A-GD55, no POST, onboard lights change wen flexed

    I have an MSI Z77A-GD55, bought in 2013. I recently rearranged my office area and now the PC is acting up. it booted once into Windows, then restarted, then it got to the Windows splash screen, the rebooted, then got to BIOS, then rebooted, and now I get no screen signal. The fans spin and the...
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    Good experience with MSI Customer Service

    The fans on my MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G were failing to start up unless you gave them a spin manually, so I called MSI customer support. Mind you, I had RMA'd this card in June of '15 for the same reason (with cross-shipment). The card is still under warranty, but they were not able to offer...
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    Linking MOCA adapter to LAN

    I recently purchased a Actiontec MOCA adapter to link several devices on the far side of my house to my existing LAN. However, it wasn't that easy. I have Verizon FIOS with their MOCA gateway connected to my own router (ASUS RT-AC66U). The new Actiontec adapter is on the same subnet as the...
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    new hardware for WHS 2011

    I've discovered a hardware issue in my WHS 2011 machine. I need a recommendation for a new mobo, CPU, and ram. I also need onboard video or a cheap video card recommendation too. My current setup requires 8 SATA ports, so any mobo recommendations should have 8 ports or include an I/O card. I...
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    Looking for solution with this mess

    Up until 3 weeks ago, I was running WHS 2011 with DriveBender providing a single (duplicated) volume. The volume contained all of the Server Folder (Client Computer Backups, photos, movies, user documents, etc.). However, a few weeks ago the DB service failed to start and my volume was...
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    3 copies of Insurgency

    (link deleted) I have 3 copies of Insurgency to give away (via Steam I think).
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    Help me find a power adapter tip for my ASUS Zenbook UX31E

    I have an ASUS Zenbook UX31E. Unfortunately, my kids like to step on the tip of the power adapter, breaking the barrel connector. After purchasing 2 new ones (and history repeating itself), I'd like to see about purchasing just the tips and I can solder them to the existing power supplies...
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    Help me see the pro's and con's of this tablet

    So my mother-in-law wants to get this tablet for each of my kids this Christmas. Our family currently has an iPad with Retina and the kids fight over who gets to use it. They mostly watch Netflix and Amazon Prime videos, with a few games on occasion. If pushed, they will also jump on an old...
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    ASUS UX31E broken screen, worth repairing?

    My wife wanted a MacBook Air last year, so I bought her this ASUS Zenbook UX31E instead. Recently, my 3-year-old daughter thought it would be awesome to jump off of our couch and onto the Zenbook. She broke the screen. I ordered a new LCD display and got it installed, but it looked off. I...
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    Random USB port failure on MSI Z77A-GD55?

    Over the past 2 weeks, I've had problems with my USB ports on my MSI Z77A-GD55 mobo. Usually the mouse and/or kb will drop out after 10-15 minutes of usage, which could be anything from surfing the 'Net to gaming. The application continues to run as if the input devices were still connected...
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    how to make iphone ring through external speaker via 3.5mm audio jack?

    I have an iPhone 4S. I like to stream Pandora while I'm out in the garage, but the phone's normal speaker can't be heard above the noise of the power tools, so I've connected up a set of computer speakers to the 3.5mm headphones jack. I can hear the music just fine, but the phone won't ring...
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    good place to buy replacement ac adapters?

    I got an ASUS UX31E Zenbook for the wife and I think the AC adapter has gone out. I'll check the output voltage when I get home, but in the meantime I'd like to find a good site for replacement power bricks, just in case I need to get another one.
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    Repairing my kids' PC

    Referencing this thread, it looks like my kids' "gaming" PC is in need of some repair(s). I'm looking for advice, so let's start with the given questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? My kids play some older FPS and strategy games (MoHAA, Portal, Half-Life (the original), Command...
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    Help wanted. BSODs, can't install OS, can't restore from image

    I think I'm having some hardware issues. Last week my machine started to have random BSODs. They would happen anytime between the desktop showing up and after several hours after bootup. The CPU had been overclocked from 1.8 to 2.1 several months ago, but it began acting erratic so I dropped...
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    ASUS Zenbook UX31E shuts off when unplugged

    I recently bought a Zenbook UX31E and I like the ultrabook overall. However, when I go from wall power to battery power, it shuts off. It will run on wall power for days without issue, and it will run for hours on battery power without issue. Perhaps of note, I also run Folding@Home on it...
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    GTX 460 dead (again). 30k ppd -> 10k ppd. I'm sad

    My eVGA GTX 460 died over the weekend. This was the third card I've gotten from eVGA after the other 2 died and were replaced under warranty. My ppd is now at roughly 10k, down from the 30k I had with the card. Hopefully this 4th card (3rd warranty replacement) will hold up better. :sad face
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    >160GB <$180 SSD recommendation?

    Boot times and application load times are terrible on my old WD 160GB drive running Windows Home Server 2011. Several of my services are timing out after 30,000ms of wait. I'm looking for an SSD to replace it. I have a budget of around $180. WHS 2011 has a requirement of at least 160GB...
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    WTB: ASUS P5Q mobo

    I'm looking for an ASUS P5Q mobo. I had one recently die and I'm not in a position to rebuild that PC right now. A different P45-based mobo might work, as long as it has 6 SATA ports, 1 IDE, 4x DDR2 slots, and works with a S775 C2D CPU.
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    Help with backup strategy

    I'm looking for some help on the best backup strategy for my (small-ish) home server. I'm running Windows Home Server 2011 and every so often it gets wonky and I need to reinstall the OS, which is a PITA. I've come up with a list of 12 wants/needs and ranked them by priority: Quick OS...
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    WHS 2011 Active Directory Certificate Services not running

    I'm running WHS 2011 and recently an error has come up. I can't connect the Dashboard from any client PCs, but I can RDP into the machine and start the Dashboard without any issue. The error says Active Directory Certificate Services is not running. Trying to start the service gives me an...
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    CUDA not installed?

    I have a GTX 460 with which I do some light gaming and 24/7 folding. When I upgraded to the new 295 drivers, my folding began to fail, which is now attributed to the new power-saving settings in these drivers. I installed the 285 WHQL drivers, but now my CUDA drivers seem to have disappeared...
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    Dual monitor cabinet for work @ factory

    I'm in the process of upgrading our controls systems at work and part of that is a visual managmenet system. I need to simultaneously display an IE browser window and the controls application screen, so I'm going the dual monitor route. I don't have control of the PCs and monitors that I get...
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    F@H v7, multiple users and the Startup folder

    For x-mas I was given a GTX 460 and I was finally able to join the ranks of GPU folding. This card was installed on a machine with 3 users (myself, the wife, and the kids). When I run F@H v7 and set it to startup during logon, everything plays nicely. But when I switch users, the GPU folding...
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    I got an EVGA 460 GTX as a present "for my kids". However, it was DOA. BSOD's, artifacts within seconds of FurMark, you name it. It did the same thing on another PC. Back to EVGA it goes, plus I'm out another $30 to pay for expedited shipping. Way to fail, EVGA.
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    I've got $230 @ newegg and I need a new setup

    I was just given an EVGA GTX 460 for my system, along with roughly $230 in credit at newegg. I have an old 17" CRT that needs to go. What would you recommend I get? 1 large screen? 2 smaller screens? Which ones? The new video card has 2 DVI outputs and 1 HDMI, btw. Thanks,
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    WTB: sub-80W TDP Phenom CPU

    I'm looking for a sub-80W TDP Phenom CPU. My first choice would be one of the 65W Phenom II X4's or one of the Phenom X4's: Phenom x4 9100e 1.8GHz 9150e 1.8 GHz 9350e 2.0 GHz 9450e 2.1 GHz Phenom II X4 900e 2.4 GHz 905e 2.5 GHz 910e 2.6 GHz My price is in the $50-$75 range. I...
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    Capturing video from my cable box

    Recently, my wife was on a TV show and the episode is about to air in a couple of days. She wants to record it to show her friends, etc. How should I go about doing this? I don't have an HTPC, nor a tuner card, nor a capture device. My U-verse cable is normally recorded on a Cisco IPN4320...
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    Need help. Dell XPS 400 CPU upgrade won't POST

    I have an old Dell XPS 400 (945P chipset) and I figured I would max out the CPU. I couldn't find a CPU support list from Dell, so I went to the Intel site and I found that a Core 2 Extreme X6800 was supported, so I bought one from the FS/FT forum. However, it won't POST after I install the new...
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    WTB: C2E X6800, Phenom 900e or 905e

    I have 2 older PCs that I'd like to upgrade to their max CPU. I'm looking for a Core2Extreme X6800 and a Phenom 900e or 905e. Any help?
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    WTB: C2E X6800 and Phenom II x4 905e/900e

    I have 2 older PCs that I'd like to upgrade to their max CPU. I'm looking for a Core2Extreme X6800 and a Phenom 900e or 905e. Any help?
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    e7300 overclock, high temps, suggestions?

    I have an e7300 on an ASUS P5Q Pro board. I'm trying to overclock it. If I run up the vCore to 1.45V, I can get it to run at 3.2GHz, but the temperature (via CoreTemp) of the cores get up to >80C when I run the Intel Burn Test. My cooler is a Zalman CNPS9500A-LED with Artic Silver paste...
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    Multi-system upgrade, need help with vid card(s), CPU(s), etc

    My motherboard (ASUS P5Q-Pro) on my server is causing me problems, so I'm going to replace it. While this sounds easy enough, here is where it gets confusing. I have 2 other PCs (mine and the kids'). My PC is a hand-me-down Dell XPS400 (link to specs) with an upgraded video card (GeForce...