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    Recommendation for a good soldering iron?

    Hakko FX888D. It looks a little weird, but I haven't used anything better besides those $800+ Pace units we have in our rework stations at my work. The Hakko is Japanese-made, the stand is heavy and metal, the power supply unit is heavy and sturdy, it heats up in a minute or less, tips are...
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    Elon Musk: Driving Cars Will Eventually Be Outlawed

    I would just be happy with mandatory re-testing and renewing licenses every year or so.
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    Governor To Decide If Tesla Can Restart Sales In New Jersey

    If you can afford to purchase a Tesla then you can afford to buy one across the boarder and deny the state any sales tax.
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    What due out this Fall ?

    I don't know man, those specs in your signature look pretty capable right now unless you want higher resolutions. If you have the "upgrade itch" it may not be worth it to upgrade now or even with Broadwell unless temperatures plummet. I'm looking to move from Haswell to Skylake-E if there's...
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    Maxwell GM200 pictured

    0nm! Wow! That's small! :rolleyes:
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    Vodka/water entered system how to save Help!

    I would go piece-by-piece. Wash one component with alcohol disassembling as much as possible (down to removing heatsinks and unplugging everything) and inspecting everything. Test each component in another known-good system. You can even disassemble your monitors and clean them. I'm sure...
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    Vodka/water entered system how to save Help!

    Get a bottle of 99% isopropyl alcohol and a brush. Work the alcohol into the PCBs with the brush and used compressed air to push the liquid off the boards. Dried sugar on PCBs is no good but can get removed with a brush and isopropyl alcohol.
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    Car Buyers Willing To Spend $1,500 For High-Tech Options

    How about making cars easier to work on again? I have to take apart half my car to get a wrench to just pull out some spark plugs. How about not hiding fuses behind my steering column so I don't have to take the dash apart? I'm a lot more impressed to see a car that's easy to work on instead...
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    What gaming video card lasted you the longest ?

    I had an XFX HD5770 single-slot card that lasted 5 years. I was able to play mostly source-engine and Battlefield 2 and Battlefield BC2 all through college. Upgraded to a 780Ti that will probably last as long.
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    Americans Want America to Run On Solar and Wind

    Thank you for the common sense! Have to meet demand for a growing population.
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    Theater Attendance Lowest In Two Decades

    Actually, cheap draft beer (like Yuengling) and $0.50 wings would get me in the door quick and I'd make an effort to watch trailers for movies.
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    Theater Attendance Lowest In Two Decades

    Unless it's like Interstellar in IMAX or something like Avatar, no way I'll go out to the theater. I have to re-watch them when they come out anyway since I miss things running to go take a piss.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Do more Folding@Home.
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    Asus P8Z77 Burned Up

    I think he's speaking from experience. I remember a "bent-pin RMA issue" come up before. That looks like it could be a power supply component that supplies to the chipset, so they may blame your PSU.
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    Facebook Is Considering Adding A “Dislike” Button

    We all need to go outside more.
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    Asus P8Z77 Burned Up

    Yeah, they'd have to use some hot air to get that part off and then try to hand place and reflow a new one... They'll probably scrap yours and give you a refurb.
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    Which M-ITX board to get for gaming?

    I love my Asus Z87i Deluxe. Not a Z97 but can support 4690K and 4790K with the latest BIOS. You can get it a lot cheaper now, too. It has that great VRM daughterboard, Intel Gigabit Ethernet, 4 PWM fan headers, very easy and perfect layout for me, 6 SATA ports, wireless, and it overclocks very...
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    Survey Everyone Is Binge-Watching Netflix

    College* Haha, I are engineer.
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    Survey Everyone Is Binge-Watching Netflix

    Haven't had cable since I left for collage in 2007, and I the only thing I'd want to watch is the Olympics, maybe. Soooo happy without cable. Now if we could all just have Google Fiber...
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    TGI Friday Drone Crashes Into Woman's Face

    Because the media also says every gun is an AK-47.
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    Grumpy Cat Is Worth $100M

    I call my dog "retard" all day long, but at the end of the day, we're bros.
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    Switch from Seagate SSD to Sandisk Ultra II

    Hello All, During Newegg's quick "save $30 off any item if you pay with PayPal" sale a week ago, I snagged a 480GB SanDisk Ultra II...
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    Looking for a new multiplayer FPS

    Battlefield 3 and Insurgency are my go-to for now. Insurgency is addicting to me as it's very realistic, but the graphics aren't spectacular. It has great gameplay in my opinion, and I picked it up for <$10.
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    25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

    This reminds me of Southpark: "Look, people have it so good in America that they get bored very easily. And when people get bored they start protesting things." First world problems, as mentioned before.
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    25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

    Sounded like a bunch of art degrees with nothing better to do. I swear they'll never run out of equality things to crusade about as they make up issues that aren't even there.
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    Do i need a anti-static wrist strap?

    Circuit design engineer here. We use many ESD protection methods and usually send out boards that pass 15kV or higher ratings from an ESD gun. Most of the things you buy have ESD protection on the sensitive lower-voltage signal lines and built into the ICs themselves. I have an ESD mat and...
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 970 DirectCU Mini

    In the SG05, my GTX670 mini got uncomfortably toasty at the PCI slot bracket especially when playing Metro LL. The card is pretty tall and extends above the PCI bracket, and it has the connector facing upwards in the SG05. So what I had to do was trim some plastic off the connector with some...
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    What is the performance jump which triggers you to buy new card?

    I got my GTX670 mini used on eBay for cheap, then stepped up to a 780ti used on eBay for cheap. Thanks to everyone who likes their 10% increase we get the savings passed on to us!
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    ASUS GeForce GTX 970 DirectCU Mini

    I had the Asus GTX670 mini in my SG05. I had a 1TB laptop hard drive on the floor of the case and there was exhaust spit back onto my hard drive and it rose the temperatures about 20degC. It's a great card, and my 670 mini worked very well and stayed cool, but it does put heat back into the...
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    buyers remorse: PhenomII 1055 to i5 4690k or????

    I upgraded from a Phenom II 1055T to a 4670k ITX setup. I honestly didn't see any difference in day-to-day use concerning speed. The AMD CPU I had seemed to freeze and stutter while I have never had a problem with my new 4670k. I was able to get around $200 selling my old Phenom II + mobo + RAM...
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    So what's your nostalgia game?

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Hands down.
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    Technology Gone Wrong

    Sounds like you need to be kept indoors and protected.
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    Black Friday expectations ?

    The only Black Friday deal I ever went out for was a Plano AR-15 gun case with removable foam for $20. I should have picked up two. I'm hoping to sharpshoot a ~500GB SSD this year since my 240GB isn't cutting it any more.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Just got Insurgency for $7.49 on the Steam Halloween sale. I don't know why it qualifies as "Halloween-ey" but I am not complaining. I only played it for a few minutes to make sure it's running fine, so I can't wait to play this weekend.
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    Ford Gives Pedestrian-Spotting Bumpers Access to the Brakes

    So what happens whenever this system of automatic braking fails and ends up running over someone? Is it the car's fault or is it the person's fault? How is the insurance going to handle this? People may use it as a crutch in court and say "it's my car's fault it didn't stop in time to avoid...
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    RAM Soldered Into New Mac Mini To Block Memory Upgrades

    I'd negotiate. $500 Thinkpad + $500 vacation or $1000 Macbook + no vacation. Then you'd get a vacation plus you wouldn't give Apple more money. :p ...I'm pretty sure my wife would say "no laptop is fine, $1000 vacation please." Oh lawdy I'd be pissed if my laptop from 2011 had GPU problems. I...
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    RAM Soldered Into New Mac Mini To Block Memory Upgrades

    I'd refuse to buy a girlfriend a $3000 facebook/netflix machine and go find a woman who understands value and practicality. However, if she's actually developing and actually knows something, then I'd consider getting her a Mac Mini. Thank God my wife is happy with my old Thinkpad and doesn't...
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    Cleaning our pc's......a shop vac on blow opinions

    I use a 3-gallon electric air compressor that I also use for inflating car tires. Never noticed any moisture blowing out the nozzle. I work in hardware design, and we sometimes use iso-propyl alcohol to soak our boards, then rub it in with a brush, then blow it off with an air compressor...
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    Google Fiber Uptake Low Among Poor

    I live outside of Hartford and am praying Fiber comes here to deliver me from the Comcast monopoly. I have no idea how to get an electric bill lower than $60 here... I keep my lights turned off, live in a townhouse, keep my heating low, keep my desktop off, and I still end up with $80...