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    Fire sale part 2?

    Seeing as they're getting out of the consumer market, this is a moot point.
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    How many tablet manufacturers are in the US?

    But then on the other hand, not everyone got in on the 99$ deal. I wanted one but didn't so I'll keep on saving until I can afford a Transformer or another tablet. It'll hurt the market, but it will recover in time.
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    New Touchpad Owner, App Suggestions?

    Can't order from B&N. I'm in Canuckistan. Send me one IceDigger <3
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    New Touchpad Owner, App Suggestions?

    Yeah, I didn't think they'd sell out around here, but I guess the city is more connected than I gave it credit for. Oh well, I'm going to go around to the stores tommorow just in case one pops out of nowhere.
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    New Touchpad Owner, App Suggestions?

    Damn, just checked all my local computer stores online stock and none have them. I would have jumped on either model at that price. Been eager to grab a tablet for a while, and at that price you can't go wrong. EDIT: whole bunch for sale on Kijiji for 300$ though, assholes :mad:
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    What do you use your tablet for?

    I'm looking at getting a tablet for light internet usage around the house and outdoors, as a media player out and about and especially when travelling with my hockey team since our bus's will all be equipped with wifi starting this season. Will likely buy a Nook Color soon :)
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    Best Android Tablet?

    I've never had a tablet, and after playing with my boss's iPad for a while, I really want one. And after a little reading, I've pretty much settled on getting a Nook Color and rooting it once the funds become available later this summer, unless something better comes up, which I highly doubt...
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    Live messenger 2011 is massive

    Nice, I'm going to do that too. Downloaded the new version without knowing on a new computer and I'm not liking it at all.
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    Opera 10.63 Is Out

    Another Opera user reporting in, been using it since version 4.something. Actually had a paid license for it too.
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    Its High Noon! Red Dead Redemption released

    No kidding. I didn't even know about this game until 3-4 days ago... Bought it on Saturday and I can't stop playing. Probably my favorite 360 game so far. I'm only still in Armadillo but I'm playing it quite a bit still. Love the hunting bit hehe
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    Iphone on Tmobile (I have free edge?)

    First time I hear of a network not charging per use without a Data plan and also not getting texts if you don't have a plan... sounds like a lot of lost money on the networks part :p
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    BB Tour 960 won't do ANYTHING.

    Just got one today, and have been playing with it all day long. No issues at all.
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    New Blackberry Messenger 5.0 with threaded messaging!

    AWESOME! The threaded text messaging was one of the things (along with budget) holding me back from going to a BlackBerry from my Touch Diamond. That's great news!
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    vertigo has it right, come back to irc you fool!

    vertigo has it right, come back to irc you fool!
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    new psp 3000 model for under $85

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    Hot rod truck for sale (1993 Ford Lightning - 395ci) Maryland - $6000

    Damn, looks good. I also would buy it if I had the cash and were local. It's always been my favorite generation of Ford trucks, and I don't think I've ever even seen a Gen1 Lightning live before either.
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    PÿRÓS Desk Mod

    Wow, just saw this. Awesome build, I have to admit though that the tought to do something similar crossed my mind more than once. And I had never seen thos belkin hubs, you can be sure i'm going to be getting myself one. Always wanted to have desk mounted USB ports.
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    FS: Dell XPS M1330 - Price Dropped

    to the top for a good laptop!
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    C&C Red Alert!

    Here I was looking for something to pass time at school, seeing as I have a few hours to kill this afternoon, and I stumble accross this on one of my favorite abandonware sites. To further help with the promotion of Red Alert 3, it seems like EA has released the original Red Alert for free...
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    Old memories but a great Doom3 Mod

    If i'm not mistaken, it's that thread that originally brought me here. So I guess I have CrimsonSky to blame for making me waste the last 3 years here :p
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Plug in the speakers into the sound card on the computer? :p
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Wow, nice find indeed. Those are some awesome laptops :)
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    Google Maps Liberty City

    I'm also one of the suckers who will be buying a console this summer especially for GTAIV. Well, I've wanted one for a while, but this is just the tipping point for me. I don't want to wait two years for the PC version.
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    New iMacs.

    Nice. Seriously wish I could afford one of those, especially since my main desktop is really starting to show it's age lately.
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    Command Center

    Nice, looks really cool. I have a huge store bought desk at home, but I'm almost tempted to custom build myself one, to get it really like I want it :)
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    Acid Invites

    I'll take one if there's more available. timbitca at gmail dot com. Thanks!
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    Troubleshooting Apple Cinema HD 23"

    Hrm, this thread could turn interesting really fast. Cheap Apple LCDs?
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    Ordering IBM T61: Integrated or Dedicated Graphics?

    I disagree with the last two posts. Always go dedicated over integrated. Unless of course, a half hour of battery life is that much of an issue. I know when I was shopping for my current laptop, having dedicated video was my first criteria of research.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Hey ghostchild, your sub.... I KID I KID, I've seen your battles in multiple threads already ;)
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    vostro cpu compatability

    I'm still waiting for someone to donate me a T9500 to replace the T7100 in my Vostro ;)
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    dell laptop lcd quality...

    I have a Vostro 1400 with a grainy AUO panel, unfortunately I slacked off during my 30 day cool down period and never called in to get a replacement screen, but it's not as bad as others have had and I can live with it. I still would much prefer it without all the graininess though ;) Oh...
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    a laptop for an architect

    Honestly, I have an old Toshiba here that I bought used from a friend, and a few friends have newer ones, and I wouldn't buy another one. For an application like yours, I'd seriously consider an IBM Thinkpad or other business class models, a la Dell Latitude or such.
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    $1400 to spend..

    A friend of mine has an ASUS G series. His has an Intel processor though. I wouldn't mind recommanding them, he seems to love his and hasn't really ever said anything bad about them. Seems like a reallly solid machine :)
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    Lenovo T61 vs Vostro 1500 - Why the Big Price Difference????

    Well, yours has faster components so obviously it'll be faster. But given the choice of having the T61 and the Vostro, similarly equipped and money being no object, I would take the thinkpad any day of the week. And I love my Vostro, but i've had two thinkpads previously and I do believe the...
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    Good laptop between 500.00 & 1000.00

    I don't know about the other Vostros, but my 1400 both dimms we're under the laptop. A nice change from my IBMs and Toshiba's I had before where I had to take 3/4 of the laptop apart to change ram :( I'd take a guess to say that the 1500 and 1700 would be the same...unless someone can confirm...
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    The Ultimate Monitor

    Wow. I wouldn't mind a few of those ;)
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    No MS Word supplied with Vista.

    OpenOffice has made huge strides in quality and performance, but it's still not up to par with MS Office as far as I'm concerned. If you're a student, you may want to take a look at this: not free, but you can't beat getting a full version of Office 2007...
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    $1400 to spend..

    Hrmm, that FX is mighty appealing with it's specs and price. Though I'm not a fan of 17" laptops, I do like their resolution though :p
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    $1400 to spend..

    I don't know much about that ASUS series, but I do have a friend that has a ASUS G1 and he absolutely loves it. Though If I had your budget I'd be looking into staying with an Intel procesor though. Even with my smaller budget, that was a priority.