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    25 years of FallOut:

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    "Tiny Tine's Wonderlands" load screen 'vibrating'?

    This is the first full screen, shows 'logging yournamehere in'. If you look at the letters, the background kind of vibrates. Of course it might be my trusty 1080ti getting ready to go to the great graphics hunting ground in the sky, or my eyes are getting ready to go. But I DO see the small...
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    I'm getting real strong FO4 vibes here.

  4. pek shutting down, moving games to Steam One less launcher cluttering up my desktop.
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    Way silly lead time for this, but..... TINY TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. pek

    ASUS launching a LOT more gpu sku's?
  7. pek

    Sim Settlements 2 nearing

    Time to blow the dust off of FO4. Although any reason is a good reason to blow the dust off Ivy.
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    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    Forgot about this forum...............
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    Civ 6 keeps chugging along No pricing info on the Civ 6 site or Steam, so maybe free?
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    Moto G7 problem with feedback

    I had an LG G3, never had any issues with feedback on it. It got old, no updates or app support, so I thought I did my due diligence and got a Moto G7. Now I have an intermittent problem with feedback when I connect to an audio conferencing system (AT&T or Cisco webex). I have no issues when...
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    Need some hgelp upgrading from win 10 1803 to 1909

    Windows update keeps crapping out with; Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 - Error 0xc1900223 google searches are all over the place, but am I missing an interim step (like 1803 -->1809, then 1909? and how do I do that, since windows update seems to want to go from 1803 to 1909 in one...
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    I may be screwed, lost the virtual keyboard on my new Mto G7

    Get it back without doing a factory reset? Somehow, on my new Moto G7, I lost the keyboard to input things like names and passwords, any input. Instead, a popup at the bottom for google voice input and it is greyed out, so no voice input as a last resort, either. So no logging into google...
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    Not "exactly" a deal thread, but on the Steam sale

    I just noticed that Steam will itemize a bundle and list all the items. If you already have them from Steam, they will note and deduct the things you already have, then apply a discount to that, so you're not buying anything you already have. May have been there a while, but I was looking at...
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    Prime Day(s) July 15 & 16 Don't know if this info has been posted by Amazon in any other sites.
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    Game from 2010 just got a patch (not the only one over the years)

    I got an update for Fallen Enchantress (release 2010) Legendary Heros (release 2013) over Steam today. Nice to see Stardock is keeping up, but wish they would release a new game. Nothing from them since Ashes of the Singularity. They have also been keeping up with their tools for pc's, so I...
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    Amazon Black Friday Deals week started today

    No comments, just check amazon with: See, I remember sometimes. Just depends on when my meds kick in.
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    GPU's @ Massdrop, variety -lukewarm? -->warm?
  18. pek

    Fallout: New California mod alllllmost ready It's a mod for Fallout: NV, been cooking for quite a while. I'm grabbing it and blowing the dust off of F: NV to play again. It'll take a while to get out of F: 4 mode, so maybe a few hours of practice then start F: NV over again.
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    GTX 1070 TI WINDFORCE OC 8G - $499 @ Massdrop
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    So, silly me, walked away from my win 10 home pc today...

    When I returned, it had rebooted. logged in, found that M$ hit me with 1709. Without my telling it it could, after I told it not to install updates. And, funny thing, my win 10 was no longer activated! Had an error code that wasn't on the win10 activation site (0xc004f012 if it matters, and...
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    Malwarebytes update has humungous memory leak

    Turned on my pc this am and found that all 16 gig of ram was being used. Tracked it down to malwarebytes, of all things. I guess the update earlier today has a wee bug. Reddit has a thread on it, seems that the vendor is working on it, but, you have to either force stop the service or...
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    Black Friday flail starts!!!!!!
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    Amazon I7 7700K $288 7700 is $281
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    Got question for future de-lid/re-lid on I7 7700K - updated with new results

    So used a rockit tool to de-lid/re-lid my 7700k. Plugged it into a new build asus tuf z270 mark 1, wouldn't boot, leds said bad memory. ordered new ram, still the same error led. So, put in a new untouched 7700k, everything is fat, dumb and happy, just the temps change very slowly under...
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    Radeon 64 now on sale at the Egg Started at 0600 pst, and 15 min later they are out of stock. Amazon only has it in a ryzen bundle that I can see.
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    I7-7700K - warm? $309

    Amazon has the I7-7700K for $308.87. The price has been bouncing like a yoyo this week, but this is almost as good as the ebay one a few months ago...
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    What happened to Hoverhound?

    Have to say, I got really, really dependent on it, use newegg's search and hoverhound to find the best deal. All I've gotten this past week is "under maintenance".
  28. pek

    A too rare thanks to XFX support/rma staff

    I know, I may get perma-banned for this, but I'd like to thank & complement the XFX support and rma people for the quick and thorough help they gave me on my recent ticket about my R9 295x2. I had a very strange problem with only the 2016 drivers and FO4 ctd'ing. Specifically, krell, matt &...
  29. pek

    Problem with mad catz/ratz support

    I opened a mad catz support ticket a few weeks ago (yes I know, but the problem wasn't that bad, at the time, and I make allowances for a small support group), never got a reply, I learned to lighten my finger, but shooters may have had some extra shots. My rat7 started to become too sensitive...
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    MOH Airborn install problem fix (for me, anyway)

    I am starting this in the hope it will help others that are having this irritating install problem. I also have a rant at the end. I found this on EA's forums. If your install of MOHA craps out at the very end without an error at all, try this. 1. Enable MS ICS. Yes children, EA...
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    Dell 2407 WFP $719/free shipping (WARM?)

    My first time here, be gentle. Got the e-mail from dell at home. Says that it is a limited time offer, but not how long. 15% off 3007WFP, 2007FP, 1907FP, E197FP and E177FP 10%...