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    Master thread of all the 42" OLED displays' related info, that are based off the 42" LG OLED panel.
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    Acer Predator X38 impressions (broken IPS)

    Here are my impressions. The Acer Predator X38 has absolutely no backlight bleed. It looks like OLED with IPS glow. The LG 38GL950G display that uses the same LG Nano-IPS Panel has vignetting in the corners. The corners of this Acer X38 P are perfect. Not only there is no vignetting, but there...
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    LG C7 banding.

    Hi, Question to owners of the c6/c7 - how do you deal with banding issue? As desktop users you should sit pretty close to it and so it becomes even more pronounced like right in your face...
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    Real IPS displays 120+hz and with gsync?

    What are real IPS displays today with high refresh rates that also include gsync? (not the ips-like ahva ones....)
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    Any x99 mb with officilal Dolby Digital Live support?

    Is there an x99 1150-3 motherboard with native Dolby Digital Live support?
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    EIZO 31.5" 4K IPS Display

    This should be interesting: Press Release Specifications
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    TN 27" 120hz or 144hz non-PWM -- are there any?

    Are the any TN based monitors preferably with 120hz or 144hz refresh rate and with no PWM backlight at the same time? 27". Thank you.
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    Got meself a Catleap 120hz (over a month ago). Impressions.

    Yes, this is what you all need. This is what you are looking for. Image quality - absolutely superb. Very good black level and it is very well factory calibrated. No need for further calibration, at least for games and internet/windows use. 120 herz - for games - wow, absolutely what everyone...
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    Philips 273P3QPY AMVA 27" 1920x1080 75hz monitor •LCD panel type: AMVA LCD •Backlight type: W-LED system •Panel Size: 27 inch/68.6 cm •Effective viewing area: 597.6 x 336.15 mm •Aspect ratio: 16:9 •Optimum...
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    Fixing a stuck pixel - possible?

    Let's suppose there is a stuck pixel on a new 2560x1440 monitor, and which is barely visible in close up view. It is only visible on green and white backgrounds. What are the chances to correct the defected pixel? Thank you.
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    Dell U2412M or Samsung S2A950D for gaming

    Long story short - which one do you think is better for games? (Of course, I read the threads about both models but I would like to compare exactly those two) Thank you -)
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    Samsung S27A850D or Eizo FS2331 for gaming?

    They are the same price at where I live, so which one would you choose for gaming purposes? Talking about games, like BF3,Skyrim, Dead Island. GPU power is not something to worry about - I have 480gtx triple sli setup at my disposal, any time :cool: (I have narrowed my choices of displays...
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    Asus VG236HE or NEC PA271W for gaming?

    Hello everybody, -) I am currently using the Asus VG236 monitor which is a 23" 1920x1080 120hz, and I am thinking is it worth changing it to NEC PA271W regular version? Primary use of the monitors is Skyrim and Batllefield 3. :D I really dont care about the "3D" stuff, but 120hz and...