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    Need 12GB of GPU compute badassery? Titan X (Maxwell) For sale

    Selling Titan X Maxwell compute GPU. Not the latest and greatest generation - but with a price to match. This is geared more towards compute/memory capacity than gaming. If you need 12GB, this is where you get it. Specific model number: Zotac GTX Titan X 12GB 384bit DDR5 PN: 299-0K145-000Z8...
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    FS: Dallas/Fort Worth Area - Dell S2716DG, rev. A09 mfg. 02/2018 w/Warranty

    Looking for a local cash sale - located in central Dallas/Fort Worth, willing to meet a reasonable distance to facilitate sale. Upgrading to ultra wide and selling my mint condition S2716DG. warranty valid till Mar-2019, includes next day shipping advanced parts replacement. (screen shot...
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    FS: MSI GhostPro60 Laptop thin and light - i7 4710/12GB/970m/128+256 M.2 SSD/1TB HDD

    Selling my gaming laptop -- mostly because I just don't do any mobile gaming these days. Purchased Oct-2014 - well cared for and slightly upgraded. i7 - 4710, 12GB ram, 970m GPU, 128GB boot SSD (m2), 256 GB SSD (m2), as well as 1TB SATA HDD, 1080p anti-glare screen. No dead pixels. Weighs...
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    FS: Crucial 500GB SSD - 700 power on hours

    Selling a drive no longer needed - was part of a Raid 0 setup I ran for my Games SSD $110 shipped from TX via USPS to lower 48 states. Crystal Disk info below 100% positive heatware: (54:0) Accepting paypal. Any questions feel free to ask.
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    FS: 8GB DDR4 PC4-2400 SODIMM laptop memory

    Left over parts from a laptop that had to be gutted. Ramaxel - 8GB SODIMM module, PC4-2400 - SOLD verification pic attached Shipping via USPS to lower 48., accepting paypal. Heatware: Any questions feel free to ask.
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    FS: i7 4790 (non-k), and Crucial 8GB (4x2) DDR4 2133

    Up for sale: i7 4790 (non K version) - ships in plastic protective case via USPS to lower 48, SOLD Crucial 8GB 4x2 DDR4 -SOLD! Heatware: Any questions feel free to ask! MrNerd82 is my reddit name hence the verification pics, profile name is also listed...
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    WTB - obscure PCIe power connector for Raidmax Thunder V2 835W PSU

    So interesting thing happened, apparently one of the PCI connectors that goes into the PSU of my raidmax 835W Thunder v2 unit... the individual wire covers became insanely brittle and flaked off exposing all 8 wires, this is bad. Anyway -- reached out to them for support but don't feel like...
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    FS - various goodies, i3, i5, 4TB, 1TB, 4x4GB FuryX DDR3, pics + cats inside

    Cleaning up the computer room -- a few goodies if anyone is interested: intel i3 3220 - chip only - $30 shipped Intel i5 3570 - chip only - $62 shipped 16GB Fury-X 4x4GB DDR3 - $75 shipped 4TB Western Digital HDD (no warranty) - $65 shipped 1TB Western Digital HDD (no warranty) - $25...
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    FS: 4TB WD Green, Antec DF-85 with 5X coolermaster fans, 270X 2GB Devil Edition & more

    Thread for some goodies -- located in DFW, TX, willing to ship everything but the big items to Con-us, prices listed as shipped. Western Digital 4TB Green HDD, clean full/deep surface scan (see pics) $65 shipped Antec DF-85 Case - includes 5 cooler-master fans <1 year old. includes all...
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    Met the legendary Kyle and scored a sweet ass chair!

    Was perusing the forum this morning and watching Kyle's latest video of assembling the nobelchair, little chit chat later and I was on my way to his place to pick up the old review chair he had (Arozzi) I just wanted to publicly give a shout out to Kyle and his supreme awesomeness and...
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    FS: WD 4TB Green WD40EZRX, and local sale (DFW, TX) Antec DF-85 w/new fans cheap!

    Antec DF-85 case: comes with all the fan filters, 5 cooler master fans (3X 120mm, and 2x 140mm fans are exactly 1 year old), and a side panel fan, good shape minus a few scratches on the side panel clear plastic. Also comes with the two quick swap bay attachments (for a total of 4 quick swap...
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    WTB: HP/Compaq SFF case only (no psu/cpu/mobo/etc)

    Probably a long shot -- but looking to buy an HP/Compaq pro 6300 SFF case. Just the case, no psu/mobo/optical/anything like that. Doesn't even need to be in the best shape either scratches/dirt/whatever. This is what one looks like...
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    FS/FT: 8TB USB 3.0 Ext Archive HDD & brand new cheap DDR3 and DDR4 (desktop/laptop)

    What I have: External Seagate 8TB USB 3.0 hard drive 5900RPM, --SOLD-- Ram: Two (2) Kingston Hyper-X 8GB DDR3 1600 CL10 kit - sealed in box. $35 shipped each One (1) 16GB DDR3 Kit **SOLD** Two (2) Crucial 4GB DDR4 2133 UDIMM. (new/sealed) $20 shipped each Happy to combine shipping and...
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    Beware of user NannerBeans

    For a little back story (and pics) see my other thread where I sought advice on the situation First time I've ever had an issue in 10 years -- advice needed, pics inside Basically this guy is an asshole who's more than happy to let other people pay for his mistakes and lack of knowledge in...
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    First time I've ever had an issue in 10 years -- advice needed, pics inside

    So I sold my 27" Qnix monitor here in this thread (pics inside) (Sold to Nannerbeans: Noobie) FS: Qnix 27" 1440p panel. Debezeled, VESA mount, pixel perfect Panel was working just fine (as you can see by the whites in the time on the screen) - seller paid, i covered extra for insurance on my...
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    Anyone need 2X 32GB microSD cards + a few bucks -- I looking for a 64GB mSD

    have on hand two 32GB mSD cards 1 - Brand new still sealed in paack G.skill 32GB class 10 -- comes with microSD adapter as well 1 - Lexar 32GB microSD card by itself - Class 10 "633X" speed Ideally if someone has a 64GB mSD card they have laying around would love to make a trade + a few bucks...
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    FS: Qnix 27" 1440p panel. Debezeled, VESA mount, pixel perfect

    Selling my last remaining 27" Korean 1440p display OC's to 96Hz without issue. Have had this for about the past 3 years, works flawlessly. It's been debezeled (taken out of the plastic box and mounted on a VESA compatible mount. pics of the setup here: Show Your LCD(s) setups!!! (gotta...
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    WTB - Dell U2715H

    Wondering if anyone has a Dell U2715H they are looking to part with. I've seen them hit sale on amazon every now and then, trying to be patient, but also not too excited about paying 45 dollars in tax either for the damn thing through amazon. If interested -- post up what you have and what...
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    FS Retail box with HSF - i3 4160 22nm, 3.6Ghz $60 shipped

    Can delete -- item sold.
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    FS: MSI R9 290 and Reference R9 290 matched pair - Bob-omb says harrow and buy it now!

    Edit and update -- I reply to all PM's in the order in which they were received, it's first come first serve so if we are going back and forth on a price and someone else comes along with a better offer, they win by default. Also I don't hold items, on the promise to pay later. -- as I said...
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    my First impressions of Dell 27" 1440 S2716DG

    So I got my nice sexy box from Amazon - and have been playing with it the past day. Did tons of research and this fit my budget and seems to have excellent quality right out of the gate. I was afraid of dropping 600-700 on an Asus or Acer and then playing panel lottery for months of RMAs...
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    So I have a Dell S2716DG 144Hz 1440p arriving tomorrow, tips for calibration?

    So after years of enjoying my Qnix 1440p Korean monitors, was time for a serious upgrade, since I plan on getting a Mid range Pascal card in the next 6 months I got a Gsync monitor, even though I'm currently running R9 290s My question is of calibration -- I don't have one of those digital...
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    FS - VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit w/juice/extra atomizers

    Something a bit different than normal here. Sellig my VaporFi Rocket Starter kit - includes vape pen, 2 chargers, 2 extra atomizers, and a bit of Vanilla vape juice. Used it for about 6 months -- upgraded to a box mod and decided to sell this cheap as I have no need for it. Original specs...
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    Hot? SanDisk Ultra 240GB - $50 - NewEgg Flash Sale Free S/H

    240GB SanDisk Plus Solid State Drive SSD $50 + Free S/H Saw this and though it was pretty damn spiffy -- good drive with 500MB+ read speed 300+ write. Apparently eligible for Shop runner 2 day free shipping as well :)
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    MicroCenter - Samsung 950 Pro 512GB - $297

    Saw this on slick deals -- damn good deal, even beats the one I got a few weeks ago for $306 for a 512GB version. Micro Center - Computers and Electronics These things are smoking fast -- 2.5Gb/sec read speed 1.5Gb write. mmm dat PCI X4 yo.
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    FS: 2X SanDisk 240GB SSD Drives, pics and info inside :)

    Update: Drives Sold! Ran these in a Raid0 array -- since upgraded to a single drive. SMART Data for Each Drive: $50 shipped for the Plus Model - SOLD $65 shipped for the Extreme Model - SOLD Heatware: 45:0 :) Accepting PayPal - or Chase QuickPay...
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    Cheap i5 2500k, Gigabyte Z77X, and 16GB of ram - details and pics inside :)

    Little late to the game building a new system, so my trusty i5 2500k is now looking for a new home. This thing is still a hoss and basically kept me from upgrading for 3 generations. Had it at 4.5 under watercooling - of course YMMV. i5 - 2500k unlocked Sandy Bridge - SOLD Gigabyte Z77x...
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    Thinking about upgrading mobo/cpu/ram -- concerned about my legit license for Win

    So I'm tempted to upgrade, it's been forever, still running a nice solid 2500K chip. I have a legit Win 8 professional Key - and that's been on my desktop for a while, did the free upgrade to Windows 10 with no issue. My question -- when I get a new motherboard and cpu, I generally like to...
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    Weird pinning of drive in Win 10 File explorer.

    So i think some random clicks go this like it was.... it's annoying as hell. It looks like a drive of mine got somehow linked or snapped to the side bar outside of "this PC" There are no options to remove it when I right click, anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of it? The same...
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    FS: Fitbit Charge new in sealed box; Verizon GalaxyS5 w/tons of accessories

    Couple of things for sale: Brand new in box Fitbit charge - asking $79 shipped (pic below). Never opened, size Large, in black. You can rest assured your sweat and cooties will be the first and only to ever touch this device :) Accepting paypal and google wallet Heatware...
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    FS - Verizon Galaxy S5 16GB Retail box - lots of accessories :)

    About to change phones and will be selling my Verizon Galaxy S5 - comes with a fair amount of accessories. Upgraded to the latest 5.0 from Verizon via OTA updates. Excellent condition in retail box - only scratch is only the charging port "door" (will update with pics when phone gets here...
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    F/S: Fitbit Charge (black - Large) - brand new sealed in box - never used.

    Selling my Fitbit Charge (black - size Large) -- brand new in box, never opened, never used. So you know there won't be any weird cooties on it :) (it's a replacement coming in from Fitbit direct) Heatware: 43:0 Looking for $90 shipped -- about 40...
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    Nexus 6 - 64GB - $369.99 on slickdeals. saw this deal this morning... I'd love to get one in prep for my hopefully soon Project Fi invite... i still have 1 more year on verizon though :( $370 for a 64GB version is pretty bitching!
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    For Trade: my Samsung 64GB microSD for your 32GB micoSD

    So I have a dashcam that's not really designed for 64GB cards -- my downgrade is your upgrade :) Heatware: 42 positive 0 negative will ship via regular main in an envelope since it weighs nothing. Looking for a hopefully name brand 32GB microSD card...
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    FS: AM3+ Mobo's (includes free CPUs), RaidMax 850PSU,

    Selling some odds and ends. GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990FX - Includes Sempron 145 CPU and stock Heatsink/fan. Retail box - has backplate, pack of SATA cables. $85 shipped ASRock 980DE3/U3S3 AM3+ - Inclueds Sempron 145 CPU and stock heatsink fan - sadly, does not have backplate i/o...
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    FS - Mobos, CPUs, R9 270 OC - checka dis out yo'

    So tearing down the last core parts of my rigs -- got some goodies for sale. Keep in mind I ship FedEx with tracking -- costs me $10 to ship usually per item, just throwing that out there so you know my prices aren't insane. Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 - AM3+ board - includes CPU (Sempron 145) $90...
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    FS - MSI 7970 Lightning 3GB - $140 shipped, Sapphire R9 270, & more

    Selling my MSI Lightning 7970 3GB card -- it's the lightning brand, amazing cooling, with top notch components - SOLD Pic (yellow card in the back obviously) MSI R9 270 - Retail box (included) (1 available) - $80 shipped Pic: Working Reference 7970 with hacked together cooling: - Fully...
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    FS: MSI and HIS R9 270s and 280, 7970 Lightning

    So after returning from a long time away for work... I've decided to make some scratch to pay for a new laptop. My mining rigs have been inactive for about the past 4 months. Also note all cards will be cleaned and dusted/air blown before shipment. All cards in good working condition. Yes - they...
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    FS: Dell Inspiron N5010 i5, 6GB ram, 64GB SSD, cheap, easy, reliable.

    Selling my laptop -- Dell Inspiron -- 15.6" laptop, i5 CPU (M480 - 2.66Ghz), 6GB of ram, Win7 activated, dvd burner, battery holds about 1hr charge (it's original battery so understandably it's not in peak condition), includes AC adapter. No scratches, usual keyboard wear Good solid laptop if...
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    Getting hard to resist -- MSI Ghost Pro60 w 870M - $1483 after rebates

    So I'm in the market for a light portable gaming laptop - and this is the one I want (badly). With the 900M chip right around the corner though I don't know if I should pull the trigger. I heard the chips themselves should be out sometime in Oct - however it would probably be till November...