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    Freeze to revive the dead

    I have tried the freezing trick around 50 times. It has worked maybe 5 times. So far that's about 10% success.
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    Acer B273HU

    I am considering purchasing one of these for my wife. She will be using it on a mac mini that I bought for here a month ago. Not too much gaming, just needs lots of screen realestate. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Why isn't RAID a backup?

    There are always those that can only learn the hard way.
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    Why isn't RAID a backup?

    What if you are running Raid 1 and get infected with a nasty virus. Immediately both drives are infected. I believe that running any kind of Raid by itself with no additional backup actually increases the likelihood that you will lose data compared to a single drive because of added...
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    Confused by new 23" monitors 16:9

    Please help, My brother wants a new monitor for Christmas and I have been looking at a bunch of 23" monitors on the Egg. I have figured out that these all seem to be 16:9. Does this matter? He will be using this for games mostly. Should I stick with the more expensive 16:10 22-24 inch...
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    15k rpm. scsi drive! good/bad?

    Thanks for the warning. I'll keep that in mind. I'll make sure to wear my helmet too.
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    Is 8GB of RAM simply...overkill?

    Lots of operating systems besides Vista 64 can use 8 gigs.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Is it practical to try to get one of these repaired? There is a TV repair shop close to my house. Thanks
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Well, My fw900 just shit the bed. Now I have to decide to go get another one, or buy an lcd. I loved that monitor. Scared the shit out of me when the tube blew up. I was waking my computer from sleep mode and the monitor popped really loudly then puked for good. Too Bad.
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    2nd PCIx slot for p5k-e

    I'm sorry but that motherboard does not have any PCI-x slots. Only PCIe and PCI.
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    Hey, I'm thinking about buying this board for my new system. The main reason I want this board is because I have a pci-x raid card. Anyway, the only thing that I am wondering about is this review. One of these guys claims...
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    Can an Enclosure Work to retrieve data?

    You don't need an enclosure. Just hook it up to a free sata port while booting to another drive.
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    Need help with motherboard selection and other ideas

    Hello Multiprocessing experts. One of my clients gave me their old server and I'm thinking about using it as a work station / gaming machine / small file server / everyday computer. The main problem is that the Aopen motherboard does not have an AGP slot among other things. I'm thinking about...
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    Q6600 BSODs

    UDFS_File_System This error is not the type that would indicate bad ram, processor, or motherboard. This is an OS, Driver, file system, or hard drive error. Did you add this processor to an existing system? Sometimes when you swap processors you have to reinstall the OS. I would also...
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    How much is this worth...

    I think you could get more than 3-400 for it. I could easily sell that for 500-600 here.
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    Help....Computer Hit With A Lightning Power Surge

    You are very correct. In my 6 years as an onsite technician I have seen more computers zapped from lightning stikes over the internet connection than the power. Most people have surge protected power strips but few put surge protectors on the dsl line, phone line, cable etc.
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    two 3ware cards together for one giant raid mothership

    That card is SAS (serial attached scsi). I am talking about a good old SCSI card. SCSI allows 15 devices per channel including the card itself. A dual channel U320 card would give you 30 drives per array...
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    two 3ware cards together for one giant raid mothership

    Get a 4 port scsi raid card. This would give you a maximum of 52 drives.
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    Intel Pentium 2 Duo processor speed

    This will help,
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    building a beast on a budget

    I don't overclock my server and it is a beast. You do not need to overclock to build a beast.
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    Raid 1 Speed

    Raid 1 is not a backup solution at all. It is even debatable that Raid 1 is less safe than a single drive.
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    Retrieveing data from a SCSI drive..

    You can get a cheap single channel scsi card for $50. Much cheaper on ebay depending on the type of scsi. If it is an older type you could get a card for 10-20 bucks. I have an ultra wide scsi card that I would sell for $20. Thanks
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    Could putting a potentially fried CPU into a mobo hurt the mobo?

    Most of the time a bad cpu will not fry the motherboard, but I have seen strange cascade effects of components zapping other components. You never know what a short will do.
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    Onboard Raid 5 Viable?

    Very well said. I would agree with everything here. I do believe however that Raid 1 is probably slightly safer than a single drive. If the controller pukes or driver problems etc. Both disks can be independently read.
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    Step up from 2x Raptors in Raid-0

    Finally someone in this thread that seems to know what he is talking about.
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    Are DELL's upgradable?

    I build a lot of computers for my clients as well. I usually mark them up 20-30%. Just to make sure I am not overcharging I usually configure a similar system on Dell's website. I am usually still cheaper than buying a Dell. The only place I can't compete is on the super cheap shitty Dells...
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    Which LGA 775 CPU uses the least energy?

    Probably the lowest clock speed celeron. I think 2.5ghz is still available.
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    Step up from 2x Raptors in Raid-0

    If you want to avoid starting arguments with people that you don't know; never discuss these three things. 1. Religion 2. Dieting, weight loss strategies etc. 3. Raid 0 It will only get you in trouble. I have made this my new years resolution.
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    Are DELL's upgradable?

    I believe the Dimension 5150 is BTX. It would probably be tough to upgrade the motherboard.
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    The master-slave computer

    Better syntax and grammar would help
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    The kids broke it!!

    This argument is stupid. This PSU trick has been used with good success for years by most computer technicians. You will not get zapped no matter what you do because the maximum voltage on an atx power connector is only 12v. The worst thing you could do is zap the PSU but that is unlikely if...
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    Which one is better performing?

    These are pretty much the same processor. The Xeon might overclock better. Just because Xeons aren't marketed for gaming does not mean they don't work for gaming. Ribs
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    45nm with Hyper threading

    There is no point. There is never any point to having faster equipment for less money.
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    I'm pretty sure this is what I will do. Heat, space and power are not issues for me. Thanks
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    Cleaning the CPU & MOBO

    Ethanol will work the same as Isopropynol. The denatured part is just an additive that makes you puke if you drink it. (Ethanol is the same type that exists in spirits and beer, wine etc.) Thanks
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    Thanks for the info. No more double sigs. As far as the Raid goes, I will probably go with 2x 36gb raptors, unless I find some convincing info that 1 drive will give me the same performance in which case I will probably go with 1x 36 gb. Thanks
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    What's a double sig? Does this have anything to do with my question? Thanks ribs
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    Thanks, I will take your advice and get 2 36gb raptors. Ribs1
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    This will be used for gaming, surfing, normal computing, benchmarking and bragging. I do not need extra space because I have a 320gb drive for storage. I plan on putting my OS and applications on the array, and all my data on the 320. I may take the advice and go with a 2 drive array...
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    WD360ADFD Raptor

    I thinking of getting 4 of these for a 4 drive raid 0 array. Are these as fast as the WD740ADFD? I don't need the extra disk space, just the speed. Any hard facts, links or charts? Thanks