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  1. kent

    Several Radeon 6700XT and up in stock at ScalpCast
  2. kent

    2700 on b550 won’t downclock w/ manual oc

    Built my son a computer out of mostly spare parts. ryzen 2700 / msi b550 gaming plus / 16gb 3600mhz hynix cjr ive set bios to 40x and 1.35v and it boots and benchmarks great. Picked up about 17% multi core in r20. However the CPU does not downclock anymore. It’s constantly at 4ghz no matter...
  3. kent

    WTB: RED RAM Heatspreaders (no RGB)

  4. kent

    How do I get Gigabyte RMA to respond?

    I've used the RMA portal twice now and completed a request for service. It's been 7 and 5 days respectively. No e-mails back, nothing approved. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help <3
  5. kent

    ASUS RGB Lighting Service prevents idle clocks

    ASUS X570-F Gaming, Latest BIOS The LightingService for the RGB accessories constantly takes up 1-1.5% CPU and prevents my R3800X from downclocking to its lowest points, around 600-700MHz according to Ryzen Master. Of course I like the effects, is this the penalty price?
  6. kent

    Is anyone selling preflashed B450 boards for Ryzen 3xxx?

    Thanks in advance. Building a streaming box for a friend. Would prefer to use B450 for lower cost over X570. Thanks!
  7. kent

    Difficulty finding Dell T5500 Memory (Triple Channel DDR3, EEC, Reg)

    Hello, my friend has a Dell Precision T5500 workstation he uses as a desktop. It has 6GB of memory in 1x6GB configuration We would like to upgrade to at least 24GB (444444) or (888000) I am having issues finding RAM for this machine. I know it takes DDR3, EEC and Registered memory. I see a...
  8. kent

    Some of the best cards for a non-UFEI (Legacy) BIOS?

    I posted a thread the other day about matching a GPU to a Q9550 that's not too high end. A lot of people said the GeForce 750Ti would be great but I don't think some of the larger "Legacy-enabled" (MSI) cards will fit in my friend's HTPC case, those were suggested and linked. I really liked...
  9. kent

    Pairing a modern GPU to a Q9650

    Which modern GPU is not too overkill for a Q9650? Gave my friend an old SSD and upgraded the processor. Lower resolution gaming acceptable like 1366x768 Thanks!!
  10. kent

    How did VIA, nVidia and SiS lose their x86 chipset licenses?

    Just curious. Thanks.
  11. kent

    Without Pentium 4/Netburst, how long would it have taken Intel to get to 'Core'

    Let's say the PIV/Netburst didn't exist and let's say the Core Solo (Pentium III/-M based) was called the Pentium IV. How long from the release of the last Tutulians until the first part that we today would call "First Generation Core"? Imagine an Athlon 64 against an Intel Core in say 2003, LOL.
  12. kent

    How to view [H] full version on Safari (iPhone)

    I'm usually on WiFi and even if I'm not I rarely go near my data limit. I'd like an option to enable the full to be displayed on mobile Safari. I don't want to install another browser and enable desktop mode because that often makes flash included. As it is, I don't see any...
  13. kent

    Shadowrun Returns

    It's back.
  14. kent

    click.hardforum issues

    Happening over here, too. Probably best to just disable it, take it down and let vB handle the click management like it was done in the old days. I think upwards of 99.99% of [H]ard members would agree. :D
  15. kent

    DD-WRT client bridge issue

    I've got a ASUS AC66 router plugged into my Comcast cable modem (regular dumb modem), it's running the Merlin (OEM-modified) firmware I've got a Netgear 3400 router flashed with DD-WRT (latest build), it's a replacement for another N router that died on me. Anyways, I went to set client bridge...
  16. kent

    Earlier carrier unlock?

    My dad had an upgrade available when the iP5 came out and he doesn't care about phones so I gave him my SGSII for his upgrade which I used on the iP5. My AT&T contract is up next month. I want to jump ship to T-Mobile. How can I get an early unlock on my AT&T phone?
  17. kent

    WTB: High ratio account on torrent site focused on HD + DTSMA/Dolby HD

    DO NOT ASK FOR HDBITS INVITE -- THEY ARE NOT INVITING SORRY I'm looking for a specialized site like bit-hdtv, hdbits (I luckily have an account there), places focused on not only 1080P of demo videos but also demo videos that feature DTSMA/DolbyHD/Lossess audio. 1080P files with 640Kbps Dolby...
  18. kent

    New lightbulb messing up wireless mouse?

    This is my iMac, I use the Apple Wireless Trackpad. I just picked up a CCFL bulb at Walgreens, didn't notice but it's one of those "cool" higher kelvin bulbs, it's more like a fluorescent than the sun. Anyways, since I started to plug it in my trackpad has been skipping oddly when...
  19. kent

    Did I blow my Klipsch Ultra (not a BASH question)

    I long ago hooked my Klipsch Ultra 5.1 set up to a 5.1 receiver and got a Dayton subwoofer. Tonight I had the volume a little too loud and I heard a pop from my fronts and now the fronts only output about 20% of intended volume and they sound like shit. At first I thought I fried the amp so I...
  20. kent

    Reinstalling Windows, forgot my codec guide...

    w1retap made a nice guide when I built my HTPC in 09 but like a little bitch he left [H] over something Anyways I've forgotten my codec guide. Hardware is as follows: C2D 2.93GHz / 8GB DDR2 / 4x1.5TB / 320GB Mechanical (upgrading to 128SSD) Gigabyte nVidia 9400 motherboard (Ion) PCI...
  21. kent

    9300/9400 incapable of bitstreaming DTS(MA)/DolbyHD?

    Setup is: Gigabyte nVidia Ion (GeForce 9400) motherboard 8GB RAM / yadda yadda ya HDMI from PC -> Receiver (which supports DTSMA/DolbyHD I have set it to 5.1 configuration in Windows and I hear sound from all 6 speakers during testing. However the control panel says it only supports...
  22. kent

    Are single-ground wall outlets okay?

    I'm moving into an older house at the end of the week and in the master bedroom there aren't the 3 plug electrical outlets I'm used to, they're all 2 plug (hot/ground not hot/ground/ground) and I've never lived in a place this old. Are the 2 pin to 3 pin electrical adapters REALLY safe? Do...
  23. kent

    Slow Crucial SSD V4 64GB speeds

    System: nForce i730 motherboard SATA2 (Gigabyte nForce 9400 chipset) C2D 3.33GHz / 8GB DDR2 / WiFi / USB3 card Boot: Corsair V4 64GB sata2 Storage: (old) WD 320GB blue 7200RPM sata2 Storage drivers: nVidia and Microsoft, speeds are about the same what is wrong? left ssd...
  24. kent

    Decent Chinese Android smart phones (GB 2.3 okay)

    My dad's on contract and broke his GSIII, I told him to wait for the iP5 and AppleCare+ but whatever :D Are there any decent Chinese Android phones that hover around $100? LTE is unimportant but HSPA+ would be nice. 4", 8-16GB, front/rear camrea. Tahnks
  25. kent

    Windows 8 background will NOT change

    Been using Windows since 3.11 I know how to change a background. Tried in Firefox with an image and of course in Personalize in Windows. How the hell do I change the background
  26. kent

    WTT: Never activated Windows 7 Pro key + cash for Windows 8 key

    I missed out on the $15 "lie to win" Windows 8 keys as Microsoft fixed the loophole. I got 8 of the Windows 7 keys from ACM when there was that loophole back in 2009. I've got 1 that's never been activated or used and I'd like to trade it and like $20 for a Windows 8 key. You MUST have...
  27. kent

    8 a good operating system for HTPCs?

    I built my HTPC/file server a little over 3 years ago: Core 2 Duo 3.33GHz/3MB 8GB DDR2-800 64GB Crucial SSD / 320GB storage / RAID 0+1 4x1.5TB (2.73TB formatted) Onboard nVidia 9400 BluRay burner (ancient now, never even burned one BluRay) 42" 1080P HDTV I just added the SSD to it to...
  28. kent

    Cheapest 4 drive NAS box?

    I have: (2) Western Digital 'Green' 1.5TB (2) Seagate Blue 1.5TB All four are currently installed in a Windows 7 box with a separate boot drive. I want to get rid of this computer for a Mac Mini but I'd like to retain all my storage via a NAS box. I'd like to be able run all 4...
  29. kent

    WTB: Comcast E-mail address out west

    I'm trying to dodge regional blackouts on ESPN3 by using a VPN and it worked last year but this year they want you to subscribe to cable TV for the good games (the nerve of those jerks) Soooo. I'd like to buy a Comcast e-mail address from someone who has Xfinity, just add me to your account...
  30. kent

    Professional nMediaPC HTPC 3.3TB and MSI X370 Ultrabook 13.1", <1" thickness, 3.1lb

    I've recently become inundated with Apple hardware going so far as taking a week long vacation with only my iPad (3rd generation) and iPhone 4. I was successful and I think I'd like to downsize my PC equipment down to one machine while this hardware is still worth something. Open to (partial...
  31. kent

    Professional nMediaPC case'd HTPC (Core 2 Duo, nVidia 9400, 4GB, 3.3TB, BluRay burner

    Purpose built home theater computer Core 2 Duo 2.93GHz (stable at 3.33GHz on stock voltage) Gigabyte nVidia i7xx Motherboard 4GB DDR2 800MHz (expandable to 8GB) 320GB 7200RPM 32MB Cache Western Digital boot drive ("Blue Model", low power) 2x1.5TB (2.73TB formatted) 32MB cache Western Digital...
  32. kent

    Bluetooth battery speakers that are light and easy travel?

    I've got a messenger bag I carry with my MSI X370 (13" AMD E-450 "ultraportable" 3.1lbs) and I've gotten into the bluetooth craze and I want some good light and compact bluetooth speakers. I know light + compact = sounds like crap but better than laptop speakers. I can also pair them with my...
  33. kent

    Nintendo DSi XL w/ AceKard 2i and 8GB SDHC, case, etc

    Barely used (less than 30 hours) DSi XL Bronze with AceKard 2i and 8gb SDHC for the AceKard. - Nintendo DSi XL (Bronze). MINT/PERFECT condition with NO DEAD PIXELS. Battery holds a PERFECT charge - Comes with very rare and very special Ace Kard 2i game with 8GB SDHC card preinstalled and...
  34. kent

    Mom died, moving back in with dad, no DSL/Cable

    First off, no need for condolences even though I'll get them so thanks in advance. My wife and I are moving in with my dad for about a year. My mom just died at age 53 (see: for obit) He currently has Wildblue but as many of you know you can only download 17GB of data per...
  35. kent

    Where can I find this cable? I need that but it's OOS
  36. kent

    If I liked WC3 but never played Starcraft, will I like Starcraft II

    I know I know, I never played Starcraft but I played Warcraft 3 when it came out and enjoyed the 4 single player campaigns, never did any online playing Do you think I'll enjoy Starcraft II?
  37. kent

    I just got a DS XL -- any good games to buy on the online marketplace?

    Are there any good games to download on the DS Shop that's built into the DS? I think most of them are download only and don't come in cartrage form
  38. kent

    9 month stable (no crash) HTPC locks up every night

    Cliff notes: Built HTPC 9 months ago (specs at bottom of post), never had one problem, crash, error, bug, ANYTHING. NEVER had ANY problems. I leave it on 24/7 and always have as it's a true HTPC, records TV shows, downloads torrents, etc. -- Every night it locks up now and once I...
  39. kent

    Reinstalling W7 on HTPC -- Any reason NOT to go X86 this time?

    Last time I used w1retap's guide to setting up an HTPC. Since I was using onboard nVidia 9400 and wanted CUDA accelerated HD (MKV) playback I needed to use 32-bit Windows 7. Now that I'm "upgrading" to a low end ATI card so I can bitstream DTS-HD and DD-HD to my receiver is there any...
  40. kent

    WTB: HD Bits invite ($20)

    I got $20 PayPal for the first person who'll invite me to HD Bits Over at BIT-HDTV I've got: 694GB U/L 184GB D/L (Ratio: 3.75) At Bitgamer I have: 73.90 GB U/L 17.55 GB D/L (Ratio: 4.210) And at Passthepopcorn I'm rocking: # Up: 61.81 GB # Down: 46.15 GB # Ratio: 1.33