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    New Build is Put on Hold

    Why the fuck can't I buy an RTX 2080ti founders edition? Also, is the Intel 9700K is a ghost? I'm beside myself, because I've waited and saved for years to build a high end PC. I've got more than enough money. I guess enough to buy two RTX2800's in Sli, with the $70 NVLINK bridge. But that's...
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    GTX 580 sli temps

    I have two GTX 580's, and though my Gigabyte X58 motherboard has three PCI-E slots, my case will only let me use the top two. That puts the two cards right next to each other. I have a Cosmos-s case and six fans. My second video card get's up to 86c (gpu-z) during Crysis/Warhead, and Metro 2033...
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    Folding PPD seem very low. GTX 285

    I just installed a couple of GTX 285's into my pc expecting very good performance. Games play @ 1920 X 1200 great, including Crysis/Warhead on very high. GTAIV plays great too. My folding performance is horrible compaired to other people with this same card. I have tried disabling SLI in the...