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    DVDO VP50 firmware v1.09

    Just acquired dvdo vp50 from ebay and was wondering if anyone here has firmware v1.09 that they can sent me? I've tried the one off the internet that I found, but when I updated it, it says the file is corrupted. Thanks.
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    Free: 1 Dirt Showdown code

    Got this with pre-order of Grid Autosport, but already have it. Redeem via steam only. DiRT Showdown: Taken Please post if you taken the code so I can closed this thread. Thanks.
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    Seiki 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV $400 Free shipping at Amazon This is the lowest I've seen for 39" 4K Seiki. The price do fluctuate, so it could go back up very quickly.
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    Free: Xbox 360 $10 Store credit

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    AVerMedia Live Gamer HD owners question

    Does the card allow you to display 1080p@60hz on the monitor while playing xbox360/ps3 games? Basically, I just want to play xbox360/PS3 games on the my LCD monitor at 1080p@60hz without lagging. I don't care about capturing/steaming the game play. Right now, I have AVerMedia Game...
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    FS: iphone 4S 32gb Black assembled with spare parts

    To make it short, I bought a logic board that came off of a white iphone 4S 32gb on ebay and put it together with spare parts I have left sitting around. The front glass and the back glass is moderately scratched, but not cracked. Other than that, everything else is working fine in term of...
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    WTB: iphone 4S logic board

    looking for an iphone 4S logic board to replace my dead iphone (not really dead, but for the life of me, I can't restore it). Ebay is a little to expensive, so I might try here. Thanks.
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    Free: $14.99 promotional credit towards TERA Online Collector's Edition

    I don't know why amazon would do this because I already bought Tera Online Collector's Edition and now I get $14.99 credit toward the purchase of Tera Online Collector's Edition :confused:. Anyway, I got no uses for this and I'm giving it out the code for free which I don't know if the code...
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    WTB: Steam Pre-Purchase F1 2012 2-Pack

    Anyone want to go in on a 2 pack of F1 2012 with me? It comes out to be $37.50 per person. I would like to purchase the 2 pack this Friday (pay day :)). Thanks. My heat is sprak74. closed!
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    FS: Ducky Shine Blue LED Mech Keyboard

    Model number: DK9008S Blue LED Black Cherry MX switches I've probably used this for about two weeks and then was put away in its original box after I got Razer Ultimate Stealth. Price: SOLD thanks to dragon69. Trade I might be interested: GTX570 for my hackintosh Paypal or Amazon...
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    Portal 2 @ steam $9.99

    Just saw this for Mac/PC, so I bought it.
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    WTB: Corsair K60 Orange Keycaps

    For all of thoses that have Corsair K60 and are not using the orange "Contoured, textured WASD and 1-6 Keycaps", I would like to buy it from you. I keep loosing my fingers to WASD keys after moving it and hopefully the Corsair orange keycaps helps. Hit me with a price. Thanks.
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    Newegg: Mionix Zibal 60 $99.99 w/ free shipping Seems like a good deal, because it was usually around $139. The deal end on January 14th.
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    Netgear WNR2000v2 as WAP

    I'm really stupid about these network things. How do I setup Netgear WNR2000v2 wireless router as a wireless access point? I just upgraded to a Netgear WNDR3700 wireless router and I don't wanted the wnr2000 to go waste. Is it even possible? Just to let you know, I have searched the web and...
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    Rocksmith $59.99 w/free shipping Still seeing this everywhere for around the average price of $79, but today I noticed that has it for $59.99 w/ free shipping. It for PS3 and Xbox 360. I got the PS3 version.
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    FS: HP Notebook. I'm itching for i7 2600k

    $500.00 shipped HP Pavilion Entertainment dv7t customizable Notebook PC • Espresso Black • Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-330M (2.13GHz, 3MB L2 Cache) • 3GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm) • 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection &#8226...
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    FT: Shift 2 (Xbox360) for Shift 2(PS3)

    I got it on the day of release and the code for the cars is already used. Just want a PS3 version since I already have the 1st shift. We can talk some more if you're interested. Thanks. heat: sprak74
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    LCD TV for computer monitor too?

    I was thinking of getting Sony 32EX500 to use as a computer monitor. Is this a bad idea? It's the smallest I've found that Sony offer with 1920x1080 and I'll be sitting about 2 1/2 feets away. Any comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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    FS: Optoma HD65 Zune 80gb Canon Lens RC cars etc...

    Haven't sold here for awhile and now I'm back trying pay back some debt. Also just to let you know all my descriptions will be general and if you want more details please PM me. Heat= sprak74 Payment: paypal (if you hate giving money out to paypal, like I do, I can take MO too.) If...
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    iphone Apps for Web linking

    Since I don't have a data plan for my iphone, I'm using yahoo mail on edge for free. So, I was wondering is there any apps that let me create an icon for springboard and have that icon link to the yahoo mail? Instead of going through safari and then just hit the icon and it'll just take to...
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    T-mobile prepaid for internet access?

    I got iphone unlock with t-mobile and want to pay monthly internet access (cheapest), but I'm on prepaid. Is there anyway? Do I need a sidekick plan or something? Thanks.
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    FS: Walmart GC $200 selling for $180

    If anyone planning on buying something at Walmart, I have a $200 express payback card that I got when I signed up for Qwest high speed internet through Walmart. I can't think of anything to buy right now and really in need of cash instead, that's why I'm selling it for $180. Save yourself $20...
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    WTB: 2-DVD+R DL discs

    I just need two DVD+R DL discs for recording. If anyone have plenty lying around, I can pay $2 shipped each. I don't feel buying a whole spindle, because I rarely use it anyway. I also have paypal ready and my heat is below. Thanks. heat= sprak74
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    Linger in Shadows...

    don't waste your money like I did. What a piece of crap for $2.99 :mad:. I could've gotten three orders of $1 four piece chicken nuggets and would be fully satified.
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    FS: Silverstone PSU, G.Skill Memory, Zalman 9700 & 9500, Silver PS2 Slim

    Need quick cash. Just want to try selling these here first before going to ebay, which I hate their fees. All the items below are used. Silverstone Strider 750W PSU (model no: SST-ST75F) ---> $100.00 shipped. Zalman 9700 HF (Blue LED Light) ---> $30.00 shipped Note: This was used...
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    FS: Lian Li V2000B plus II

    Used only once and uninstalled everything. Bought new at and still have original box and accessories. This is not window version, just the plain side panel with little side vent. Asking $200 shipped. Shipping is going to be heavy. Thanks. heat=sprak74 Paypal accepted...
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    PS3 Tekken 5 download game owner

    Just downloaded Tekken 5 and for some strange reason the picture quality of some the stage in acade mode seem kind of blurry not as sharp as other stages. The health bar looks sharp, but not the character or background does not. Is this normal or should I downloaded it again? If I delete it...
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    PS3 and mp3

    How the heck do I get mp3 to play on the PS3? I've loaded on to the CF card, but PS3 wouldn't recognizes it. Do I need to converted it to a different bit rate?
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    Dell 2408wfp red tint

    Is the red tint normal in PVA panel when looking from the side and above the display, basically from any angle? I asked because the previous one also has this condition. I had the previous one exchange and now the one I got also has the red tint condition. Should I get it exchange for the...
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    WTB: Xbox 360 Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary

    My daughter is 3 years old and she really like to playing tomb raider legend and was hoping to surprise her with anniversary edition. So if you have one laying around for $20 shipped shoot me PM. Thanks. Found a seller. Thanks all.
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    Asus P5E-VM HDMI output to three monitor

    I bought the mobo thinking I could output to three display with 8800gts 320mb. Anyone here with the mobo got it working? Could it be that I have an Nvidia card? Thanks.
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    Two graphic card and 3 monitor

    If I install two graphic card but not run it in SLI, would I able to display it to three monitor? I asked because I want to display it to two monitor and one out to my HDTV set. Is there a cheaper way also. Thanks.
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    Softwares for Karaoke

    I have a lot of karoake on DVD in iso format and was wondering if there's any program that would automatically load the iso to virtual DVD drive and use in on window media center once I press the cover art. Right now I'm using daemon tool, but it just too much hassles to switch dvd going...
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    WTB: Lian Li Silver PSU & 120mm Dust Cover

    Just wondering if anybody have any laying around and not using it. I'm looking for Lian Li silver PSU dust cover and silver external 120mm fan dust cover. Both of these comes with Lian Li V1000. Both is attach external at the back of the case. Thanks.
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    FS: Pentium 4 & BFG 6800GT OC 128mb AGP

    Pull out of my dell 8200. -Intel Pentium 4 2.53 Ghz 512 533 FSB Socket 478 SL6D8 Looked on ebay going for $40. I don't know how about $35 shipped SOLD Samsung PC800 RDRAM 512mb (2 x 256mb) $10.00 shipped Will accept paypal. Heat is sprak74 Thanks for looking
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    WTB DVD+R DL Blank Media

    Looking for one or two cheap DVD+R DL blank media. Don't care what brand it is. Thanks.
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    Is E8500 available yet? If so where. I can't seem to find place that sell them. Also, from what I have read, is this cpu for servers only? Thanks.
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    rig power switch

    Hi Anyone know how to make a power switch? I have evga used 680i it has the two connection PWRSW (SWITCH_ON # and GN). I'm building outside the case to make sure the mobo is working because I don't have a case yet, but I have all the parts to run it. Do I just somehow have to connect the...
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    HTPC: Moneual Moncaso 932T

    Just some pic if anybody interested in buying the same case. Just finish building it about a week ago. Here's what inside the case: Asus P5E E6400 BFG 8800gts 640mb ZALMAN CNPS9500 WMP54GX Wireless w/ SRX OCZ Gold 4GB(2 x 2GB) DDR2 800 Sony DVD RW DRU-700A (IDE)...
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    FT BFG 7950GT OC 512mb for E6600

    Looking to trade my bfg 7950GT OC 512mb card for slightly used E6600. If anybody interested please PM me. Also might also consider used PSU 850w or over. Thanks.