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    High resolution monitor for a Macbook Air

    Hi guys, I'm in search for a decent monitor to use as an external display for my Macbook Air. After comparing the 27" Thunderbolt display next to the 27" 5K display at Best Buy today, I noticed a considerable difference in crispness and clarity with the 5K display. With that being said, I'm...
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    VGA Output only laptop, to HDTV?

    Hey guys, i'm looking to for easiest and/or cheapest method to output video from a laptop that only supports VGA output to an HDTV which accepts RCA, Component, or HDMI as sources of input. To clarify: Laptop Output: VGA HDTV Input: RCA (red, yellow, white), Component(Red, green, blue), and...
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    HDMI Out, no signal?

    Hey guys, I have a Samsung laptop which i'm having issues on with the HDMI out. I've connected the laptop via HDMI onto my 32" Olevia TV and am constantly receiving a "No Signal" error. To narrow down the problem to this laptop specifically i've also tried 2 other laptops on this same TV which...
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    Blackberry question

    Hey, i'm selling my curve 3g (9330) running os6 and would like to pull off my pictures/songs off the phone. The trouble i'm having is that I am able to access the SD card from my computer, but I can't seem to be able to navigate to the internal memory of the phone to copy over the files. Is...
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    Looking for a new game?

    Hey guys, i've been playing counter-strike: source since the day of it's release, and the original counter-strike since 1.3. I haven't ever since picked up another game which caught my interest as counter-strike did. After years of playing it, and actually gaining interest for video games once...
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    Shogun 2, 18$ or willing to trade

    Just bought a 6770 video card and i'm not interested in the game. The card code has not been scratched off yet so I can either scratch it off and tell you the code, or mail you the card. 18$ or willing to trade for another steam game Heat
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    Shogun 2

    Just bought a 6770 video card and i'm not interested in the game. The card code has not been scratched off yet so I can either scratch it off and tell you the code, or mail you the card. 18$ Heat
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    HD 6770 vs GTX 550 ti vs HD 5670

    So, i just upgraded my system after quite some time. The new system specs are in the sig below. As you can see i'm stuck on onboard video at the moment, and before I place the order on my video card i'd like some help narrowing down which is the best fit for me. I haven't touched my desktop in...
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    Weird ghosting on VGA only?

    Hey, so I have an acer p191w monitor which I purchased quite some time ago. When I purchased it, I only used it through DVI, which worked fine. Many months later I tried to use it via VGA only to find out there is a weird blurry/ghosting effect. Through the years i've used many different...
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    $300 Basic Build

    Well first off, I haven't been to these forums nor have I kept up with the trends of computer hardware since my last build of many years ago.. It's safe to say i'm out of the loop and learning again all the cool things the computer world has to offer. What you see in my sig was my desktop...
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    Windows 7 recommended hardware

    Hey guys ive got a car pc setup which currently has windows xp which has been smooth so far but ive run into a problem. Im not able to use a2dp prfile with bluetooth because of windows xp, though i knowit will work fine on my windows 7 laptop so im considering upgrading my carpc to wndows 7...
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    WTB: ddr400 ram

    Hey guys i'm looking for some DDR 400 or DDR333 or DDR266.. Speed doesn't matter, just has to be regular old DDR. EDIT: Now looking for only 1gb sticks. Would like either one or two sticks. PM me price shipped to 11706. Thanks
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    WTB: Socket 754 or 939 motherboard or cpu

    Hey guys im primarily looking for a socket 939 motherboard *has to be Matx*. I'd also be intereested in a 939 processor, but i've got a pretty nice deal lined up on that, but i'd defintly take offers on the processor aswell. Mobo/cpu combo would be great. Though, if anyone has socket 754...
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    WTB: Socket 754 motherboard

    Hey guys i'm looking for a working socket 754 motherboard, cheapest price possible. Thanks
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    Computer hardware problem..

    Hey so recently the rig in my sig stopped working. To be exact, when I turn on the power button the fans, leds, and hard drive turn on, but nothing appears on the screen. Then, 10seconds later the computer shuts itself off. All this while no BEEPS come from the speaker. I've tried to reset...
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    PSU Keeps dieng out

    Hey, recently my computer has suddenly been shutting down or absolutely no reason. I've traced the problem to my Antec TruePower 380watt power supply. It seems that if the ATX cable is moved even slightly, the computer completely shuts down, but awkwardly the front led lights remain on. At this...
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    Choosing between 19" lcd's

    Hey, i've been out of the tech scene for a while, and now i'm looking for a new 19" lcd display. I've got a gift card from bestbuy, and have had good luck with their protection plan so i've chosen to purchase it from them. i've narrowed it down to a few selections, each increasing in...
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    DVD RW drives

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    Mp3 player which supports SD Card

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    Can I *repair* an english windows, with foreign cd?

    Hey, I have a laptop which needs a window repair.. I don't want to lose all the junk that came with the laptop, and did not come with a CD to repair, install, or anything so(it's a sony by the way) I was wondering if I could use a copy of windows i have that is a different language to repair it...
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    FS: 3 **Sony VAIO VGN-SZ240 Notebook/Laptop** (BNIB)

    Hey, i'm currently selling 3 brand new in box Sony VAIO® VGN-SZ240 Notebook's They are all brand new in box, one of the has been opened to remove the receipt included inside the box, the plastic was never removed on that laptop. Upon shipping, I will need to open the rest aswell *only* to...
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    FS/FT: RIO Carbon, Mind condition (NO MICRODRIVE) 35$

    Going on ebay tomorrow, last offer.. 38$ SHIPPED Come on, all you have to do is buy the microdrive and put it in, snap the cover on and you've got an MP3 player. I am selling an almost brand new Rio Carbon 5GB, *without* the microdrive. I purchased it, and used it for about a week, I...
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    carputer vs. head unit

    Hey, i'm deciding weather or not I should put a carputer in my car. here's the thing, either way when I get a job i'm going to be upgrading my entire system. the head unit I have picked out is a pioneer deh6800, which runs for about 300~ on ebay. if I put a carputer, i already have a full...
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    nvidia video out, black and white :(

    Hey, i've spent the entire day trying to get my video out to work in color but nothing will work, unless i unstinstall the drivers completely.. I have a msi 6600gt. i've tried many different drivers but cant find one that works, the new ones don't work, and the old ones don't seem to...
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    Auto Cad computer?

    Hey, my friends brother is looking for a decent computer for college with his auto cad work.. He's asking me to build him something for cheap but he definetly want's Intel and Hyper-Threading support.. I'm wondering what would be a decent CPU, motherboard, and video card.. I can figure out...
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    WTB: 350+ watt decent PSU

    Hey, i'm looking to buy a decent 350 watt or more PSU let me know what you have, thanks. email:scooby06 *at* optonline *dot* net
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    Whats that apple look alike(PC version)?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone konw the name of that laptop which looked like the apple laptops (silver) it was supposed to be a competitor of it or a copy of it, except it comes with windows.. Thanks
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    Certain things so slow, why?

    Hey, lately certain things have been extremely slow on my computer.. things like opening documents, images, folders, or evan right clicking files takes longer than it should. My XP install isn't all that old, maybe 3 or 4 months, and I defragged about a month ago because of this but nothign...
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    Sandisk Ultra 2, ide mode?

    Hey, does anyone know if SanDisk Ultra 2 compact flash cards work in IDE mode? I wan't to try and put one in my Rio Carbon.
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    PSU keeps dieng..

    Hey, the other day a friend of my dad came to me for computer help, I didn't get to look too much into the computer spec's or anything, it was an older socket a chip all I know, SD ram too.. The problem was as they said, "the computer shut off and didn't turn back on," The case panels...
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    Under 100$ video card for CS:S

    Hey, my brother is interested in purchasing HL2/CS:S, but I told him his video card isn't all that good and that an upgrade would give him much better quality. He doesn't want to spend anymore than $100, and isn't an extreme gamer like some of us. He just wants good picture quality, smooth FPS...
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    The art of fan mounting..

    Hey, this is a linux server computer i'm making, I was trying not to spend any money and just using the spare computer parts I had around, well it worked.. I am probably going to make a guide on how to do this if I have enough people interested...j/k.
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    FS: Koss "The Plug"

    Hey I have a pair of new Koss "The Plug" ear bud's which I don't need.. I've opened the box but used them for like 2 minutes only, one of the stop sign shaped ear bud replacements is lost though, fell underneath the side of my bed somewhere :( This is the *NEW* version by the way. I...
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    VGA HS replace, do I use thermal compound?

    Hey, I am going to be removing the stock heatsink from my MSI 6600GT, and replacing it with a Zalman VF700-AlCu. I am going to apply a thin layer of Arctic Silver Ceramique on the GPU as I would on the core of a CPU, but should I apply Arctic Silver Ceramique on the Zalman VF700-AlCu as I would...
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    7v mod causing damage to PSU?

    Hey, I've heard stories about the 7v mod causing damage to the PSU, because the extra 5v's are being sent back to the PSU which is not good.. Co-winkda-dinkly, I want my CPU fan to run at 7v and my VGA fan to run at 5v, could it be wired so that my CPU fan draws 7v's of current and the remaining...
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    7v/12v switch?

    Hey, I have a 2 way switch and i'm wondering if it's possible to wire my fan to this wire making it 12v/7v
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    ATI Radeon 8500 new fan?

    Hey, my friend is trying to make his computer silent, he has a ATI Radeon 8500, his comp sounds like a beast so I can't evan tell if it's that loud but I wan't him to replace it anyways.. Is there a quiet heatsink/fan solution for this?
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    Zalman VF700-Cu vs VF700-AlCu

    Hey, there is a $5 difference between the two, and although that may not seem like a lot, i'm a cheap barstard! I am planning on running this on 5v (silent) and probably will overclock "slightly", i'm not an extreme overclocker so i'm wondering if the Cu is really worth the extra money...
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    Change 6600GT fan, void warranty?

    Hey, I am about to order a Zalman VC700-AlCu or whatever it is called, i'm wondering though, will replacing this with the stock cooler void my warranty? Could I *sneekly* put it back on if anything wrong does happen, would they notice the stock thermal pads missing??
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    6600GT Load temps?

    Hey, I made a custom cooler for my 6600GT, i'm wondering what temp's should the load be? I dont have a thermal probe so i'm basicly touching my chipset and seeing the temp of that and comparing it to how much hotter the GPU is to that? so remember, load temps? what should it be, or what is...