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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    TY! Looking forward to checking it out when I get home from work.
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Whoops! In-game name is fancycakes.
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Requesting to be added to the whitelist. I should meet criteria 1 and 2 for being eligible. Thanks!
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    Network pics thread

    More parts arriving daily.
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    Network pics thread

    Just a little tease. Lots more gear on the way.
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    House networked with single CAT5E cable

    Only possible if the existing run isn't nailed down, stuck, etc.
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    Best freebie from a course you've taken?

    I also agree that SANS in-person is the better format. Not only do you have awesome instructors, but you have classmates that you can bounce ideas off of, etc. I took 503 online and found myself wishing I would have done another live event. I did 502 at SANS Rocky Mountain in '08 and got much...
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    Best freebie from a course you've taken?

    I got a Dell netbook from SANS last summer. I didn't realize they were having that offer until after I signed up. Nice!
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    House networked with single CAT5E cable

    IMO, walk away from this project. I'm not doubting your abilities, but it sounds like you will be in over your head very quickly. Below are my reasons. - Marble and granite - Have fun with that. - 1 pull to each room and unsure of the presence of conduit. If you knew the current Cat5 wasn't...
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    Wardriving ((( i )))

    This. Although it feels like it may be past it's peak of interest from a few years back. I remember going on work trips, firing up netstumbler and being wowed by the number of APs out there, people's silly SSIDs, etc.
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    Looking for a fanless Gigabit switch... is there such a thing?

    I know you decided on the Netgear, but I just wanted to toss out another switch. TRENDnet TEG-S80DG - Fanless, and has an internal PSU, so no external power supply that takes up room on a power strip, or that you have to find a...
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    is there any easy to use router/firewall software ???

    Untangle will definitely allow for everything you want to long as you have the hardware to run it. I push 100's of people through UT every day without a hiccup on a 20/20Mbps connection.
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    Prevent employees from bringing personal laptops and connecting to the network?

    If this shop is as small as it sounds (no money for a "real" solution, no managed network gear, etc.), and they are not using wireless, why not just unplug the patch cords on the network gear from the network jacks that are being abused? Essentially a hardware disable on all unused network...
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    help : clearos vs endian vs untagle?

    I just implemented the AD connector for UT, and it is still the .vbs script via group policy.
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    TB data archiving

    One thing I haven't seen answered yet is this. How often will the retained data be accessed? Will you be accessing the data on a regular basis, or is this data going to be archived and collect dust 99% of the time?
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    How to kill time on winter weekends..

    I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure the on-board is probably a broadcom and I know the PCI NIC is a 3Com. Like I said, I've had no problems with this box running my UT for the last 2 years or so. On a side note...I caused ClearOS to kernel panic two times last night just surfing the web...
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    How to kill time on winter weekends..

    Yeah, I've had nothing but great performance with Untangle for about 2 years now. Just started having these problems recently.
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    How to kill time on winter weekends..

    Booting into Windows 7 on my main PC would give me a ring on my network icon (not spinning though, just frozen). Some services would be able to connect to the Internet as Windows Updates would show up, but nothing outside of that really. I could still browse the LAN however. Then my new laptop...
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    How to kill time on winter weekends..

    So I'm glad I saw this post. My Untangle box was having some issues with the latest release and was giving me all sorts of issues. After a bit of work I'm now running ClearOS. I like it so far, but my bandwidth speed tests seem to be horrible compared to what I was getting on Untangle. I'll let...
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    Thoughts on PowerConnect 5324

    I came across two PowerConnect 5324 switches on craigslist and am wondering if any of you have any experience with them. I know PowerConnects usually have a good rep here at [H], but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something with this particular model. Right now 99% of my network at...
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    Running VPN inside of a VMWare Session...

    BSOD for me last night as well. 2.1.4 on Windows 7 x64. I'll check out 2.1.0 and see if that works tonight.
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    Hiding Wires from wall to Desk in middle of room

    Check out SafCord. It is a piece of fabric (in various colors and sizes) with velcro on the sides. It simply covers your cords and then sticks to the carpet floor. We use these quite often and they work great. Unlike the plastic/rubber things of the past, these stay where you put them and don't...
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    Cacti Users

    Put this code in the head section, where "XXX" is the number of seconds before a refresh. Leave the quotation marks in the code when using. <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="XXX">
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    Cacti Users

    I created a custom site that had Cacti graphs of the most viewed/important interfaces for our internal use a while back. It is fairly simple to pull a graph image from Cacti. Simply drill down to the graph you want, right-click and "view image". You can then use that image URL in your custom...
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    Unethical or just plain Unlawful? What to do?

    Yeah, I'd get the hell out of Dodge if I were you. Even if that isn't illegal (which it sounds to be, unauthorized access/hacking) I wouldn't want to be working at a place like that and get caught up in litigation and have my reputation and future work career tarnished.
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    Network pics thread

    Thread for bandwidth stats: Racked these up last Friday. 2 x R900, 1 x R720
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    List your networking tool set

    Adding a few: -Paper & pen/pencil -RJ45 & RJ11 ends -Blue Cisco cable
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    Network pics thread

    Just a few pics of some of our residence hall distribution racks. Blue phone line was not my doing...too messy for my liking. 3 x 3560 2 x 3560 (This same setup is on 3 floors) - Plenty of room for VOIP expansion in the future.
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    shorter method for changing domain back to same domain?

    You should be able to login as a local admin account and just re-join the domain. No need to join to a workgroup and then back to the domain. We do that when we have a PC dis-joined from the domain.
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    IT dept. is dead

    KS eh? I'm guessing Wichita. /wave As for down-time, documentation is always something that seems to be needed. Either creating it because it doesn't exist other than in someone's head, or because it is not up do date with your current procedures/practices. Also, as others have said, if you...
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    connecting server room to main office block!

    Is it just me, or are we helping bump a 2 year old thread?
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    Conflicker + Network Scanner?

    I have a couple subnets, so I did them one at a time, and just tossed the results into a text file and did a find on "Likely INFECTED". It's a pretty dirty search, but it worked for what I wanted to find.
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    Conflicker + Network Scanner?

    My Method: 1. Get Nmap/Zenmap - 2. Run the following sweep across your network, replacing " /24" with your network information: nmap -p 445 -d --script smb-check-vulns --script-args safe=1 /24 3. Results are as follows: Host...
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    Conflicker discovery tool

    My Method: 1. Get Nmap/Zenmap - 2. Run the following sweep across your network, replacing " /24" with your network information: nmap -p 445 -d --script smb-check-vulns --script-args safe=1 /24 3. Results are as follows: Host...
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    Fraternity Network Monitoring

    I can attest to the usage of Untangle in a college environment. I'm currently using it on a 10Mbps line and serving 200-300 users, all on a Dell desktop (Dimension 755 for now, moving to something more robust soon). No problems here. edit - Not the same box as in my sig. That's personal use.
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    Firewall Distro with best online community?

    The only one I have any experience with is Untangle, and so far, I have been pretty happy with finding information that I need.
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    My dad is dumb, help me out here

    I'm curious about who pays for the Internet at the house. Does the OP's father or the father's employer? If the father's employer provides Internet as part of the job, I would think that the Linksys needs to be put back in place. Then, check with the employer's IT department to see if using the...
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    Distrubution list error on Outlook w/Exchange Server

    What I have found is that there is no set limit on the number of contacts in a distro list. What limits the size is the amount of information stored for each contact, if that makes any sense. I have been unable to find any info on what that size limit is.
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    Dumpster Diving!