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    End of an era

    Well its finally time, my last dually rig is being retired. Its only been folding gpu units for the last 5 years so having a dual cpu machine was just a waste. Also the PPD of the cpu's just wasn't worth the power draw any more. Its going to get replaced when my daily driver gets upgraded...
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    Shutting down for a while

    Hi All Unfortunately I am going to have to shut my rigs down for the foreseeable future as the wife has been made redundant. While my wage allows us to cover all the bills it does not allow for any kind of luxuries of which my folding hobby is one. Hopefully I will be back on line by mid...
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    Stats server down

    The F@H stats server is down again, just as I start everything back up:mad:
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    F@H server maintenance

    Just to let you all know that the F@H servers will be offline on the 6th and 7th of July, Standford's Reasearch computing facility is undergoing maintenance to its electrical system. Excellent opportunity for maintenance/upgrades.
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    Core 21 fix

    As you know the latest drivers and core 21 do not work together due to something breaking in Nv's opencl driver. I know NV has issued a hotfix driver but work has been ongoing to try and find the solution. PG have finally found it and a new version of core21 is nearly ready for testing - once...
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    24 or more thread machines

    For anyone with a 2p/4p rig who feels inclined to try it, fire up a FAH client and set up a cpu slot with 36 threads, you may be slightly surprised:)
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    News from F@H

    OK a couple of bits of news for the many who do not visit FF. Core 15 has now been retired, this means that no gpu earlier than a Fermi will fold. Even then the lower end 4xx cards may struggle and the 405 is a no-no. There is a new stats feature that VJ has just posted about:- Folding Forum...
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    Okay, based off the ongoing debate across the forum about increasing production lets try this for a starter. Anyone wanting to challenge another member of the team to a goal can post in this thread making everything easy to find.
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    PCIe speed folding performance

    There have been lots of threads on various forums recently about the effect or not of varying PCIe bus speeds on folding performance, gaming performance does take a hit on lower speeds due to bandwidth but does the same hold true for F@H? A previous attempt to test this on my Z9PE rig failed as...
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    JTG I don't want to clutter up the other thread however something needs saying. Are you going to continue to spout bullshit or are you actually going to fold some WU and mow me?:p:p
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    Move over Ax

    Axdrenalin, prepare for a mowing:D Jaech - you'll be next!
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    F@H updates

    A few bits of news from PG that folders may want to know about Core 18 for AMD GPU's Removal of the additional bonus for core A4 WU Core 18 update for Maxwell GPU's Core 18 update for Linux based folders & Maxwell gpu's The bonus points calculator has been updated to get its data...
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    Core 11

    Found this post from VJ on his blog:-
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    FAH simulates start of a cancer protein

    Found a link to this whilst on overclockers forums and we live in hope that this comes to something:-
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    The effect of HT on folding performance

    As none of you really like going to foldingforum I thought I'd copy this over. The debate on the benefits of hyper threading for F@H has raged back and forth as long as I have been folding and I saw it mentioned yet again recently but I have never seen anyone test it out. As I have just had...
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    L5640 setup

    Up for sale are the following combo's Combo 1 Asus Z8NA-D6C mobo. 2 xeon L5640 @2.26 (PM for more details) 12gb Ram:- Corsair XMS CAS 8 2 x intel heatsinks The board will come with the manuals, driver disk and as many accessories as I can find Just a HDD/SSD/USB stick and a PSU and...
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    Ivy-E folding on the Z9PA

    As those of you who join IRC know I recently managed to obtain a pair of Ivy-E 12core cpu's for the bargain price of $1400, I say bargain as the auction had them listed as 8 core parts but the actual picture was of a HCC chip (the 12 cores look different). CPU-Z identifyies the cpu as a 2640 8...
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    E5 Xeon list

    I've put together a quick list of all the E5 Xeon ES chip for those who are looking to maybe go down this route for a possible folding rig. It still early days and i'm still finding info out so bear with me. If anyone spots any problems or has more info either post here or PM me. E5 Xeon...
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    New F@H survey

    Vijay has just posted about a new F@H survey that is being conducted,
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    Core 17 updates

    Vijay has posted some new info on his blog about core 17 and some improvements that he hopes to implement before the core goes live. Some mighty impressive speed gains to be had by...
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    New F@H video

    Just found this on the news blog, I thought the video was excellent Edit:- the web page is good as well
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    Upgrade from a 460

    OK so my Asus 460 768mb is getting a bit long in the tooth and starting to stutter with some of my recent game purchases such as Serious Sam3 and NFS most wanted. System specs are, Dual xeon L5640's@ 2.4, Asus server Z8NA mobo, Asus GTX 460 768mb, 12gb Ram, corsair HX1000 PSU, monitor runs at...
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    F@H Benchmark program

    As the thread title says: and
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    Ancient retro rig

    So i've been slowly working my way through all the computer junk that i have sitting in the computer room and today its the day of the really old stuff 2 x baby AT pentium boards and my 1st PC, my old desktop gateway P90. It was still partially assembled so plugged everything back in and...
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    Linux GPU update

    Just found this thread over at FF, as some of you may have already seen PG are in the process of developing a new GPU core, core 17. One of the benefits is that it is supposed to run on linux and from the comments made by protoneer things look promising...
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    20bn pernts

    well, we just hit 20bn points:D:D Huge congrats to all, fold on!!
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    Random facts

    So, wifey is watching crap on telly so i'm idly browsing EOC and have just noticed this. In 2.7 years the mighty user PS3 - with a total of 2.8bn points will get mowed by both Musky and Grandpa - The question is which one will be the 1st? Race time!!:D We will overtake Default in 807 days...
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    need help from the linux guru's

    So i powered down my 5670 rig today for a clean, put everything back togetehr and she booted up fine and is folding again but tpf's are way slower than normal. Went back into the bios and everything is ok there, downloaded i7z and cpu's are running at full speed. Killed the client and...
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    PG has a request

    One of the new guys at PG is asking for what programming experience we may have - i do not know what for but maybe they are looking for some assistance in a few area's
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    Musky just hit 800m

    Big congrats to musky on hitting the huge total of 800m!!, congrats and fold on.:cool:
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    Teaser time

    So, Postie has been busy the last few days..... Ohh, Shiny Shiny new parts have arrived, more to come later:D:p
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    F@H makes to front page of Wikipedia

    As most of you know Wikipedia has a "featured article of the day" on its main page every day. Well with thanks to Jesse_V and a few others over at FF F@H made it:cool: Hopefully it will bring a few new folders on board
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    News from PG re GPU benchmarking

    Just found this courtesy of our folding collegues over at EVGA. Looks like its Brucy bonus time for GPU clients:)
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    Congrats to team 33

    As of this moment on the offical stanford stats we are number 1 with a total of 17,901,219,428 points vs EVGA's 17,900,420,516.:D:D Congrats to all on a job well done. Now is not the time to take our foot off the gas otherwise will will soon lose our spot again. EVGA have proven that they...
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    more cores - smaller mobo

    Asus has just released an interesting new mobo..... Dual LGA2011 on ATX footprint If pricing is right could be a valid contender to replace the classic and highly useful Z8NA-D6
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    CCTV storage questions

    Not sure if this is the right place for this so if not please move to a more appropriate place. I have been tasked with trying to repair our CCTV systems at work, all based on standard PC components in a rack case but i've hit a snag with the storage options. Now the systems are from 2005...
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    The end of BA8/BA12

    Kasson just posted this over at FF, looks like its BA16 only for now.... Bigadv moves to 16+ cores
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    new projects

    Just found this over at FF. New bigadv/bigbeta projects. Also note the comments at the bottom about reevaluating bigadv again at the end of the year.
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    We are a bunch of cheats??!!!

    Ok some of you have seen the thread over at EVGA that says we are gaming the servers so that we only get 69xx WU. Well punchy just called us out over at FF.:eek::mad:
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    slowing down for a while

    Got my parents stying for the next 3 weeks so my "noisy" x5670 rig will be offline. I'll still be folding, just on my slower quieter rigs. Those who are in the queue to mow me, strike now as I am eying up shiny new toys for the autumn