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    Name this piece?

    I need to order a piece, it's a connector that connects 2 pieces of CAT5, like has two females, so I can take 2 25' lan cables and make it 50' by plugging both into this "coupling". I can't think of the name to be able to search on newegg, thanks for any help.
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    searching through text files

    Hey, I have 1000's of text files that I want to search through to see which ones have a certain text in them. Is there a program that I can download that will search all of the files for me? They are all on the same hardrive but different folders. Like I'm looking to see which ones have the text...
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    Excel idle = autokick

    Hey, we have a few excel docs on our network that 10 or so of us share inputting data into, problem is that everyone forgets to close out of it, making others have to send an email. Is there a way to get excel to kick the user that is idle so others can get into the doc? Thanks.
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    windows explorer question

    I want to be able to open a lot of directory trees, then close out of explorer, reopen and have the same directory trees open. Is there a way to do this? It always defaults back to documents etc. thanks in advance!
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    Update Farcry 1.2 Patch!

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    Cd burner issue.

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    FS: 3200 Combo (mobo/processor)

    I'll post pics soon. The board is the Abit nf7-s, with the soundstorm. The processor is a 2500xp barton. Heatsink/fan is a SLK-800 with a TT 2 fan with fan control. This combo is like peanut butter and jelly. I...
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    Motherboard driver problem.

    I'm building one with the Asrock 939Dual VSTA and X2 4800, using an agp 7600GS. Load windows xp from scratch. I load the motherboard drivers. Then while I load the video drivers the screen goes black when the installing bar is moving. Like normal, except it clicks on and off twice and stays...
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    FS/FT: Motherboard/Processor combo

    Was a clients old stuff and he just upgraded. I don't think he ever overclocked it (doesn't seem to be his thing) Pictures will explain. Here's a good review. Seems like it would be a good overclocker, don't know much about the processor, i think it's a 2000xp, can't quite make out the stepping...
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    Recommend me a video card.

    Hey all, I need to replace a client's 6800NU with something pci express that will be as good if not better. What some of my choices? He's happy with the performance of the 6800NU but wants to switch to an FX-55. I know the vc will be the bottleneck but he wants to put more into the mobo/cpu at...
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    Saving folders from outlook?

    I have a friend's computer that was all screwed up with spyware/trojans. He couldn't get internet explorer to work any more it just sits there with an hour glass, if he logs on as someone else on the machine he can use IE. His outlook also does the same thing, just sits there locked up. He wants...
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    FS: HP Pentium3 Laptop/Notebook ZT1000

    Here it is: Bought it from a friend a year ago and never use it. The battery is dead but I'm shipping it anyway. The screen is emaculate, no scratches. Here is a review:,aid,104402,00.asp It has a 1.13ghz p3 processor. 256 megs of ram...
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    Problem with laptop, battery not charging.

    And the ac power cord isn't powering up the laptop without the battery either. I bought a new power cord for the laptop and same issue, so I'm thinking its something internal. It's a Toshiba Protege 3480ct. Should I just tell him to buy another laptop? Thanks for any advice given.
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    WTB: video card with TV out(agp or pci)

    Just need something for an extra computer of mine. Looking to spend $15 or so. Heatware: creedamd Done!
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    WTB: IPOD 15gig or better

    Looking to spend $100 to $150 depending on the condition of the ipod. Thanks! Heat: creedamd Ebay: creedamd
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    Premium Xbox 360 - 2 Games, Bonus remote, Overnite Shipping

    I am looking to get $850 for this, the 2 games are: Perfect Dark NFS- Most Wanted $900 Shipped Overnite or best offer. (Continental US) Paypal only. I have the original Reciept for the xbox360 and both games are both sealed. Everything is brand new, never been opened...
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    WTB: An old pentium2 board Asus P2898-XV

    I need to replace this board for a mini yacht, the hardrive have all kinds of old programs that I can't get ahold of anymore, it's easier to just replace the board. Can you guys check and see if you have one laying around, it's an old HP slot. Revision 2.00. Thanks, I know this is like trying...
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    FS: Tyan Tachyon 9700pro M

    This is the model with the hardware monitoring. Never overclocked or removed the heatsink assembly. The card is in excellent condition as I keep all of my stuff. Asking for $55shipped in the US. Heatware=creedamd 8-0 Ebay=creedamd 19-0 Email =
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    Where to get the little nuts for a bfg6800gt OC?

    I need the 4 little nuts that hold the retail heatsink on. Any idea of where to get them? BFG says they won't send replacements. Thanks.
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    WTB: your nuts from your BFG 6800gt OC stock heatsink

    I need the four nuts that bolt on the original heatsink. I figure most of you guys are prolly running water blocks. Thanks for the help if you have them. I'll pay for them.
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    Use another wifi router as an access point?

    I have cable modem hooked up in my basement going to a dlink wireless router then to a few switches throughout the downstairs. I have an extra dlink wireless router (exact same one) that I want to just plug in to a receptacle for an access point for my laptop when upstairs to get a better...
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    WTB: Socket A Mobo/onboard video/sempron compatible

    PM me with heatware/ebay. Thanks!
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    question about computer rebooting

    I have a system that I built for a client, sometimes(about 8 or 9 times throughout the day) when he is online checking his hotmail, he will click to open an email and the machine will do a hard reboot. I have run 3dmark2001 for a couple hours with no locks, the cpu temps are good. Any ideas...
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    Which card for BF2?

    I have the bfg 6800gt oc and also the x800pro, I used the 6800gt for doom3, and the x800pro for hl2, have there been any benchmarking done with BF2 to claim the better card yet?
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    Computer was stolen from a friend.

    Friend of mine had a computer stolen, it was on his home network, there was another computer that was booted up at the time, is there a way to check what time the stolen computer shut down by looking at the computer that was left up and running? Both machines are windowsxp. Thanks.
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    Is AIM usually correct?

    This is weird. I have a few computers in my office, I am on AIM and another of my coworkers are on AIM as well. We keep them both up 24/7, well when I come in I check the AIM log from where we had chatted the day before and it shows that it returned from idle for 10mins exactly then went back to...
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    6800gt vs x800pro my thoughts

    Ok, I have a 6800gt that I have had for months, I have had nothing but stuttering. The now becoming famous stutter as noted in just a fraction of threads:
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    Help with an HP Laptop.

    I have a HP zt1000 Pavilion Laptop, the other day, it was doing fine, I just wanted to format it and load windows from scratch to get some speed back. Well, I stuck in the winxp cd and it booted to it, I tried to delete the partition and it wouldn't let me, it said there were files needed for...
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    Auto fill in address bar? Clear all?

    I am wanting to clear all of the address that pop up when I type, www.a.... it will automatically start giving a list of sites, like www.autozone, www.alpahebet etc, even if I clear history, it will delete the history in the drop down but still prompt for sites that I have visited for auto fill...
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    Kyle's Thoughts...

    Man, it's refreshing to see someone down the middle instead of all of the bashing that is going on in here, both products are great, you can't go wrong with either. Kudos to Kyle for a nice little write up!
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    Which card is better?

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    Format when switching from Ati ->Nvidia

    I had tried to scrub everything out of my system when going from my 9800pro to my 6800gt and getting my new athlon64 processor, I was getting killer scores in all of my benchmarks, yet something looked "jerky" when playing games, last night I went ahead and bit the bullet. I put every thing on...
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    Does it surprise you how close the performance is?

    Between the 6800 line and the x800 line. It really baffles me that the 2 companies spend all of this time and calculations, development, and end up with two products that are so evenly matched. I know that a lot has to do with the technology available to both companies being the same. But...
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    Question about heat sensor.

    Ok, my case has a temperature read out on the front of it. It's hooked to some little wires with a real flat piece that goes between the heatsink and cpu to get the temperature. Now my question is, if grease from skin, different thermal paste, uneven surfaces,bother people so much wouldn't...
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    So, what settings are you hoping for Doom3?

    I am hoping for highest ingame settings(that don't require the 512 video card) @ 1024x768 with 2xAA 8xAF. What is your goal?
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    a64 newcastle 3200 on order, question

    Hey, should I put my SLK 800 on this thing when I get it or use the retail? I don't know how well the retail sinks have progressed since I bought the slk. Thanks
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    Lag in Bf1942 desert combat on 6800gt

    I know it's not the video card, everything seems to be fine, frap shows that I am hitting 85 constantly(my refresh rate) at 1024x768, yet when I look around in game it snags. Any ideas? thanks
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    2500xp@3200 < 3000 64bit amd newcastle?

    I am thinking about pairing the 3000 64bit processor with the msi neo board. Would i see a difference from my 2500xp barton @ 3200? Thanks!
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    1.2 FarCry Patch (Fix for Nvidia cards!) is out!! Enjoy! Release notes: Current changes: ----- · Made the run speed about 15% faster...
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    Graphics problem in FarCry (screenshot)

    Is this a known problem and supposed to be fixed with the 1.2 patch or just something in my driver? using 61.72's, I am just starting to play the game now that I can see it the way it should be played.