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    MSI Afterburner - malware alert google search

    A lot of sketch "Ads" on google search for MSI Afterburner. They are copying the landing page for MSI and the download is for some malicious file that varies in size around 300mb. My scans showed some trojans in the files. Just a FYI.
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    Weird perf drop for 5600x

    In the first few days, 5600x stock/pbo/all clock seemed to be performing quite well. Then the other day noticed my destiny 2 fps mins drop significantly which was accompanied by a few hundred point drop in 3dmark and huge fps loss in vermintide 2. The reason I say its CPU based is because the...
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    Shady bundling practices...

    Just a heads up for 3k series owners. For a limited time, get a PC digital download of Watch Dogs: Legion to experience second generation ray tracing cinematic-quality visuals, and performance enhancing AI-powered DLSS. Also included...
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    Cheapest good quality headphone mic for gaming

    I'm looking for a secondary setup for couch gaming. My current quality setup on my main rig is a DAC/properly amped Senheiser HD800 + a Marantz USB mic on a boom arm. I'm not looking to duplicate the setup, but rather get something withing 80% of that setup quality where my friends can hear...
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    ULMB users

    Just want to see how many [H] gamers are playing with ULMB. I've been using this feature since it was a "hack" before gsync was released and presently am using it natively on my setup. My main reason for ULMB is for FPS gaming. I remember the old days of CRT FPS competitive play. Also note any...
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    FS: Asus 2080 TI Dual Fan

    FOR SALE Asus 2080 TI Dual Fan 11 GB Images in 2nd post Reason for selling: I found an EVGA card I wanted so I'm letting this one go. I've had it in my system for 2 weeks, but I've only gotten a chance to use it a few days as I was away for a week for work. Card overall has been good, but like...
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    Windows 10 Update annoyances

    Just wanted to vent about the big updates packages windows 10 does from time to time. It will install drivers for my nvidia card on its own. I have to used a modified driver set to work with a monitor I have or else it will detect it wrong. On top of that it back tracks versions, I got sent back...
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    Senheiser HD800 Amp/DAC suggestions

    I have rescued a few pairs of these headphones from the garbage fate and now am in need of suggestions on how to take advantage of these headphones. After sifting through head-fi and some other audiophile forums, I'm no closer to finding a affordable amp/dac combo or 1 piece that fits within...
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    GPU technology conference

    Any fellow [H] hanging out here?
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    ULMB shuts off after Destiny 2 exits 388.31

    Anyone else running 388.31 and use ULMB? I notice that after I exit the game, ULMB shuts off. I don't recall this happening with 388.00. 1080ti and ROG PG278qr edit: just tested OW and it happens there too.
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    EVGA 1000W P Silent series just quit working

    Just came home to a dead PC. Kinda odd for it to just give up the ghost like that. Mobo lights indicate ready to turn on, but the PSU failed to activate. Swapped in my old 850W Corsair PSU which has been a champ running 7 years 24/7. On a good note, EVGA RMA sent me a replacement 1200P2 PSU...
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    Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap

    I feel old playing this, or rather replaying this. For the end credits, the dev's included pictures of themselves at the age they played the original. Picked it up for the switch on the Friday and had it beat by Saturday. I was surprised how much I memorized everything in this game and how it...
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    Adequate fan flow cooling for Tesla cards

    I have 2 tesla cards and am thinking of the cooling requirements. They are passively cooled so thinking of the case air flow design and fan CFM's that anyone has used in their build while housing these beasts. They will potentially be training for weeks on end at 100% gpu usage/100% memory so...
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    7700K overclocking

    Seems like system is windows 10 stable under 1.32V with an adaptive setting letting it spike up to 1.45V under load which I understand from intel's specs of voltage and multipliers means that it will always target a 1.45V with that 50x multiplier. When I manually set it to say 1.42V and vdroop...
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    Windows 10 versions and overclocking

    Delete thread; windows update fixed CPU mhz speed being incorrect.
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    Corsair 750D versus my older Lian-Li case PC8C

    I wish Lian-Li was more on the ball for their current designs. They look meh and are priced to the moon these days. There is a BIG difference though in the designs that really stand out once you start working on them. Lian li has a lot of innovative tool less clips/trays/holders that make...
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    EVGA Z270 Classified or MSI Z270 Titanium

    Anyone have one of these boards? Pros/Cons from real world input would be nice. So far a review with a random retail sample 7700k for the EVGA has yielded a 5.0ghz with little fuss but 5.0ghz speeds seem to be hit or miss at this point. These seem to fit for what I want in the SATA...
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    PS3 Data Transfer vs Wii to WiiU

    Having done both in the past few days, the PS3 transfer is a NIGHTMARE compared to the Wii one. The Wii one has you download an app, format a sd card and apply sw to it, then put said sd card in Wii, get stuff, then put in Wii U then done. Took around 3 hours. My Wii exists inside the Wii U...
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    Titan Stock Cooler vs ACX

    20 min run of Furmark 780 default, target temp 81C Titan: 83C (81-83C) avg 55% fan speed 95-100% output ACX: 77C fan avg speed 41% 100% output noise difference: Titan: could hear fan ramp up a bit and is the loudest fan in the system. ACX. I wasn't sure it was on. Had to put it to 80% to hear...
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    WTB: 780 air cooler (WF3, ACX or titan style)

    Prefer the WF3 or AXC for 780, but I figure I can do some modifications to a titan style 780 cooler if someone has taken off. Offering $25 + shipping to UPS Ogdensburg store in NY 13669.
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    780 ACX or Windforce 3 cooler

    So I -accidently- bought a 780GTX with titan cooler. To be honest, the 670gtx it is replacing was dead silent. It was the Gigabyte model with the WF3 cooler. I couldn't find anything concrete off the website or their forums. So anyone know of EVGA or Gigabyte selling those separately? Anyone...
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    Logitech G710 for $129

    I'm thinking at this price point it might actually be worth the "upgrade". I'm using a G15 right now and it has served me well, but the loss of my "info" screen has me wondering if it's worth it still. I can also invoke a price match and beat guarantee at another store which beats it by 10%...
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    Laptop replacement drive recommendations

    Recommendations for a fastest highest storage capacity sata drive for laptop. What's the fastest 2.5 sata's out there right now (also power conscious)
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    Antec P160 to Lian Li PC-B25FWB

    My antec case was getting a bit old. To give it some life, I cut a hole in the top of the case last year for some better cooling. Sadly it didn't keep up with my i7@4ghz upgrade and was really hurting with the 470gtx now. I wanted an armorsuit case from lian li, but the case failed at the 3...
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    How to check RAID health on individual drives

    We have 4 identical systems here which all have RAID mirrors setup, but one pc is significantly slower than the others. Identical configurations, software etc. The issue is that one computer thrashes the hard drives extensively when loading up small programs and can be heard long after loading...
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    Asus P6X58 and e-sata issues

    Trying to get a feel if it's my board or Windows 7. If I connect a drive via e-sata then shut it off, it remains "connected" in windows and I can't reconnect any e-sata drive after the fact unless I reboot the machine. It works fine via USB, but e-sata is being treated differently. On my...
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    Windows 7 and external drives

    I'm noticing a major bug with my external drives via e-sata and windows 7 in which if I shut off the drive, it still says its connected. This is with a thermaltake blacx dock. It won't treat the drive as mass storage so I can't "eject" the drive before hand. On my previous build and e-sata...
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    Windows 7 and some USB flash drives

    I have a strange issue with Windows 7 where it stopped recognizing my Sandisk Cruzer Flash drives, 512mb and 1gb variants. I've actually updated the BIOS off these flash drives, so unless there's something seriously screwed up with my hardware (which would have hosed my BIOS update), it seems...
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    My jump to windows 7... UI "features" I hate...

    I used vista ultimate for awhile, prior to that xp and 2k for the longest time. I finally switched to 7 and for the first time I was REALLY annoyed with this OS. I had played with it in beta, but was more for testing than really working with it. Now that it is my main OS there are "features" I'd...
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    Active Directory and Printing: need documentation

    Anyone have some solid documentation on how printing works with active directory? I need to document how XP clients in general access AD with regards to printers and how they go about printing when a printer is not in AD and found on a DNS instead.
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    XP on Active Directory Domain Printing: DNS or AD first?

    Question to the [H] experts... Does a XP workstation on Active Domain go to DNS or Active Directory first when looking up a printer? Background info on our problem: We've got an issue where XP workstations have an issue with accessing printers. What happens is when you send out a print...
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    Epic Left 4 Dead WIN!!!! Tested and working here, game music should be reduced else you kind of get that mixed into the intro... still though beats that FUAFDSDJFASDJF lighthouse.
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    Help with lost dual boot! Vista 64

    1 drive, dual boot, XP and Vista Ultimate 64. I was trying to reallocate space using Partition Magic from the XP drive to the Vista drive, and somehow messed it up. I couldn't ghost my drive over, so I was forced to delete the partition and recreate. The new drive has the correct space now...
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    Asus P5k MB Temp sensor glitch?

    I'm running an overclocked system as described in the sig, but since installing my 260GTX, my MB sensor has been giving crazy high temps. The physical location is above the memory nowhere near the GTX card, yet it's telling me it's 198C!!! This is at idle too. weird. I'm going to take it...
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    P35, FSB > 400, 8GB 2x4GB 6400 kits results

    I've been testing various settings above 450 since I "lost" my overclock at 450 about a few weeks ago. To break my system I added an extra 4gb of the same memory without taking notice that I may have to go through the whole tweak again. Previously, my system was 4GB and doing AUTO settings for...
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    8GB systems...

    4x 2GB pieces... if 2 pieces ran fine at 1.8V and another 2 pieces prove to run fine at 1.8V then if both are installed (overclocked CPU mind you) then possible that 1.8 might not be enough voltage for the 4? RAM testing takes awhile so I'm just running with some ideas in my head as to why...
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    Belkin wireless NIC dropping connection

    It's getting really annoying when an NIC keeps randomly dropping connection. I can sometimes get away with downloading a 300mb file, or failing on a 3 mb file. I can find it idle for 30 mins fine then go within 3 mins of web browsing. Only a repair to the wireless adapter will kick start it into...
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    Squaresoft store Tokyo Japan...

    Why is this in the console section? This post is here because I nearly dropped my jaw watching upcoming games coming from sqauresoft for various consoles. I saw videos on Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Birth by sleep, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy vs 13. All I can say is I WANT. Oddly the FF13...
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    New Creative X-Fi Drivers!

    Fixes: * Resolves the issue for systems with 4 GB of RAM. * Resolves the Digital I/O detection issue when restarting your computer. Downloading now... will let you know if this fixes my can't restart without getting static after a reboot while scrolling and listening to music and...
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    Poor Mushkin Customer Service Experience

    Back in August I purchased Mushkin PC6400 2x2GB 5-4-4-12 2.0V Memory. It's the one with the blue heatspreaders. While the system is overclocked, it was run at 9x400 but most of the time thanks to speedstep, it was running 2.4ghz. Most issues occurred at idle which would point more to memory than...