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    The elusive logic of multi-display ordering

    You can set whatever monitor you want to be primary and drag the. left and right to correct where windows thinks they are relative to each other. As to the built in algorithm that tries to guess their order and position I have no idea.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    The truth is Nvidia has done some estimation of what they think they can sell the 4000 series cards for in the short term, given the quantities they have on hand and will produce in the next few months and how these cards compare to the 3000 series' current street pricing. After that time, AMD...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Interesting- the C in DSC does stand for compression so I wonder with enough of a leap over native bandwidth over DSC you can see the compression artifacts in text. I will have to play with this when I get home.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Sounds like you are dropping to one of the YUV modes other than 4:4:4 if the text looks less clear. The NVCP custom display mode settings screen is quite buggy and I had it setting YCbCr 4:2:0 when messing around with modes that aren’t really possible.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    That’s a good question, haven’t read much about AMD stock situation. I do know that Nvidia makes and sells a LOT more GPUs and therefore has a much larger inventory in general, $-wise.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    It’s not a bad business strategy to help clear out all the 3080 stock before releasing a replacement but I do hope they do and bring that performance tier available to everyone who skipped that tier last gen. I will stick with my msrp 3080 most likely.
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    A good explanation of VESA's new ClearMR motion clarity standard

    I applaud even an effort to standardize measurement of motion clarity. Even if it falls short (and the article does cover a reasonable amount about what’s measured) I think most monitors with poor motion response will leave this measurement off. So monitors with high motion clarity on say the...
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    I think once you’ve owned a monitor and used it as a daily driver for a while you may feel the shine has worn off, it may develop new flaws or you notice and are bothered by things you missed initially. A review a few months in can be pretty valuable.
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    Klipsch 2.1 BT (Bluetooth) $49 Walmart

    To some extent most of the work nowadays is done in driver but with a BT device in particular the driver and BT “card” or usb dongle in your computer handle the channels, codec and source side of things, the speaker here handles the DAC and amplification.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    I doubt that either the vanilla 4090 or 4080 will be 800w. I doubt a vanilla 4090ti (if one exists) would be either. Maybe a server/ DC or pro or Titan would hit that number, but those are for people who want the big numbers.
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    How come none of the mechanical keyboard last more than 3 year, what happens to 50M keystroke guarantee?

    A simple solution if you are having repeated key failures is to buy a keyboard with replaceable keys and keep a few spares. Problem solved. I have about 10 mechanical keyboards and only one of them (corsair early k series) developed an issue with key double registration but I am pretty sure it’s...
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    Sony Inzone Gaming Monitors

    Slightly overpriced IMO and not my favorite size/res combo (27”/4k) but for those looking at 27” it might be interesting if it drops a couple of hundred dollars in price as time goes on. Some of the smaller touches like full software control over everything and solid engineering on overdrive to...
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    HDMI 1.4 wont produce 60HZ 2560x1440

    I thought DP connectors were being phased out (particularly in laptop / SFF) by USBC connectors which still carry DP. You just need a usb c to dP cable or adapter. Unlike DP with HDMI 1.x support for non video resolutions (like QHD) is not promised or tested usually unless you see it on a spec...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    That’s a great deal. I have really been enjoying this monitor now that I have it dialed in and know it’s quirks well.
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    High framerate and OLED

    It’s most likely a simple volume and product development cost issue. R&D is spread over units sold. The number of OLED PC size monitors sold is minuscule (to date) and until recently exclusively for professional use. The first higher than 60hz displays have been non monitor use ironically...
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Anyone who previously had issues with stutters or performance dips notice an improvement with new patches? I haven’t played in a bit because the uneven stutters and pauses were causing a lot of frustration so I decided to give it some time.
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    Samsung showcases the first 240Hz OLED display for laptops

    Another press release says Q4 2022. No mention of QD OLED so I’m assuming this is from Samsung Display’s normal laptop OLED line which is also shipping 120hz OLED screens in some new Asus laptops, so things are coming along. Really interested to see how the 240hz panel measures and works, I...
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    Monitors for software development

    I’m a developer and I have run multi monitor since it was first supported. My current setup is a 32” 4K plus a 16:10 in portrait mode. I still need the 2nd monitor to move docs and task panels to while I arrange the large primary 4k space for my IDE. At home I use a 42” 4K plus a 27” 1440p for...
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    LG 42″ Bendable OLED Gaming Panel

    That is a panel from LG Display, the panel manufacturer, not LG electronics the monitor maker. So no product announcements yet that I can see, more of a “see what you could build” for all the companies that buy OLED panels from LGD (including LGE). That said I hope someone makes a monitor with...
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    Can't understand why my 9 year old Sharp HD TV is still so much better in picture quality than my new Viewsonic 43" UHD monitor?

    Yup that’s an IPS and side be side with a VA you would probably notice the contrast difference. Now if you put the VA next to an OLED it may look a little washed out 😁
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    Can't understand why my 9 year old Sharp HD TV is still so much better in picture quality than my new Viewsonic 43" UHD monitor?

    What Viewsonic model? It could be as simple as comparing a 1000:1 contrast IPS monitor to a 3000:1+ VA TV (probably also better dialed in color-wise out of the box) and finding the VA panel to have a punchier and possibly even more accurate picture.
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    Does anyone have a specific / technical explanation for the scanlines being present on some monitors (beyond “limitations of VA tech”) or a link to an article/ video? I did not know about this and curious to learn more.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    1440p scaling is pretty decent on this. I usually use GpU scaling but I recently adjusted native res because Elden Eing stutter was driving me crazy and I was trying to turn off every gpu option to isolate it. I would use in game scaling options though they tend to be surprisingly good. Nvidia...
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    Fog of war coating.
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    New Iiyama 43" 4K G4380UHSU-B1 Red Eagle significantly undercuts price of FV43U

    Also differs from the others in not being quantum dot and HdR 400 instead of HDR 1000 which indicates no dimming features. Lower quoted contrast as well. Probably a fair price drop for those specs.
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    Turning it off then on again: massive increase in smoothness / fps (LG 38GL950B)

    You could turn on the driver level gsync display indicator on and see if the green gsync text indicator only shows up after you turn the monitor off and on, to narrow in on gsync vs something else being the differentiator.
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    Bigger monitor further away?

    As you get older it gets harder to maintain focus at closer distances but that sounds a bit far. Once you get to about three feet the benefit of being in the sweet spot should kick in.
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    Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as a 2nd display via SuperDisplay.... USB 2 vs USB 3

    I have had multiple Samsung OLEDs with zero burn in after 5+ years with one, but I have had both tablets develop issues with turning the screen on. I now have to turn them on twice sometime (i.e. turn it off, then turn it back on) and I expect eventually this thing will die because of the...
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    Needing to find 34"-38" Monitor for Work (Coding)\Gaming\Movie Watching

    Ultrawides are (IMHO) not great for mixed movie watching. I'd pick a 4k 16:9 either 32" or 42". Gigabyte Aorus if you can swing it and have space or one of the Samsung 32" G series maybe. G-sync ultimate is nice (I have it on my 2nd monitor) but this one is G-sync compatible and I don't feel...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    So my monitor after many months just started blinking out losing sync over DP with the included cable - it resyncs immediately but it's just annoying. This started soon after a driver update. After reading this thread, I dropped it down to 120hz and it seems fine. Lots of similar stories on the...
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    Any quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards?

    That keyboard doesn't seem to be available any more. From what's in stock at Amazon USA, I'd pick something like the SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL "whisper quiet" (there are multiple options on this keyboard) if I was on a tight budget and wanted a quiet TKL ($45). That's a well rated membrane TKL (13k...
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    Thoughts on if OLED will trickle down

    I’m sure the trickle down question was as much about more affordable (and smaller) monitors as lower resolution. OLEDs are still somewhat expensive to make although as the tech has evolved that has come down. Samsung and LG generally don’t want to sell very cheap panels for their latest tech...
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    There are good “glossy” AR coatings that are not matte and like another poster mentioned are used on high end Samsung TVs, that let you have your cake and eat it too. Never seen it used on a monitor though..
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    Found a 3070, any reason to keep my 1080TI ?

    The OP said they have a 980 as backup.
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    AW3821DW (Nov 2020) with GSync Ultimate

    Dell has several warranty levels from depot service to advanced exchange. Not sure what their monitors come with by default now but it’s worth reading the fine print. The “good” warranties are very good.
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    Samsung 34" QD-OLED

    Interestingly, when Samsung flew out Linus from LTT to show them QD OLED I’m pretty sire I heard him say the monitor they used to show off QD OLED was the Alienware. Hopefully that means it’s pretty solid for a press outing.
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    OK, but these monitors have “ROG Swift” branding and probably won’t be a “banger of a deal”.
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    Odyssey G7, stop me before I pull the trigger

    Didn’t Linus stack two super curved monitors one above the other? IMHO you end up with something a lot like a single 49” normal aspect ratio monitor in that case just a little taller/ higher res. I think for dual monitor ultra wide monitors make little sense (not that you can’t do it) but...
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    43" monitor for programming

    Why not extend the AC end? Taking apart the adapter or messing with a dc extender seems like a lot of hassle and risk when AC extension cords are common and safe.
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    LG 32GP850-B 165 hz monitor frame skipping like crazy even at 120 hz

    Does it feel like it’s skipping frames in a smooth scroll in an actual game? It should be quite obvious.