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    LG Monitor Question

    Yeah there are more threads like this but this has a focus! OK at the moment I have an LG Flatron 915FT Plus CRT and I love it. The only problems are a) It's footprint on the desk is too big b) It gives off far to much heat, i practically have to use a fan to cool it. It has to go, at...
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    Your opinion of these boards?

    Just wondering if anyone here had any experiance or opinions of these boards. They all seem to be top of the line bit which one would be best for me? Only thing I really use my comp for is gaming. Current specs: P4 2.4Ghz 512MB PC2100 (yuck yes, but will be upgraded to Corsair 1GB DDR...
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    Silliest Windows Problem ever? (Display properties)

    THings are going from bad to worse, this is like some kind of comedy sketch. Now when i do Ctrl+F the Find Next button is constantly greyed out.