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  1. magnetik

    Steam Deck 3D prints

    Wasn't sure if this one went into 3D printing area or here. anyone printing things for their deck yet? Printed this one that supposedly fits a anker usb hub in the back. I wouldn't know since I won't get mine for a bit. haha
  2. magnetik

    3DBuzz has shut its doors and made all their content available for free

    If you're into game development they've made tutorials in areas pertaining to... AI programming,, Blender, iPhone and Android apps, C#, C++, Objective C, Python, OpenGL, HTML and JavaScript, Solidworks, Photoshop, GIMP, Unity, and several game engines like Unreal 4 and Doom 3. There are...
  3. magnetik

    picture hosting question

    I've always hosted my own pics and not sure when it started but I'm getting X's on pics in the threads. I can edit the post and see the pic ok. I can also type the link manually and displays fine in a browser. I can put a pic on imgur and it displays correctly. Just trying to figure out if...
  4. magnetik

    [] Samsung 40" 4K MU6290 $249 w/ store pickup Not sure if it's available everywhere but my Walmart shows them @ $249. Gonna bite for 2 more to go with my older KU model and go for 40" triple screens on my racing cockpit build brickseek link...
  5. magnetik

    Ubiquiti UniFi Long Range Access Point (UAP-LR-US)

    SOLD. Paypal preferred. PM if interested. Still have box, mount, POE injector, cat-5 cables, etc. I don't remember having a disc or manual but they can be found online. Used for a couple weeks until I realized my Nvidia Shield requires AC. heatware = magnetik will post pic if it doesn't...
  6. magnetik

    Sharp LC43UB30U 4k 43" $599?

    I haven't see much of anything about this display (other then promotional propaganda) Saw it was available locally and picked it up at the local worst buy. Put it on the disc for 5% cash back so about $620 total after tax. It wasn't displayed on the wall so I suppose they received them...
  7. magnetik

    Adaptec 6405 and 2 x 128gb OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPs R0

    Haven't seen too many benchmarks with this combo.. just got through with the first atto run.. I think maybe some caching going on cause it seems high to me. I plan on adding a couple more when the prices come closer to msrp. I can run another bench if anyone's interested. Raid is set to...
  8. magnetik

    my attempt at mounting the EVO Seidio dock in the car without the suction cup mount..

    I was planning on putting together a carputer but decided this is the way to go. I took a long road trip and my partner was able to watch espn via slingbox and catch a few movies on the way. I went with the seidio dock because it would still work with the extended battery. I had to...
  9. magnetik

    Little Rock GameCon - Sept, 3-5 2010

    Little Rock GameCon - Sept, 3-5 2010 Little Rock GameCon is Arkansas's biggest video game convention and in its second year. Last year our convention included pro gamers Sanford Kelly and Andre Lambert, where we had a grudge match to see if anyone could beat then in 2v2 Street Fighter. As we...
  10. magnetik

    FS: Brocade Fiber SAN switches, Cisco 24pt 10/10/1000 switches, Ubiquiti and more.

    got a bunch of switches from a recent server room upgrade. Everything is guaranteed not DOA but sold as/is. A couple might have minor scratches but who gives a crap. Got some other stuff going up as soon as I have time to take pics. Price includes ups ground or usps shipping. Oh also...
  11. magnetik

    1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 - 32MB, SATA-3G, OEM $39 AR

    LINK not bad if you're a Seagate fan. maybe some bing action can bring it down some more. all this means for me is that the 2tb drives should be getting cheaper soon. :)
  12. magnetik

    FS: Shin-Etsu X23-7783D 10gm $15 shipped

    If your reading this you probably know what this stuff is. If not.. click on the [H]ardOCP Thermal Paste Shootout 2009. Shin-Etsu x23-7783D was tested to have the best thermal abilities w/ overclocked cpu's The worst part about buying thermal paste online is the shipping costs, esp if...
  13. magnetik

    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Discussion

    discussion for The NEW "Post your Speaker and Headphone Rig" Thread goes here. ....
  14. magnetik

    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    Since the original threads were a little dated, I think it's about time to post a new thread. I also think it's a good idea to consolidate the two threads and have a separate discussions thread. Post Your Speaker and Headphone Rig's RULES: 1. If you want to comment, YOU MUST POST A PICTURE...
  15. magnetik

    Should we start a new "Post your Headphones and Speakers setups" stickies?

    considering the original post in both threads are from 2004, I was thinking it's about time for new ones. plus I'm getting a little tired of going through and killing all the red X's. :p what do you think?
  16. magnetik

    Solid capacitor. FAIL

    at least it did with my old Evga NF44 939. Noticed it today. Since there are no electrolytes to leak, think I could just leave it? It's in a spare box and it's only used for the occasional lan. Right now I don't notice anything strange but the minute I do, I prob will take the time to swap...
  17. magnetik

    magnetik's "getting rid of a LOT of stuff" thread

    some stuff I need to get rid of.. all in working condition. guaranteed not DOA. unless it has a box, what you see is what you get. paypal non-cc preferred. Shin-Etsu X23-7783D ADDED!!!! PLEASE BUMP. :p hope this doesn't kill my server. heh I will add more stuff as I have time...
  18. magnetik

    [H]ot? Sharp Aquos® 37” LC37D64U 1080p LCD HDTV $699 SHIPPED

    Didn't see this one posted.. since the last deal I posted for the 32" was gone so fast... here's the 37" for only $100 more + free shipping. $500 off normal price. Deal is from Dell. add to cart for the price SHARP AQUOS® 37” LC37D64U 1080p LCD HDTV Don't snooze on this one.
  19. magnetik

    [H]ot? Dell Home: Sharp AQUOS 32in LC-32D64U 1080p LCD HDTV $599 shipped

    ripped from xpbargains.. add to cart for the price link
  20. magnetik

    magnetik's 2 player mame / console bartop

    I finally started my bartop mame cabinet build.. I still have the marquee to think about.. I gutted a case I bought on newegg for $55. It had removable brackets and small p/s that worked out great. If it doesn't look like a bartop .. it's because it's on my subwoofer. :) UPDATES ON LAST...
  21. magnetik

    Psystar Hires Law Team that Won Burst Setlement Against Apple

    grabbing my popcorn for this one... Link
  22. magnetik

    * Need the help of some of you "high end" audio end guys!

    I will be interviewing the owner of Sound Mind Audio in Austin, Tx. His website is new but his store has been around for a decade and features some of the highest end, esoteric, gear around. He is a great guy and is as big as an enthusiast as they come. He really knows his stuff!! (even has...
  23. magnetik

    anyone with a carputer? audio ???'s

    updated: added pics. might be a little O/T but my question is audio and pc related.. I just began a new carputer project and just finished the first stage which was to get all my sound deadening done, headunit, speakers, and wiring completed. still have to add 2 IDMax's, build a box...
  24. magnetik

    [H]yperion CE-R CREE P4 LED Flashlight - $29 + $3 shipping

    Don't know if many of you guys are into flashlights.. but here is a great deal for one. Makes a great add on for the toolkit. It's on promo right now until the 25th. This has a few more features than a normal flashlight btw. Hyperion CE-R Cree LED Flashlight 1xCR123 battery - 5...
  25. magnetik

    [H]ot? Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 Speaker Set - $199.99

    Sounded like a pretty hot deal for someone that needs a bedroom setup on the cheap. it says it was originally $499.99. According to the specs on Polk's website.. the shipping weight is 50lbs. Take it for what it's worth. ;) It also says that it has a 5yr warranty on the speakers and...
  26. magnetik

    FS: Humanscale M7 (polished aluminum) - Dual and Single Monitor Arms

    Humanscale M7 Aluminum Monitor Arms I really do not want to let go of these.. but they are just sitting here until I move out to a house. I ended up with a Jerker and a 37" Westy instead. My loss is your gain. These are the originals Humanscale M7's which are polished aluminum.. not...
  27. magnetik

    ICann just shutdown Registerfly!

    We have had major issues with Registerfly at our office for the past couple months.. just a few days ago we noticed our main homepage went to some stupid search site. The reason is that they recently let all of our domains expire instead of autorenewing. It looks like it affected a LOT of...
  28. magnetik

    heads up: Command and Conquer 3 demo available!

    for download ... my auto download just started on fileplanet. It's 1.17 gb. I don't know if it's available on other servers yet. just fyi!
  29. magnetik

    [H]ot? Creative Labs X-Fi Elite Pro - $159AR

  30. magnetik

    Free DVD on how to properly wax/polish your vehicle

  31. magnetik

    free Pravda Vodka

    :) [URL=removed[/URL]
  32. magnetik

    Silverstone SG01 mATX Case SST-SG01-B Evolution - Black - $99

    I can verify that it's an Evolution because I just got mine... :D Source
  33. magnetik

    [H]ot? older Logitech Z-680's for $69.95 shipped

    these are refurb but for that price.. I may jump on it.. probably would be good for the peeps that are looking for surround on the cheap.. Source $74.95 + $5.00 off $60 Coupon (SAVE5FOR60) + Free Shipping = $69.95 shipped.
  34. magnetik

    [H]ardOCP license

    I gotta clean it up a bit... but you get the idea.. heh.
  35. magnetik

    Request for help (DEQ2496 upgrade)

    Purists be damned! :eek: :p I will be getting a DEQ2496 soon but I will need to flash it to the latest firmware when I get it. This requires sending the update over midi. The problem is that I have an X-Fi and haven't had a gameport since my old SB Live. Does anyone have either a spare...
  36. magnetik

    NEC ND3550A DL DVD Burner - $19.99 AR

    NEC ND3550A - 19.99 AR Rebate Link
  37. magnetik

    Echo Indigo DJ 24/96 notebook soundcard

    Echo Indigo DJ Review Features: 2 independent stereo 1/8" analog outputs Preview cue mix on the headphone output while playing back house mix on the line output High quality headphone amp Analog volume control knob for headphone output Supports true 24 bit, 96 kHz audio High...
  38. magnetik

    Help build a FAQ for the Computer Audio Forum

    I was pondering creating a FAQ for the Computer Audio forum after realizing I was just reading the same questions over and over again. I would like to use this thread to get some input on questions you see all the time. If you have anything to add to the FAQ please post here and I will...