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    FS: MSI Gaming X GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Overclocked and GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ULTRA AMD Ryzen 3000 MB

    I recently got a 3080 via Newegg Shuffle, so I'm selling my old card and the motherboard I had to purchase with the 3080. SOLD Card: Purchased 5/2018 from Microcenter. Haven't had an issue with it since purchase. I've never touched the voltage or clock speeds on it. I've also never mined with...
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    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING

    I have a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING for sale. It is a refurb straight from EVGA. The old one had to be RMA'd and I just bought a 1080 Ti so I didn't have to wait until this came back to have a usable PC. The only thing I have done with it was pop it into my machine to make sure it wasn't...
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    FS: Ryzen 1700x, 16 GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4-2400, MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

    All items sold, thanks everyone. I decided to move away from the Ryzen build, so I have some of the old components for sale. Nothing was ever overclocked and everything is currently functioning without issues. AMD Ryzen 1700X - $260 shipped (SOLD) This is CPU only, but if you are interested I...
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    [SOLD] Google Pixel XL 128 GB Very Silver (Unlocked)

    I have a Very Silver Google Pixel XL 128 GB for sale. It is purchased straight from Google so it is unlocked. It was used for about 6 months with a case on it the whole time. I looked over it and don't see any visible scratches on any part of the phone. Comes with: Phone, original wall...
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    FS: Intel i7 5820k

    SOLD Pretty simple, 5820k for sale. Never overclocked. $265 shipped for the CPU only $270 if you want the standard Intel heatsink/fan(just to cover extra shipping basically) Shipping prices to continental US only, we can work something out if you're international. Heatware
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    iPhone 5S 16GB (T-Mobile) and Radeon R9 R290X DirectCU II

    Hi all, I'm currently selling two items. First is a 16GB T-Mobile iPhone 5S. It was used for about a year without a case. It has some standard wear and tear on the back, and a little on the corners.The screen is clean with no major scratches. Overall I would say it's in good condition. It...
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    Creative SB Z/HD558

    Hello, I've been doing some "research" on upping my sound game on my PC. I currently have a set of HD558s using onboard sound. From what I've read, something like the Creative SB Z sounds like it would be good for someone who is not an audio junkie, but still wants decent quality sound. A few...
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    5820K showing 4 cores

    Hello, I bought a 5820K a few months ago. I'm not a huge hardware guy, so I just throw things in and if it works I'm happy. But looking at it more closely now, it's only reporting it has 4 cores instead of 6 in Windows as well as CPU-Z. Did I get a "bad" CPU or something? It's reporting...
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    MacBook Pro Retina (13-inch Late 2013)

    Hi all, I'm currently selling my MacBook Pro 13" Retina(ME86LLl/A, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD). It was purchased in August 2014. I looked it over and I can't see any physical blemishes on it. The battery has 26 cycles. It will come with the original box with charger. Album with pictures...
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    3770K/GTX 760/GS800/8GB DDR 1600

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my old gaming PC since I don't really do much PC gaming anymore. I'm parting it out, but you're more than welcome to purchase more than one thing. Prices include shipping. Intel i7 3770k - SOLD MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr - $190 8GB G.SKILL Sniper DR3 1600 - SOLD Corsair...
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    FS: T-Mobile HTC One (M7)

    EDIT: Sold. Thanks again everyone! Hi everyone, I'm selling a 32GB HTC One for T-Mobile. It is the M7 model(the older one). I'm selling it because I went back to the iPhone(boo, I know). It does have some small scratches on the screen. I tried to get these in the picture, but they are...
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    FS: Dell Latitude E6510, iPhone 4S (Sprint), Radeon 6870

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of things for sale. Dell Latitude E6510: I got this from a client who no longer needed it. Warranty goes through 2/2014. The touchpad on this model used to have an issue where it basically doesn't work in Win7 or Win8, and the drivers on the Dell website...
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    FS: Xbox 360 Elite and games

    Xbox sold to DXHHH18 $15 RE, and $10 for RDR. All these prices include shipping(USPS). Heat: SOLD ITEMS: MW3 to Carbon_Le NHL 12 to RyanGSams
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    FS: XFX Radeon 5750 1GB and EVGA GTX 560 1GB

    Have these two video cards for sale. The 5750 was my old video card, and I upgraded to the 560. My roommates 560 Ti SLI didn't work out, so he gave me one of them, which is why I'm selling the 560. Neither have ever been overclocked, and both are in good working condition. At work at the...
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    FS: AT&T iPhone 4 32GB Black

    Hi guys, selling my 32GB iPhone 4. Switched to Sprint and got myself a Galaxy S II. The phone has a few dings in the bottom right and top left corners. I took a picture of the bottom right, which is by far the worse of the two. Screen and back have had InvisibleShields on them almost the whole...
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    Parting out PC - Q6600, HD4850 etc

    I'm going to keep this short, I want to leave work. I got a laptop today from work so I'm selling my PC, as I don't really use it for gaming or anything anymore. Everything in it is working great, has never been overclocked, and has been kept clean since I got it. I don't have any pics at the...
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    WTB: Cheap-ish laptop

    I'm looking to get rid of my desktop and just use something to hold me over until I can buy a nicer laptop. I'm looking to spend no more than $400 shipped. Heat Ebay
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    Brand New T-Mobile G1 - $325 || BlackBerry Curve 8320 $175

    I have a brand new G1 I bought on Ebay last week. I couldn't wait for it to be shipped so I bought one locally and now I need to sell this one. Asking $325 shipped for it. Heatware Ebay...
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    BlackBerry Curve 8320 - $175

    I have a BB Curve 8320 for sale. I got it as an insurance replacement from Asurion, so it is a refurb, but it works great. The screen has no scratches, and the back has some tiny ones that you can barely notice. The screen also doesn't have the BB branding on it(you'll see what I mean when I put...
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    17" Powerbook G4 1.67GHz $600

    I have a 17" Powerbook G4 for sale. Asking $600 shipped for it. I don't have pictures right now, but I'll have some up later tonight. Specs: - 1.67GHz Processor - 2GB RAM - 120GB Hard drive - Leopard already installed - iLife '08 - Matte finish screen I have higher...
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    Brand New T-Mobile G1 $325

    I have a brand new G1 I bought on Ebay last week. I couldn't wait for it to be shipped so I bought one locally and now I need to sell this one. Asking $325 shipped for it. Heatware Ebay...
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    G1 Questions

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about picking up a G1 when I get my tax return. I really want a 3G phone, but my contract with T-Mobile isn't up for a year, and I don't really feel like paying the ETF at this point. Anyways, I had a few questions before I take the plunge. 1. Are there any really good...
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    Cool TF2 skill movie;12971212;/fileinfo.html Guy plays demo for some Euro(I'm pretty sure) team. Pretty awesome editing, music, and frags. Enjoy!
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    FS: Resistance PS3 and FarCry 2 PC

    Selling Resistance 2 for PS3 and FarCry 2 for PC. Both are in great condition, I bought both and never really played them. Asking $40 shipped for Resistance and $30 shipped for FarCry. Resistance sold, FarCry 2 still for sale. Paypal non-CC only. Heatware is smaug8821
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    PS3 Co-op games

    So the GF and I like playing PS3 games together, and we're looking for something to play. I'm wondering if there are any decent non-fps games out right now that are fun co-op. We really liked Champions for PS2, so something similar to that would be great. Thanks :D EDIT: It could be a PS2...
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    BlackBerry Bold $139 after $100 MIR

    Deal on Newegg, not sure how long it lasts. BlackBerry Bold $139 after $100 MIR and a new 2 year contract.
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    AT&T Plans

    What plans does everyone have for AT&T, and how much are they? I'm looking to switch, because I want a BB Bold, but the cheapest plan itself is $90 a month(before taxes) with unlimited messaging and data. EDIT: More looking at BB users here, as the BB plans are more expensive.
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    Furious Onboard Audio Problem

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    Furious Onboard Audio Problem

    Alright, I just built a new PC(specs in sig), and everything has been ok, with one small problem. I'm using the onboard audio for mhy sound, and I installed the audio drivers when I first installed Windows, and the sound worked, but every time I restarted Windows a message would pop up saying it...
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    Podcast Catching Program

    Does anyone use a podcast catching program? I tried one once(don't remember the name), but it was just awful. It ran like shit and was barely usable. What I'm basically looking for is a program that will automatically download the latest mp3s from the podcasts I choose. I don't mind running...
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    FS: PS3 Games

    Hey guys, selling some PS3 games I don't really play anymore. Prices are negotiable, although I wouldn't want to go much lower, this is about what they go for on Ebay. All of these games are in great condition with the original case and manuals. Payment by non-CC Paypal and USPS money order...
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    Silly ATI Control Panel Question

    Hi, I searched a little online and around the forums and I couldn't seem to find an answer to my question. I am planning on building a new PC in the next few days, including a 19" widescreen monitor. I play a lot of CS 1.6, and playing in wide screen mode sounds awful. Now, I was told Nvidia...
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    FS: HP DV2715NR Laptop

    Hey guys, I have a HP DV2715NR laptop for sale. I'm selling it because I'm moving to a smaller place, and I won't really have the need for a laptop anymore, plus I could use the cash for the new system I am building. It's in great condition, there are no scratches on the screen or anything. I'll...
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    New to building SFFs

    Hey guys, I'm trying to put together a "cheap" Shuttle for temporary use, until I get some more funds to put something nicer together. I'm moving into a medium-large sized studio apartment, so saving space is important. I'm concerned that this system isn't going to be able to be put...
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    PHP Question

    I'm writing a simple PHP address book right now that is having a slight trouble. When I try to insert an entry into the database I get this error: "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''555 W...
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    Cost of Server

    This may not be the right place for this, but my business has a server sitting in our server room that isn't being used for anything right now, and we're going to try to sell it. If anyone could even give me a close ballpark to what it's worth, I'd really appreciate it. I've never sold or bought...
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    GPS Questions

    Hey everyone. I'm going on a road trip in the beginning of July. I don't know much about GPS systems, but I figured it would be a good thing to have just to be safe. Anyways, one of the main reasons I wanted to get a GPS was to keep track of weather. Do any of the GPS systems have real...
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    dSLR book?

    My girlfriend is going to be buying an entry level dSLR camera soon(still doing research on which one), and she doesn't really know how to use them. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any books they've used, explaining the features and doo-dads on dSLR cameras. She doesn't really need...
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    Charging a laptop on the road

    So I'm looking to do some extreme mobile computing this summer when my girlfriend and I take a road trip out west for 3 weeks. My question is, has anyone used this product, or one similar to it? This seems like a better solution to something like a car charger with all sorts of adapters at the...
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    Enabling MySQLi

    Alright, I'm probably missing something pretty obvious, but I'm teaching myself PHP and MySQL, and the book I am using uses MySQLi. I was using my hosting to do my PHP testing, but it seems they don't allow MySQLi, and I don't have access to the php.ini file, so I can't enable it. So I installed...