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    LSI 9240-4i + free US shipping

    I purchased this LSI 9240-4i in January 2011 from It was used for @ 2 months 'till I upgraded to the 9260-4i card. It's like new and this is the "kit" which includes the breakout cable needed for SATA drives. Here's a link for the card. The card is 150.00 and I'll ship it...
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    Help with a RAID0 set-up

    I have installed 2 Crucial 256GB C300 drives on an LSI 9240-4i SATA6 Gb/s expansion card and the results are rather disappointing. Here's the card with a single drive.... And this is the card with two drives in RAID0.... I'm a novice with this card but as you can see the 4K and...
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    Crucial 128GB C-300.....$199.99

    Crucial 128GB C-300 at Newegg. Use code EMCKFKJ22. Great drive at a great price!! And the Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH080G2K5 2.5" 80GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive is 174.49.
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    Crucial & Corsair....Differences?

    I'm a little more confused than usual. I always thought the Crucial C300 & 400 series and Corsair Performance 3 series were going to be the same drives. Are they? The Corsair's have been released but not the Crucial C400's. Anybody in the "know" about this situation?
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    Intel X-25M Firmware Update

    Release notes..... 2CV102M3 This firmware revision fixes enumeration and slow-boot issues on SATA 6Gb/s controllers, adds improvements to S.M.A.R.T. attributes for more accurate reporting of drive health, improves NCQ capability, and fixes possible drive hangs when reading S.M.A.R.T...
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    FS Intel 80GB G2 SSD(s)

    I have two of these for sale at $140.00 + shipping for each drive. Drives were purchased in late April, one from Tiger Direct and another from SuperBiz. Both are authorized dealers and I have the receipts and packing lists. The drives were used in Icy Dock cases and look as new. I'm...
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    Let's put our "Thinkin' Caps" on for an SSD OS drive....

    I have an of those that needs to be scratched with a little cash. :) I'm using two Intel 80GB Gs in RAID0 but I'm thinking I need a new boot/OS drive(s). I've been "stuck" on Intel for awhile but they seem to be getting a little "long in the tooth". My OS and programs...
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    SSD alignment problems.........?

    For those in the know SSD alignment can be a problem with Windows XP or restored images and can be a major PITA. I was turned-on to an alignment tool that will take the pain out of figuring/using some of those other programs. If your alignment is correct it will refuse to do anything else...
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    SSD alignment....

    Other than doing an alignment during an OS install I wasn't aware that it could be done any other way. AFAIK it had to be done on a raw drive with no partitions and no file structure. Today I was alerted to the Paragon Alignment Tool that claims to align partitions on physical and virtual...
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    Advanced SystemCare PRO Edition...FREE!!

    Celebration for the 5th birth anniversary of IObit Advanced SystemCare Advanced SystemCare PRO Edition Protect and speed up your computer with Advanced SystemCare PRO (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Professional)! It provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service...
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    I'm thinkin' this one's dead?

    Looks like one of my SSDs bit the dust........ No wonder it kept dropping out of the array! I bought this on Sept 9th 2009 and it's an HP branded Intel 80GB G1. I guess I'll try an RMA from HP first.
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    Tony-Trim Anyone??

    Has anyone played with this Tony-Trim procedure? I used it on my Intel G1 RAID0 array and went from 472 MB/sec to 502 MB/sec after the treatment. Anybody else played with this FreeSpace cleaner or Tony-Trim thing?
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    WHS Insufficient Disk Space Error

    Yesterday I noticed my lastest shares weren't being included in a WHS search but were there if I explored the shared music folder. After investigating indexing a little more I received the message on the "Indexing Options" pop-up "Insufficient disk space to continue indexing. Search results...
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    RAID0 Question

    I set-up my first RAID venture with 2 80GB Intel G1 units on Wed. It took awhile but after mumbling, bumbling and finally holding my mouth right, I got 'er done. It screams nicely but I noticed that it takes @ 15-16 Windows loading "scrolls" in RAID0 when it used to load after 3 or 4...
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    Diskeeper with HyperFast?

    I'm a pretty big defrag fan and have used about every program you can think of. I've been using Diskeeper 2009 with HyperFast enabled on my first two SSD drives (Titan 128GB and Intel 80GB M) and while I can't say if it's made a difference or not, it's been fun to see the difference between...
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    Mobile LANDisk 3.5" USB 2.0/RJ-45 NAS

    This looks like a pretty nice little toy or NAS learning tool for a pretty cheap price. It's over at and comes in a SATA version is OOS or an IDE version for $24.99 + shipping. It looks like a comparable model can be found at MWave for $154.00. You can also take another 10%...
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    A-DATA 16GB Flash Drive- 39.99 + Free Ship

    A-DATA PD16 16GB ReadyBoost USB Flash Drive from the Supermedia Store for 49.99 - 10.00 for Coupon code: TFD20POFF = 39.99 + free shipping. Not bad for a 16GB Windows ReadyBoost drive.
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    Super Talent 4GB Flash Drive -$18.36 + Ship

    The SuperMedia Store has the Super Talent 4 GB Flash Drive for $24.48 + Code "HOT25P" = $18.36. This can't compete with the $10.00 deal, but maybe some would prefer this drive. Just add shipping and you're good to go!
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    PCIe eSATA Card (HotSwap) $4.99 A/R

    NewEgg has the Rosewill RC-213 Silicon Image PCIe SATAII controller card for $20.00 + $4.99 shipping minus a $20.00 rebate = $4.99. This card also has an internal SATA port and does a coupla funky RAID modes, but the big draw is the eSATA hotswap. Yearning to use that new external with the...
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    An Easy MB Question

    I see the term "Reference board" when discussing some upper tier MBs from Asus and Gigabyte, and maybe some others. What is a reference board, and how does it fit into the scheme of things? TIA!
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    Antec MX-1 External Case 39.99+Free Ship

    If you're looking for a quality external case for those back-ups, it doesn't get any better than this for a single drive. USB, eSATA, and quiet active cooling, all for 39.99 from Circuit City. Throw in free shipping, and it's the lowest price I've ever seen.