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    X470 Taicji question

    My X370 Taichi MB went tits up, and rather than waiting for the RMA process, I decided to just get a new MB and RMA later. While looking, I noticed that the X470 was not all that much more $$ than the X370 so I decided that I'd go with the X470 since it would be a bit of an upgrade. I'll be...
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    27" vs. 31.5" help me decide

    I'm giving some serious thoughts of upgrading from my Samsung C27F398, 1080/60Hz. I'm looking at the Samsung C27HG70, and C32HG70, 1440/144Hz. Specs on the two are identical except for the size, and I'm wondering if it's worth an extra $100.00 to go with the larger monitor? Going to the...
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    Updates to phone.

    OK, I'm fairly new to this whole smart phone thing. I was happy with my old dumb ass phone, and only changed because it died, and I had no choice. I use Tracfone as I don't really use a cell phone that much anyway, and it's the most economical service for me. Anyway, I purchased a Samsung...
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    HX1000/Vega 64 Aqua

    I'm putting together a new Ryzen build and have the newer HX1000 with the option to switch between single rail or multi rail and a Sapphire Vega 64 Aqua and have a couple of questions. First, which would be the better use of the HX1000. Single rail or multi rail? Second would it be better to...
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    Sure wish that they would make this available

    Went to the Cooler Master site to look up something and saw this. DANG I wish that they would market this. I'd have one in a heart beat!
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    SSD/HHD Cloning software

    Folks, I need to clone a couple of drives. One is a 1TB SSD and will be cloned to another 1T SSD. The other is a 1TB HHD that will be cloned to a 1TB SSD. What is a good FREE program that will do that? Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
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    Looking for new case

    Folks, I'm putting together a new build and need a case to fit a somewhat odd requirement. I'll be going 'full time' in my motorhome, and need one that I can travel with. I will be moving it from it's 'travelling position' to a 'using position' when I'm in a campground for any length of time...
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    Curved vs. Flat monitors

    Gents, It's time for a mew monitor, and I'm considering one of the Samsung curved monitors, this one to be specific: I'm running a Sapphire R9 380X 4GB vid card, so 1980 x1880 res is just fine for me. I do a decent amount of...
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    BATTLEZONE 98 Redoux

    One of the best games of all time, coming this Spring on Steam. Battlezone 98 Redux on Steam
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    Networking n00b question

    I'm getting ready to setup a newtwork for the house, but am not sure which hardware I'm going to need. Currently I'm on a 3M/1M ADSL connection with a Cisco 675 router. From what I can find, I 'think' that I can use either the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router, or the Linksys WAP54G...
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    Weird hardware problem

    I'm having a hardware problem with my system, and THOUGHT it was the video card, but now that I've just installed a new Sapphire 9600XT and the same problem persists, I'm thinking that it's the mainboard. PROBLEM: When I boot into XP PRO (all updates) it will get to the first splash screen...
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    Thermal paste question

    Does thermal paste have a 'service life'? My system has been running a bit warmer than usual lately, and I'm wondering if I should remove my waterblock, and re-apply the thermal paste? When I installed the waterblock, I used the paste that Koolance supplied. My water level is good, and...
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    Logitech MX Mouse Utility

    MODS: Feel free to place this in a different forum if you think it belongs there. I just found a nice utility for the MX meeses that allows you to create different mouse button profiles for different applications. You can find all you need to know about it here:
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    This may not be the proper place, but...

    I'm a n00b on the forum, and if this isn't the proper place I trust that a MOD will move to to the proper one. I've run into an odd problem with a system, and I'm hoping that someone can help point me into the proper direction. I just upgraded, and decided to use the old parts to put...