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    Multi GPU setup without SLI

    I do deep learning, which maxes out my 1080Ti. This renders my system more or less unusable. Is it possible to get a secondary card, like a GT1030 to run the display while the 1080Ti does the number crunching? I'm thinking it should be, provided the monitor input comes from the 1030, but don't...
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    Samsung MU6290 40" 4K HDR as monitor

    Folks, I've been rocking a dual monitor setup. 27" with a 20" side monitor ( old leftover from 2007 ). The 20" finally died, so I'm looking to buy a new display by the end of the year. Saving up now. The MU6290 caught my eye as a decent display with a reasonable price ( ~$400 ) Primary use is...
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    dual booting in legacy bios?

    Total linux noob, but want to get rocking with ubuntu / dual booting with win7 During the install process, it warns me that it appears I have a non UEFI OS installed, and that installing ubuntu can result in a non booting situation I'm installing to a completely separate hard drive than my...
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    beefy power delivery system worth it?

    Folks, I'm helping a friend spec out a build. He is planning on watercooling both GPU and CPU. The debate is on buying a 980Ti reference card (possibly eVGA Bstock) vs. something like an MSI Lightning with the beefier power delivery subsystem. I would say that since he is going to water...
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    Bunny Lord for Mayor!

    I don't think Not a Hero has a thread in here, so I figured I would start one. Indie pixel shooter with fast gameplay, graphic violence and a reasonable degree of difficulty. This game is highly addicting. It also features a high quality sound track Here's the steam page...
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    Fortress Forever

    I did not see a thread about this, so I thought I would start one. fortress forever is a fortress mod based on team fortress classic, which released at around the same time as TF2. The game never really got the following it deserved, but has recently experienced a resurgence. What...
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    R9 3xx series to debut HBM?

    From WCCFTEch If true, this could be quite the performance boon for 4K gamers. Rumored specifications indicate the 390x would have monstrous bandwidth
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    Deep Silver Weekend Deal on Steam

    Metro Redux Bundle for $24.99 Saints Row Games on Sale as well (SR IV is 6.79)
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    Sleeping dogs definitive edition

    Have / are any of you going to get it? It's on sale at 14.99 on Steam so I was considering it. I have the original but no DLC
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    Amazon End of Summer Sale Notable bundles include the batman series ($22.50), crysis series ($20) and the C&C series...
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    nexus 7 (2013) Youtube freezing

    Hey folks, My nexus 7 keeps freezing in Youtube, and the app becomes unresponsive and has to be closed. Clearing the cash and resetting device to factory settings does not fix the issue, nor does changing versions of youtube. I'm running android 4.4.4 Has anyone else experienced this? I've...
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    290x successor close to release?

    anybody peeped this?
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    mini-ITX case that will accomodate WC TITAN?

    Perhaps this is a pipe dream, but does anyone have an idea what mini-ITX case would have enough room to accommodate the titan + water cooling (GPU+CPU)? Perhaps the BitFenix Prodigy?
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    Sparkle GTX680?

    I'm piecing out a new rig, and this card from Sparkle caught my eye: Price is in line with reference cards, but it comes with a 100MHz or so OC. Do any of you fine people have experience with the brand? If so, how well...
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    Server Issues in Shattered Horizon

    Is anyone else having an issue where they can only log on to a few of the servers in SH? 3 of the more populated servers won't connect for me :(
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    Anyone played the original TF?

    Not the half-life team fortress classic garbage - I mean honest to goodness quake team fortress. This was hands down, imo, the greatest fps of all time. The very epitome of twitch shooter, coupled with some of the most organized clan play I've ever encountered. Anyone else here have fond...
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    nzxt panzerbox

    Does anyone have this case? I'm considering it for my upcoming build. The biggest gripe i've read about it is cable management. If one of you owns this case, can you address this issue specifically? thanks !
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    Thermaltake Toughpower XT 750W

    Since the 850W unit passed [H] testing, does it stand to reason the 750W would as well? I am plotting a new i5 build, and this psu is in the right price range. I would not run a dual card solution, so the draw would be well below the max output of the unit.
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    GT300 Yields sub 2% ?!?! ok, granted it's a Charlie D. article, so it must be taken with a grain of salt. However, if there is any nugget of truth to this, it could be catastrophic.
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    coolermaster psu?

    Has anyone owned one? Are they reliable? Newegg has some nice combos with the storm scout + 700W modular psu... tempting but only if the quality is right.
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    antec 300 for core i7?

    Hey all, I'm looking at doing a cheap i7 build and have been eyeballing the antec 300. Does anyone have any experience with such a setup? I plan on adding two front 120mm fans, so I don't think airflow will be an issue. My only concern is if it will fit the large hsf units, such as the CM V8
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    Largest aftermarket hsf that can fit in antec 300?

    Would, for instance, the coolermaster V8 fit in the 300 with an i7 mobo?
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    corsair hx620 or seasonic 700W or BFG Mx680?

    Projected specs: Core i7 920 - will overclock MSI X58A motherboard patriot 6GB ddr3 1333 (7-7-7-20) WD Caviar Black 1TB (only one) 2 Optical Drives Antec 300 Current Video Card: 8800GTS G92 I will upgrade the gpu when the next generation of parts comes out. It is reasonable that the...
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    Overclocking Ph2 955 in Win7 RC

    I read at Anandtech that the 64bit version of Vista was unable to do 4 Ghz on this chip. Have any of you experienced this in Vista and or Win 7?
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    Considering Xigmatek 650W - thoughts?

    I'm planning a new build, and the missing link is the psu. Modular is a must, and of course reliability. Projected Specs: antec 900 black 2 Ph 2 X3 720 - will overclock am3 board 4 gigs ddr3 1333 1, maybe 2 hard drives at most 1 dvd burner with a possibility of a blue ray player down...