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    Broken Asus 3090 strix?

    So yesterday I started getting a ton of BSOD within minutes of running a game. So I reinstalled drivers, then used 3dmark to stress test and furmark and prime95 and no issues. But run a game and BSOD. So I swap the PSU, nope. At this point I'm thinking oh no and swap the 3090 Strix with my 3090...
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    Samsung Z Fold 4

    Just put in my pre-order. Found myself carrying a second phone and a second tablet with me all the time so I figured I can down size a bit and combine them. Tried out the Z fold 3 for a while and it was good except the screen was a bit too easy to dent. Anyone else getting the Z fold 4?
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    SSUPD Meshlicious

    Didn’t see a thread made for it yet so I will start one. Lian LiGalahad 240mm aio and a 3090 strix barely fit. Was quite tricky to get it all to fit. Also really need custom length cables to clean it up. Thermals are really good so far. Went with mesh panels and the pcie 4.0 riser.
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    DDC 3.2 PWM Control Help

    I bought a EKWB EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite to replace the ddc 3.1 that came with my distro pump purely out of curiosity. Well now I am trying to control the pump speed (plugged into a Aquaero 6LT) but it does nothing in aquasuite from 100 until 50%. After 50% pump speed drops from 4500rpm~ to...
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    School me on custom loops.

    I have always gone AIO's and with COVID being the way it is I have had too much time to look at PC stuff this year. I want to build a system in a Lian Li PC O11 Dynamic Mini (I think its coming out within the next week). I looked at Corsair stuff but that was when I was thinking about doing it...
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    Anyone use Corsair custom water cooling stuff yet?

    So I bought an NZXT Kraken X53 recently and the pump noise is atrocious. Even At 25% speed its by far the loudest thing in my case. I was thinking about finally biting the bullet and doing my first custom water cooling loop but I don't really know how reliable their stuff is. What I have in...
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    Help with new home network?

    I swapped from comcast to another provider with gig speeds, so now I have 2 ISPs both 1Gbps symmetrical (One paid for by work and one that is personal). What I want is to keep one connection specifically for my workstation that is provided by work on the ISP that my work pays for. I want a...
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    Outdoor projector?

    Has anyone here tried using a projector in an outdoor but covered setting? I have a very large patio that I just installed an outdoor kitchen in and the wife is buying furniture to have an outdoor eating and living area and I wanted some entertainment. I’m debating between a projector setup of...
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    Which laptop XPS 13 or Matebook X Pro?

    looking for a slim laptop for travel and to replace my old ultrabook. Between the Dell XPS 13 9370 and the Huawei Matebook X Pro. Similar specs both i7-8550u 16gb Ram 512 Gb ssd both around $1500. What would you guys get?
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    FS: Silverstone SX700-LPT

    Selling a barely used Silverstone SX700-LPT. It had about 3 days total on time, I bought it to use in my current ITX build but found that it was a bit too long for my comfort so I bought a different one. I forgot about it because I moved and found it recently while unpacking. Comes with all the...
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    Travel Camera Suggestions?

    I really know nothing about photography, but I am going on a month long vacation to Vietnam and China this summer so I wanted to get something better than my phone to take pictures with. I am looking for something good enough to print pictures and take some videos, but not too large like a DSLR...
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    Bought 2017 MBP, suggestions?

    I just went out and bought the new 2017 15" MBP, its been a long time since I have used my 2008 Macbook Pro (still have it, still works). I bought it mostly for media consumption and light work. Just want to know what applications/programs you guys recommend checking out and what are you most...
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    FS: Silverstone SX700-LPT SFX-L PSU

    Selling a lightly used silverstone sx700-lpt SFX-L, bought for my M1 build did not fit with everything I wanted, got a Corsair SF600 instead. I used it for 3 weeks while I was waiting for the case to come in and the newegg return window closed so I am selling it. Looking for $140 shipped. OBO...
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    FS: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 RAM

    Selling this set of ram. $105 shipped, OBO I only used it for a day and decided to go with 2x16GB set. I was going to return it to newegg but I forgot and now my loss is your gain.
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    FS: Gigabyte GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming

    Gigabye GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming in perfect working condition. I never oc'd it left it at stock, selling because it wont fit in my new ITX system. Model Number: GV-N1070XTREME-8GD $375 Shipped. I have only bought from and havent sold from here yet. So if you are a long time member or have...
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    Logitech G900

    I just bought one today, took it home upgraded the firmware and worked great. Then attempted to use it wireless after I charged it... I checked their support forums and a lot of people seem to be having the same issue. Their support just tells you to return it for a replacement. One user said to...
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    Case to replace FT-02?

    I've had my FT-02 for almost 6 years now. I am looking to replace it with something thats a little easier to work on, has great air flow, and is lighter. Looking to spend $200 or less.
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    AMD displayport problem?

    So I've had display port issues since well a while back when I was still using my 7970 and I always thought it was my Dell U2711 so and ended up using a DVI-D instead and called it a day. Well when I got my 290s I kept the same set up, but recently I got a LG 34UM95 Ultrawide and Display port...
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    New card or wait?

    Havent been gaming too much on PC lately and havent followed the news on graphics card either. But I did just buy a 34" 21:9 3440x1440 monitor and wanted to play some games on it like the Witcher 3 etc. I have CF 290s but I really hate using CF because it rarely works correctly so this time...
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    Best M.2 drives?

    Recently it has come to my attention that the Samsung EVO drives suffer from performance degradation and I am no longer sure if Samsung is the drives to buy unless they are of the Pro variants? Anyways I am looking for the best 250gb~ M.2 SATA III SSD. Seems like the one in my MSI GS60 can...
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    Samsung 850 evo vs 830

    I got a new laptop and swapped my 830 into it from my old laptop and I was wondering if the 850 Evo is a good upgrade from the 830 or should I get the 850 Pro? I will be using both with a hard drive caddy anyways in the new laptop but was wondering which one should I use for the OS or if it is...
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    Projector or TV?

    I am looking at buying a 70"+ TV for my new house to put in the family room but I am looking and at the prices the 70" are selling for it seems a projector might get the same price. I was just wondering if there are projectors that work well in a well lit environment. I'd like to get the best...
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    A little help with a laptop

    Hi guys, my cousin's laptop stopped booting the other day and he gave it to me to fix. At first I thought it was only the HDD since it wouldnt boot and I couldnt access it from my computer and when I ran some checks on the HDD it did indeed have some bad sectors. But anyways he bought an SSD...
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    Super Smash Bros. 3DS

    So I just bought it having not played since Gamecube and Melee. Anyone else here buy it?
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    I am now convinced Touchwiz sucks.

    So I caved and bought a Z2 that just came today. I set it up literally the EXACT same way as I did my Note 3. I mean everything on the screen is exactly the same in the same position with all the same apps and the same widgets etc. Literally carbon copy and the Z2 feels absolutely zippier than...
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    FS: BF4 Code.

    I have a BF4 code I got with my 290 that I never used or sold. Price is $20. I only have paypal. PM me.
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    Best performing trouble free solution?

    So I've had my 290s since November and I havent really been able to use all the performance that it should have since the only game to even use it was BF4 and I have had nothing but problems with my CF 290s. I am looking for a different solution that I wont have problems with but is similar in...
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    Windows 8 virtual keyboard help

    So I just got the surface pro 2 and didnt buy the type cover because i wanted to test it out before I make a commitment and I just realized I cant exit Some programs that go full screen in desktop mode without a Keyboard is there anyway to call it up? Say I am spectating in league. Or is there...
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    AMD never settle promotion?

    I was wondering I know that some cards don't get the BF4 codes. But what about the Radeon Gold reward with 3 games? I recently got 3 R9 290s and only 1 of them came with BF4. Would be nice to get the Gold reward thing too.
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    Water cooling CF 290s?

    I just got 2 R9-290s and I want to try out Water cooling them, might as well since 2 Accelero Xtreme IIIs cost $150. I have never done WC outside of the H50 and H80i which I use right now. I want to spend around $400-$500 on a loop and I need some help and suggestions on it. I have a FT-02 so...
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    Fielding options for cooling CF 290s.

    I just got 2 R9 290s and its been throttling and the fan even for me is quite loud at 70%+. I want some opinions on aftermarket options to cool it. I was thinking 2 Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme III coolers but I cant find it anywhere. I was wondering if there are any other good options...
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    Build question.

    So I am bored and my thanksgiving has officially started. I feel like splurging so I want to start a new build today. I have a few questions: I want to go Crossfire/SLi, I am thinking 290 Pros? What is the best value at the high end right now? 2011 or 1150 for performance and longevity...
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    2011 vs 1336 Power consumption?

    I am going to microcenter today because I feel like splurging and I want to get a 2011 system so I can get 64GBs of ram and do a ram drive for fun. How is power consumption of the 4930K or 4820K compared to my 930? Trying to figure out if Ill need a new PSU or not.
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    How much power for crossfire 290s?

    I am wondering how much power does crossfire 290 Pros use? I am thinking about buying them today and using them as I plan out my build? I have a seasonic x-760 do you guys think its enough? Or should I buy a bigger PSU? Rig in Sig.
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    no ethernet connection?

    I just came home today and my dad told me that the internet is not working. So I check and call comcast and everything seems to be ok. So basically none of the computers connected through a Ethernet cable can get a valid internet connection yet anything connected via Wi-Fi has internet...
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    Windows 8 Tablet with Stylus and Pen support?

    I am looking to replace my Vaio Duo 11 with something similar and I wanted to know if there are any other alternatives I am missing. It must have: i5 haswell bare min, preferably an i7 8gb of ram Min 256GB SSD pen/digitizer support So far on my list: Sony Vaio Duo 13 Lenovo Thinkpad...
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    Shin Megami Tensei 4 and Fire Emblem Credit.

    If you guys already have FE: Awakening and are interested in SMT IV then nintendo is offering a $30 credit on the eShop if you get both and register on club nintendo. I just got SMT IV today and already got my $30 to spend on Project X Zone lol. Just a heads up for those that didnt know.
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    Reliable 3TB HDD?

    I ask this because before Seagate used to be reliable. But in the last year they have proved me dead wrong. I have had 3 totally different Seagate hard drives go out on me the last year, one was an 1TB external HDD which I only plugged in 3 times, another was a 1.5TB seagate that went on me...
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    Whos getting bored of the smartphone war?

    I ask this because I used to buy 3-4 high end smart phones a year out of contract from 2008-2012. So far all the phones for 2013 leave me kind of underwhelmed. S4 is just as boring as the iPhone 5 was design wise, mostly incremental to me. I mean where are the phones with some striking...
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    CPU cooler recommendation?

    I bought a H80i last month it didnt come with the new PWM fans that corsair is shipping out and the fans are really fing loud. I mean its by far the loudest thing in my computer, I can hear it in my bedroom with the doors closed at night. I sent an RMA since they were supposedly sending the new...